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    • Shannon Doty

      I’ve used different guides over the last 6 years of WoW and yours are the best. Thanks for the continued updates.

    • Robert

      I can’t say enough good things about Dugi’s guides. The guide is fast easy to use and has allot of excellent easy to learn features. Believe me you will not be disappointed if you buy this guide.

    • Matthew England


    • Kommatose

      Im not trying to be negative but the second quest in in the 85-90 guide had me travel to the bottom of durator with nothing there. There are many more waypoints like this one in the other leveling brackets of the guide and Ive always just said it cant be perfect but seeing this on the second quest is very bothersome and has me expecting there may be more.

    • purebob

      Very nice Dugi I tried out Zygor and honestly didn’t like it at all very slow your addon makes it fast I use hard mode because I like the challenge and the faster exp hehe keep it up!

    • Kommatose

      Mr. Dugi I want to get the lore master of pandaria while leveling. Should I leave the guide on easy leveling mode so as to not skip any quests?

      Thanks for your time

      • Dugi

        @Kommatose, Yes you should.

    • Charles

      Nice Hint TY

    • Michael McDonough

      I could not get this to play.

      • Dugi

        make sure you the launcher path is correct it should be
        [your path]\World of Warcraft\World of Warcraft Launcher.exe

    • Griezz

      Just be careful; Hard leveling has a risk of your guide getting to quest chains that you are blocked from doing due to level. True, as soon as you gain a level, you could go back and pick them up. That doesn’t make them any less an inconvenient annoyance.

      • Griezz

        Oops… wrong message entered. My bad.

    • Griezz

      Just one comment about using the “hard” leveling mode: you can sometimes get caught when going early to a new zone.

      I was leveling using heirloom gear and the hard mode in Dustwallow Marsh. Early in the zone, I had to skip about ten quests (the burned inn chain) simply because my level was too low. I had to X out the entries in the guide until I found a step that I COULD do. Granted, the next time that I dinged a level, I was able to reset the guide, go back and do that skipped chain; it was still an annoyance.

      Just saying…

      • Dugi

        @Griezz, I know which part you are talking about in Dustwallow and I recently fixed this a couple of weeks ago, should be a lot better now. Also made changes to how the guide works so you don’t hit a wall and not able to pick up any quest.

        • Griezz

          @Dugi, I last encountered that Dustwallow guide interruption about four days ago. Like I said, as soon as you gain a level and are lvl 35, you can go back and complete it, but the interruption is still there.

          • Dugi

            @Griezz, doesn’t sound right, check that you are logged in and your guides are updated, I will also check again.

            • Griezz

              @Dugi, I had updated the Dugi software that day; I’ve developed a habit to update, at the very least, every other day, so the question of software being updated is not the issue.
              The cause of the interruption is simply an unavoidable aspect of making the jump to Dustwallow as soon as you hit 34 with the HArd Mode on. The way your guide works is that you focus on quest hubs and tend to do the quests in a certain order. Unfortunately, Blizzard set up certain level prereqs for some quests which basically require a delay.

              Given that I could continue with the guide after using the X on certain steps, but am able to return to those steps later relatively easy, I’d say that there would be a way to re-arrange the steps in the Dustwallow section to account for those level needs. However, there is a problem. First, I would need to level up a new character to 34 to take notes. Second, when I encountered the interruption, I was using a fair amount of heirloom gear, so I was getting a decent XP boost. The guide rejig might have to be done heirloom-less so as to make sure that even those without heirloom gear could use the guide on Hard.

            • Dugi

              The thing is, I have addressed all that as well as hidden working to the to the addon itself that should allow for that. It wasn’t even possible for you to hit a wall with a grey ! in the guide because the addon would have skipped it instead and return to it when you are high enough level. So I don’t know how that could have happened to you if the guides and addons was updated.

    • Peter Caleo

      It’s pronounced MUNK Dugi

      • Dugi

        @Peter Caleo, Tow may tow Toh mah Toh

    • John

      I have finished a couple of toons recently playing a couple hours a day from say 70-85 on easy. Stress free and it doesn’t seem very slow.

    • Dave

      It is important to note that Panda Monks will not have access to heirloom items until after the end of the starting zone and the quest to choose Alliance or Horde. This is confirmed by Blizzard.

      • Majik01

        @Dave, Not true, in the beta there was a post box around level 4, I’m not sure the name of the town but I did see one.

        • Dugi

          @Majik01, it is true, Mailboxes will be removed from Pandaren starting zone.

          • Andrew Childs

            @Dugi, ****, Fair enough.

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