I though I share this quick tip with you, after completing the Pandaren starting zone I have noticed that the pandaren monk class gets these really cool looking belts that really highlights the waist area with a cool buckle in the middle.

Now as you level up in the starting zone you will receive several replacement for these belts which will vary in color and buckle,

My tip today is to make sure you keep these belts for Transmogrification later on, because you might not get these style of belts again. I think they are really cool because they really showcase the identity of the monk class and also the pandaren race. It is also nice that only Monks or Pandaren can get these belt to make them a bit more special.

Other monk races also get these belts but I noticed that they don’t look as good as the pandaren model. On the other races the belt looks flat except for the buckle on the front because of the old fashion character model. Hopefully blizzard will update all the old race models for MoP.

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    • SteveSolar

      Hey! This video is not helped to me:P, because i don’t play w/ Mists of Pandaria:P LoL

    • 4-3-12 Update

      Below is a copy fromt the website of an add on web site

      It is with great sadness that I have to make this announcement. I’ve found out why we haven’t been given any beta keys to give away to authors yet. They have decided that, going forward, they will no longer allow AddOns in World of Warcraft. As of 5.0 (Mists of Pandaria), AddOns won’t work. They said it was a combination of factors that has finally led them to this decision. They feel that there is too much time spent by their support staff due to bugs caused by AddOns being out of date, conflicting with each other, etc. As well, they are (in my words, not theirs) ‘tired of having to deal with all the complaints that AddOns give unfair advantage, they make the game unbalanced’ and so on.

      We started to get the feeling that there was something going on when we got to see the Beta during the Press Conference and discovered that the AddOns button was no longer on the Character Select screen. In previous betas the button has remained, it was just disabled. We had also been hearing some rumbles before then that had us wondering, but we didn’t know for sure. We were finally able to get them to confirm no more AddOns during the Press Conference.

      This does not look good–confirmed that button before was disabled during betas–but now is totally missing

      • Dugi

        @4-3-12 Update, it was an april fool joke.

    • Thomas Hinshaw

      Several add on web sites are confirming that when Pandaran comes out WOW is not allowing any add ons–how way you ????

      Also in Beta there is no add on button–just proving WoW’s intent to not allow add on any more

      • Dugi

        @Thomas Hinshaw, They do that every beta, this is temporary during the beta process. Blizzard will allow addons to run later.

        • Thomas Hinshaw

          @Dugi, I really hope so–would be very hard with out your add on–but a couple of other add on sites say they are shutting down their web sites once WoW stops the add on–really hope that doesnt happen–they really enhance the game–just was very concerned-

          Thanx Dugi 🙂

    • Udowanano


    • averyburas

      thanks for the tip they do look cool like the best DK Transmogrification gear is there starting gear

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