It’s a Giant Turtle

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    • NightFeeder

      I got my invite a week ago, this is so awesome even though its only a beta and still needs some tweeking at the moment 🙂 i cant wait till blizzard release the final version. @Dugi keep up the excellent work lv going in and watching ure videos :))

    • Bladeyama

      I signed up for the annual pass for 2 accounts and have been playing sense 2004 and I haven’t gotten an invite on any of my accounts yet.

      Wow you did a nice job on this video. What kind of hardware do u use.

      • Dugi

        @Bladeyama, I though I had priority invite because my account was also from 2004. Good quality video I think a lot depends on the speed of your Hard drive. Record to your local HDD and not an external USB drive as it will bottleneck the fps of the recording. As for software Fraps is the best for gaming stuff.

    • Goldmoon

      Is update chargeable if so how much (Ill start saveing)

    • Janie Johnson

      I love Turtles, this is great a turtle Iland.

    • Chanse Umbaugh

      SO coolDugi.Your should alsp post an entire flyover of the island if possible, since there isnt any restriction on info given out.

      Looking forward to more updates on the MOP guides soon to come!!!

    • stroeckx

      i can’t wait till i get my invite!

    • Jason Malvuccio

      I can not wait

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