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It’s time for the Lunar Festival, so everyone break out the fireworks, show a little respect for your elders, and come celebrate the (lunar) new year! Festive lanterns, banners and fireworks can can be seen throughout Azeroth, where the spirits of heroes past have returned to the land. Players who visit these elders to show their respect will be nicely rewarded!

The Lunar Festival is held every year starting on a date that typically coincides with the Chinese New Year. 2012’s Lunar Festival starts on January 22 at 2:00 AM and ends on February 12 at 2:00 AM. The festival is celebrated by the druids of Moonglade with great fireworks and festive attire. Ancestors of Azeroth are praised and honored by both Horde and Alliance, who then reward players with reputation, a special title, and  Coin of Ancestry that can be used to purchase festive garb, patterns and fireworks!

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Honoring elders is one of the main activities of the festival. In 2012’s Lunar Festival, 9 elders have been added in zones new to Cataclysm–bringing it up to 84 Elders/Coins total.


Finding and honoring an elder will reward you with 75 reputation with all of your major city factions and a  Coin of Ancestry, which can be used as a currency to purchase festival-related items. Honoring every elder will grant you 75  Coin of Ancestry, and a total of 5625 reputation (before bonuses). Players are reporting that you will not receive this reputation bonus applied to factions you are already Honored or above with.

You will also receive a  Lucky Red Envelope from each elder via in-game mail, containing either a  Lucky Rocket Cluster or  Elder’s Moonstone – so prepare for the mailbox spam! The Lucky Rocket Cluster can then be fired from a cluster launcher to gain the  Lunar Fortune buff, +250 health.



  • The Lunar Festival
    Start: Lunar Festival Herald or Lunar Festival Emissary
    End: Lunar Festival Harbinger
    This quest is simply an introductory quest available from a Lunar Festival Herald or Lunar Festival Emissary, which are located in each of the major cities. The quest will send you to speak with a Lunar Festival Harbinger located at the city’s main Lunar Festival camp, who will give you a new quest.

  •  Lunar Fireworks
    Start & End: Lunar Festival Harbinger
    To complete this quest you must purchase fireworks from a nearby Lunar Festival Vendor and use them nearby. The large fireworks clusters (such as  Blue Rocket Cluster) will require use of a firework launcher, which can be found on the ground around the main Lunar Festival camps. Simply purchase and fire off the specified quantity of fireworks and return the quest to pick up the follow-up.

    You will receive a  Lunar Festival Invitation which can be used to teleport to Moonglade by using it while standing in the ‘Greater Moonlight’ (a huge, white beam of light located in the main Festival camps). Once in Moonglade, you can teleport back to any major faction city by standing in the correct beam (which are distinguished by racial revelers around each beam). This invitation does have a duration but you can get a new one from the Lunar Festival Harbinger at any time during the festival.

  •  Valadar Starsong
    Start: Lunar Festival Harbinger
    End: Valadar Starsong
    Upon arriving in Moonglade, seek out Valadar Starsong who is located on the northeastern platform overlooking Lake Elune’ara. He will welcome you to Moonglade and the Lunar Festival celebration and starts some new quests. Completion of this quest may be a prerequesite for his following quests.

  •  Elune’s Blessing
    Start & End: Valadar Starsong
    This quest is actually flagged as a Raid quest in-game, though it shouldn’t take very many level 70 or higher players at all to complete. Simply purchase (or acquire through quests or crafting) some rocket clusters from a Lunar Festival Vendor and head down to the Stormrage Barrow Dens in Moonglade, southeast of Lake Elune’ara. Fire off the fireworks in the nearby cluster launchers to alert the Minion of Omen to your presence. You can use the Elune’s Candle obtained from  Elune’s Candle or purchased for 10 silver from Valadar Starsong to do additional damage to the Minions and Omen himself.

    Continue firing off rockets and defeating the Minions and eventually the demon Omen will spawn. He is a Level ?? (Boss) NPC so his actual level will most likely be 3 levels higher than the average level of your group. Even still, he is not a very difficult boss (detailed information on fighting him can be foundhere). After Omen is defeated, you must be near his corpse to obtain the  Elune’s Blessing buff required to complete the quest. You don’t have to get credit on the kill. Receive the buff and return to Valadar to complete the quest, which rewards the nifty  Elune’s Lantern which can turn  Solid Stoneinto  Elune Stone – not amazing, but still pretty cool!

Coin of Ancestry Redemption

Valadar Starsong and Fariel Starsong can be found in Moonglade selling items using  Coin of Ancestry as currency. All of the items they sell are Bind of Pickup. While you can obtain only a maximum of 84  Coin of Ancestry per year, they have no duration–so if you have some left over from a previous year’s Festival you can use them to obtain more rewards!

Lantern Pets

New to 2012 are  Lunar Lantern (Alliance) and  Festival Lantern (Horde) for 50  Coin of Ancestry. They are blue/red lanterns in the style of the Lunar Festival decorations. Back in Fall 2011, word was that all holiday pets would be BoE, meaning dedicated players could find the opposing-faction’s lantern pet on the Neutral AH–but  Lump of Coal ended up being BoP on live, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Dumplings, Fireworks and Clothing

Sold by Valadar Starsong:

Item Cost
 Festival Dumplings 1
 Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack 5
 Festive Green Dress 5
 Festive Pink Dress 5
 Festive Purple Dress 5
 Festive ***** Pant Suit 5
 Festive Blue Pant Suit 5
 Festive Teal Pant Suit 5


Sold by Fariel Starsong:

Item Cost
 Pattern: Festival Dress 5
 Pattern: Festival Suit 5
 Schematic: Cluster Launcher 5
 Schematic: Firework Launcher 5
 Small Rocket Recipes, which contains:

 Large Rocket Recipes, which contains:

 Cluster Rocket Recipes, which contains:

 Large Cluster Rocket Recipes, which contains:


Festival Goodies

The Lunar Festival Vendor found at any major Lunar Festival camp sells an assortment of fireworks, as well an alcoholic beverage with an interesting side-effect!

Item Cost
 Moonglow 15
 Small Blue Rocket 25
 Small Green Rocket 25
 Small Red Rocket 25
 Blue Rocket Cluster 1
 Green Rocket Cluster 1
 Red Rocket Cluster 1
 Festival Firecracker 3

Sold by Valadar Starsong:

Item Cost
 Elune’s Candle 10


  •  To Honor One’s Elders
    This achievement can be found in the main World Events achievement category and is awarded upon completion of every one of the Lunar Festival achievements. This achievement awards the player title ‘Elder’ and is a requirement towards completion of  What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been (Alliance version) which rewards the beautiful  Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake.

  •  A Coin of Ancestry
    Receive a Coin of Ancestry.
    To complete this achievement, simply acquire a single  Coin of Ancestry. This achievement has five different ranks, awarding achievements for  5 Coins of Ancestry 10 Coins of Ancestry 25 Coins of Ancestry and finally  50 Coins of Ancestry. Coins are acquired by completing the quests available from elders found in different zones (see tabs above).

  •  Elders of Cataclysm
    Honor the Elders which are located in zones opened by the cataclysm.
    For this achievement, you must honor all 9 elders founded in zones added in Cataclysm. This achievement is new to 2012.

  •  Elders of Eastern Kingdoms
    Honor the Elders which are located in Eastern Kingdoms.
    For this achievement, you must honor all 17 elders found throughout the Eastern Kingdoms.

  •  Elders of Kalimdor
    Honor the Elders which are located in Kalimdor.
    For this achievement, you must honor all 21 elders found throughout Kalimdor.

  •  Elders of Northrend
    Honor the Elders which are located in Northrend.
    For this achievement, you must honor all 18 elders found throughout Northrend (and, incidentally, you must also have the Wrath of the Lich King expansion). For elder locations, refer to the tabs above.

  •  Elders of the Dungeons
    Honor the Elders which are located inside the dungeons.
    For this achievement, you must honor all 13 elders found inside various dungeons of Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Northrend. For elder locations, refer to the tabs above.

  •  Elders of the Alliance
    Honor the Elders which are located in the Alliance capital cities.
    For this achievement, you must honor all 3 elders located in major Alliance cities. As the elders are friendly to both factions, this achievement is able to be completed by both Horde and Alliance players. For elder locations, refer to the tabs above.

  •  Elders of the Horde
    Honor the Elders which are located in the Horde capital cities.
    For this achievement, you must honor all 3 elders located in major Horde cities. As the elders are friendly to both factions, this achievement is able to be completed by both Horde and Alliance players. For elder locations, refer to the tabs above.

  •  Elune’s Blessing
    Complete the Elune’s Blessing quest by defeating Omen.
    To complete this achievement, you must complete the quest  Elune’s Blessing available from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade. This achievement does not actually require you to summon or defeatOmen, but just to obtain the  Elune’s Blessing buff by being near him when he is defeated (by other players or your own group).

  •  Frenzied Firecracker
    Shoot off 10 Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds or less.
    To complete this achievement, simply purchase 10  Festival Firecracker from a Lunar Festival Vendor located at a Lunar Festival camp in IronforgeDarnassusThunder BluffOrgrimmarUndercity orMoonglade. Once you have obtained the fireworks, just hotkey them and fire them off as quickly as possible!

  •  Lunar Festival Finery
    Purchase a festive pant suit or festive dress with Coins of Ancestry.
    To complete this achievement, you must purchase either a festive pant suit or festive dress from Valadar Starsong with  Coin of Ancestry obtained from honoring the elders. The festival clothing can be purchased for 5  Coin of Ancestry. There are three different dresses and three different pant suits that can be purchased, so you can get all of them to complete your very own Lunar Festival wardrobe (though the achievement does only require one). The clothing is Bind on Pickup, but items can be purchased by characters of any level so this is a great opportunity to deck out your bank alt in style!

  •  The Rocket’s Red Glare
    Shoot off 10 Red Rocket Clusters in 25 seconds or less.
    To complete this achievement, simply purchase 10  Red Rocket Cluster from a Lunar Festival Vendor located at a Lunar Festival camp in IronforgeDarnassusThunder BluffOrgrimmarUndercity orMoonglade. Unlike other fireworks, cluster fireworks must be launched from a  Cluster Launcher, which you can find on the ground throughout the camps or even have one crafted by an engineer (though that isn’t really necessary). Find a launcher and fire away!
This guide is courtesy of wowhead.com

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      I am running multiple toons and I managed to get 3 who are only level 40+ the Elune Blessing. Just be aware the Wolf mobs are aggresive and level 85 so you WILL die a number of times while waiting to complete this. You accept the quest, then make your way to the area where Omen spawns and wait for a group to kill him, then run up to the corpse into the light and the quest will complete for you.

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