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  • 100% Automated System100% Automated System
    The standard features alone will allow you to breeze through each zone in World of Warcraft.
    Automatic Step Completion
    Quest History Tracking
    Easy Guide Selection System
  • 3D Model ViewerModel Viewer
    The model viewer will show you exactly what each NPC or Object look like in 3D.
    Now you will know exactly what you’re looking for before you reach your destination.
    What better description than a 3D image of exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Map PreviewMap Preview
    New and exclusive with Dugi 5.2
    The map preview feature will display a cool HUD style display to instantly show you where to go and highlight the quest area. This feature is easily activated by clicking the quest objective button.
  • Guide Suggest Modedownload now
    With Dugi ‘Guide Suggest Mode’ the addon will instantly suggest the best leveling guide for your character, the Suggest button will instantly sync the guide with your character’s level.
    There are also three different setting to suit every player skill level.
    Easy for Beginners (Slower leveling speed but low risk of death)
    Normal for Regulars (Balanced leveling speed and difficulty)
    Hard for Veterans (Ideal for good players geared with Heirlooms)
  • Multiple Objective TrackingMultiple Objective Tracking
    Dugi Guides easily support multiple quest objective tracking by intergrating pefectly with the built in quest tracking system.
    With this feature you can complete multiple quest at the same time and not be limited to what the current step suggested by the guide.
  • The ‘Target Button’sign up now
    This powerful feature is a customized macro to target NPC for you to kill or interact for every single quest and also place an Icon above them to help you find them.
    This is a priceless feature that will help you find those pesky hidden NPC or help you compete against other players for killing a monsters in heavily populated servers.
  • The Taxi Systemnewdownload now
    This is a revolutionary feature unique to Dugi Guides, the best way to explain it is by watching the video presentation.The new Taxi System will make our waypoints arrow very dynamic and it will automatically create the fastest route for your character to get to your location from your current position. It will also automatically suggest the use of Hearthstone, Teleport spells, Flight master, Portals, Boats, Zeppelins and more.
    A customized route will be created as if our guide has been tailor made for your character.
  • world of warcraft class iconsTuned for Every Race and Class
    You don’t have worry about the guide not being compatible with your character because Dugi Guides will automatically load the correct questing path for any combination of each race and class. Including the new Monk class and Pandaren race from Mist of Pandaria expansion.

    65 replies to "Mist of Pandaria Pre-Order Sale Available NOW! (Sep 17 – 24)"

    • Debbie Cockeram

      Hi Dugi,

      Really don’t want to sound repetative however, I purchased the MOP Achievement / Profession Update, however, now in my drop down list there is no option for the MOP Levelling Guides and Dungeon Guides only the Gold Guide. Please can this be rectified as I really want to get these additions as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your guides you are truly the best.

      Account Name is: Dobby if that is needed in order to assist me.

    • Vaughn

      Does anyone know why I have a button to upgrade the Dailies and Events guide? When I purchased the MoP update as far as I have seen it was supposed to be included and only the Acheivement & Profession guide was supposed to be seperate. It’s been like this for 4-5 days now. I have all the other guides for both sides. If this it’s sudenly not included when it was not supposed to be seperate would be very annoying.

      • Dugi

        @Vaughn, I think that is a mistake with your account, I have fixed it.

        • Vaughn

          @Dugi, TYVM! Have to say that this is the best guide with the best customer service above and beyond all others out there! Thank again!

    • jos3ph

      @billguinee, do the following to beable to download your newly purchased guides

      1. Start DG Installer
      2. Click settings button in the lower left hand corner of Installer
      3. Enter your Login details for DG in the fields
      4. click OK and close the installer
      5. Relaunch the installer

      If all worked well then you should see your name in the left side box and you should see the guides you purchased. then you should be able to update you guides using the update button

    • billguinee

      Sorry, this is a continuation of my previous note – when I open the downloader, on the left it says “Welcome Trial User” instead of giving me information about my actual account. There is nowhere to log in, so I don’t know if it knows who I am. Perhaps this is the reason I can’t download the update?


    • billguinee

      I successfully purchased the MOP leveling update. However, when I reinstall, nothing happens. When I go into the game and check the guide it only shows through cataclysm. I have reinstalled many times now and there is no change. Please fix this for me. I pre-purchased so that it would be available tonight.


    • ilumi

      @ Dugi, the drawdown menu does not have MoP Alliance update in it, please clarify how I can purchase this.

      • Dugi

        @ilumi, you already have it for free since your Alliance guide was a recent purchase. You don’t need to purchase the Alliance MoP Leveling update.

    • ilumi

      There is only a option for “Horde MoP Leveling update” from the drag down menu from “my account” which option do I need to choose for Alliance 85-90??

    • griezz

      I just wanted to take this opportunity to point something out. In all the time that I have been playing WoW, there are two names that have survived the test of time for WoW leveling guides& associated products: Dugi & Zygor. In all honest, until the latest versions, the only differences between the two products seemed to be cosmetic.
      Now the latest iteration of Zygor’s guides does have a few unique features that Dugi does not, mainly a fascinating addon that monitors your backpack & checks to see if it would be beneficial to swap out. On the other hand, Dugi recently added the Gold Academy for the interested.
      However, for most players, it comes down to value. For a brand new customer, you could buy all of Dugi’s guides for a grand total of $95 for the leveling guide, loremaster & dungeon addition, achievements & professions addon AND the dailies & events guide. (Gold Academy being an extra $25.) The cost for the identical package at Zygor?


      Really? Really, Zygor? A cost of basically almost two years of playtime, at the end of which more upgrades would have to be bought?

      Look, I admit that I don’t know how exactly the two groups run their operations, nor do I know their respective operating costs. All I know is that there are two products that probably have an 80% or more resemblance to each other, yet one of them costs you only a third of the other. Surely that needs to be acknowledged.

    • Michael Sarapuk

      Hi Dugi,
      Here is a quote from one of your e-mails……..Below

      update prices for current Members are also reduced

      Single MoP Update : $15 (down from $20)
      or Alliance & Horde MoP Update : $25 (down from $30)

      I am looking to purchase the Alliance & Horde Mop Update for $25 but in the members area
      the drop down menu only has the single mop update option ? so how do i get the double one
      maybe you can throw some light on this since the clock is ticking down for people who want to
      purchase it !!!! or do i miss out on errors ?


      • Dugi

        Try again now

        • Michael Sarapuk

          @Dugi, it was fixed got the alliance & Horde Mop Update now
          Many Thanks 🙂

    • James Scott

      Hi Dugi,

      Could you please check my account and tell me what I need to purchase, I didn’t have to purchase the Updates to Cataclysm, so do i need to buy the updates for MOP?


    • colin

      Hi ty for reply and patience,s

      DUGI REPLY Daily & Event Guide Was $25 Now $15 , 25 x 0.6 = 15 this is clearly 40% off). you are correct, you based this on one faction ok fine before discount 25$ inc MOP ( ie wow ,Burning Crusade ect I’ve already purchased,) with discount 40% = $15.
      If I purchase UP DATE to MOP ($15) I am paying again for guides perversely purchase This also applies to Achievements guide and combined Factions Alliance/Horde

      This is what’s confusing me this is there no discount for MOP UP DATE. ( as suggested your discount is 40%) price should be $15 x 0.6(40%)= $9

      In my account select product says
      Gold guide $25 fine.
      MOP Achievement /Professions update ( $15) is this for both factions (you base yours on one only) so double the cost $30
      MOP Dallies guides update (15$) is this for both factions (you base yours on one only) so double the cost $30

      As a long time member(2007) bit upset why I have to pay for updates when new members get it included

      will not dwell on this matter any longer and Dugi yours are the best guides out there


    • Vaughn Williams

      Getting the same as a few others. Seems that when I start the guide to check for updates it states that I don’t have the dailies and achievment guide update when I purchased the combined horde/alliance lvling with daily/achievment guide. There is a button for it on the update page. Have purchased the Updates for MoP for the lvling and professions.

    • Paul Koenig

      Was wondering if Professions(up to the new levels for Mop)and dailies (MoP) should show up now in my guide since I purchased them. The leveling guide is working just fine.
      Thanks for your great guides,

      • Dugi

        @Paul Koenig, they are not quite ready yet, we will release them as soon as we can.

    • Greg Buzarde

      I go to my account and pull down my MoP order and click purchase and the page disappears so i cannot purchase the product. Is this a bug?

      • Dugi

        Looks like you already have it.

        • Greg Buzarde

          @Dugi, I only have the MoP achievement mod. I was trying to get the MoP leveling mod Alliance/Horde but instead of directing me to the pay site it disappears and I am back at my email where I started the link.

        • Greg Buzarde

          @Dugi, Thanks Dugi, finally got it paid for and I am looking forward to using it next week when MoP is up. You have great customer service!

    • Donald Reed

      I have no drop downs available in My Account area. Wanting. to get Horde MOP update, and MOP achievement/profession update.

    • medrod

      I have two questions. 1) Y don’t I see TAXI module in the member order drop down box, and 2) The member drop down box goes to pay after selecting one item. How can I order more that one item/order?

      • Dugi

        The Taxi module is built in as a standard for our Addon. Currently we don’t have anyway to combine purchases, it has to be seperate.

    • Gary Davenport

      I am confused, the pre order says i need the daily’s update also. Yet your comments below say I only need the two I got, professions and leveling.

    • Tom Alexander

      I only have one small problem with the ordering, I don’t see a way to buy MoP Alliance & Horde update and MoP Acheivement & Profession together in one purchase. Adding to the “cart” makes me sign up as a new customer. And just to add, at the risk of being flamed, I think that Dugi’s guides is the best one out there and in my opinion would be happy to pay for and updates, with or without discounts. I know this kind of guide means long hours and stress to be able to offer such a complete guide. Thanks Dugi for your hard work.

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