SOPA and PIPA are two bills being considered by the US government which could have far reaching and powerful negative effects on the Internet as we know it and free speech. Along with millions of others we say that these and similar censorship bills are not right.Join us in taking action! 

How can SOPA and PIPA affect Dugi Guides? 

Simply put, if a company like Activision Blizzard decide that they don’t like in any way shape or form, they file a DNS block on our website from being viewed to all US visitors (and potentially more countries to follow).

This is a huge threat to any online business and start ups like us as the mere mention of World of Warcraft on our website can allow Activision Blizzard to file a DNS Block on our website for potential copyright infringement.

The keyword here is potential, which can be severely abused by corporate censorship and it will be very difficult for small group like us to protect our right. The amount of trust, power and control that the US will grant these corporations are enormous.

This is also your right that they are taking away, your right to view our website and others can be instantly taken away without your consent. If you are a US Citizen don’t ignore it and sign the petition

Thank you for reading

PS. If you don’t what SOPA / PIPA are about I urge you to spare a few minutes to watch the video presentations below.

    7 replies to "Make your voice heard"

    • Kathy Goodman

      Obama and the democrats have done more harm to this country than ever before in the history of this country. Government has continued to grow and take away our constitutional rights. Obama just loves to do things behind closed doors and push things down our throats. If it can’t get voted in he just says screw you, I’m president and I will do whatever I want. I am sick and tired of the constant fear that has grown over the last 3 years. This is just an example of power hungry government wanting more control over us. I feel like I am living in WWII Germany or Cold War USSR. I am old enough to remember the air raid drills in elementary school. Please stop this kind of thing before we become a dictatorship!

      • Anne Singer

        @Kathy Goodman, Hey Kathy, I’m that old too! And I agree with your choice of words.
        This is a frightening time & I too fear what these last 3 years have brought our nation.
        There are so many very young voters today. Our 18 year old’s were born on 1993!. They have no idea of what a dictatorship is or what freedom means!

    • Leslie C.

      What most people don’t realize is that this effects not just the US but every country…. this means EVERYONE in the world. How is it right for the US to determine what is good for the world?

      Plus this also effects OUR RIGHTS! I bet our fore fathers are rolling in their graves.

    • notlitle

      right went they want us too.want to fix it fire all of them.

    • Gadgetinker

      Thanks Dugi for your support! I just tried to tweet this page… :-/ “Oops! A URL in your tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content” :-/ **** Statists! (Fortunately, cut and paste to MetroTwit to tweet out, and it worked).

      I know most of you are young, don’t know what it was like “in the old days” – but we used to have freedoms! We’re losing them. One of the best sources of info is down under… Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog (yes… a New Zealander)

      If 10 years ago, you asked someone if you could be taken off the streets and imprisoned with no lawyer, no trial – just accusation… they would have said “Not here – we have rights!” Well, O’Bummer can do it now… that (unconsitutional) law has been passed…

    • mookies

      since oboma has go in the white house,we have gone to a country that was poude and self run to a country depressed and a govment take over,no freedoms anymore,you step out your door if people dont like what they see or the way they act there put in jail,now the net is next were the fredoms that everyone who has died to keep,weres the pride to keep the govment to a vote and passed by the people not to be over runned by the laws pushing the people to other countries like the usa is doing,so many people has died for or freedoms and for what?

    • Lucinda Schavrien

      America doesn’t own the internet. We never have and never will. If we allow Congress to pass these laws, then we deserve what we get. We need to fight it and defeat it.

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