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Build 5.4200 – January 3rd 2011
Dugi Guides Addon

  • New Watch Frame border feature. This feature will allow additional border to the quest objective tracker without using Anchored Mode and it is also available in Essential mode.
    The option is available in the Border setting section, enabled by default.
    Not compatible with Carbonite, Sexymap, Nui addons.
    This feature will also allow you to move the Objective Tracker and lock it anywhere you want.
  • New Quest Completion sound option available in the questing settings menu.
  • New and improved Model Viewer control buttons.
  • Map Preview no longer appear when you modify options in the settings menu.

Event Guides

  • ​Added more achievement guide for Feast of Winter Veil

Profession Guides

  • ​Updated Mining Guide for patch 4.3 changes

    25 replies to "Dugi Addon 5.4 Update"

    • jshitabata

      i am having a hard time downloading the guild to 85. I have the 1 – 20 and I like the way it looks.Please help me with the others. i have already purchased it and would like to see it work before I purchase more

      • Dugi

        Follow the instruction below if you have already installed the trial 1-20 guides and need to install your paid guides.

        • Load Dugi Guides installer available in the download page
        • Click on the Settings button
        • Enter your ultimatewowguide.com username and password
        • Click the Ok button and your paid guides should be listed in the ‘Account’ window on the left hand side of the installer.
        • Make sure WoW is closed and click the Repair button to reinstall Dugi Guides and your paid guides

        If you still have troubles, contact our ticket support staff, they will be able to help you better.

    • Geo

      Dugi im sorry 4 disturbing but i just hit 27 :DD and im a huma mage…When i complete all the redrige mountains part i cant continune the guide to Duscwood!!! :((( any Ideas? PLZ HELP

      • Dugi

        @Geo, you need to install the paid guides, make sure you enter your username and password with the installer and click reinstall.

    • schnupp

      Hi since today the Guide is not working on my mac. There had been a message that DUGI is performing tasks that he has no permission for. I was to fast to press the ignore button before taking a closer look. Nothing happens if I want du choose a guide.
      Pls help.

    • Charles


    • Tom Ridsdale

      you say its version 5.4200 but when i update i only get 5.4100
      and there is no where to get the file for manual download

      • Dugi

        @Tom Ridsdale, should be fixed now.

    • Penny

      is there a way to make the objective box background more transparent?


      • Dugi

        @Penny, there is no easy way at the moment.

        You can edit the file in DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua

        find the text:

        and replace it with:

        save and /reload in World of Warcraft.

        • Penny

          @Dugi, lol thanks for the info, but i’ll leave that up to you awesome ppl… keep up the fantastic work!!

    • Mat

      What are the mining changes in 4.3?

      • Dugi

        @Mat, The level range changed a bit

        eg Before

        1-45 Mine Copper
        45-65 Smelt Copper
        65-125 Tin/Silver
        125-175 Iron
        175-200 Mithril
        245-275 Thorium

        After 4.3

        1-40 Mine Copper
        40-50 Smelt Copper
        50-100 Tin/Silver
        100-150 Iron
        150-200 Mithril
        200-275 Thorium

    • Preetpal

      Dugi, you need to make new PVP Unholy talent guide >.<

    • grandmen

      Dugi´s guides are very helpful i already lvled up to 85 3 chars all with the help of this guide but there is a thing i wish it has…
      what i wish is a gold making guide that would teach us how to make gold really fast with a low lvl character. i heard that the zygor´s guide will make it in the future, but i really prefer dugi´s guides so it would be great if it has a gold making guide and not a vendor run guide or something like that. I already noticed that the biggest problem that most of the players have is not lvling up or rise a reputation of something, but is making gold on this game.

    • Ugmar

      I know it should be obvious, but what is the link to get the updated DugiGuidesxxxx.exe? (All links take me to the manual install). Thanks.

    • reggert32

      Where to download as a free user ?

    • Andy

      I hope they can make a free full version quest helper…, it’s really a pain for someone who don’t have credit card and stuff/

    • Nobby

      hello Dugi and team,
      Great work as usual, fantastic.
      Hope you all had a Great Christmas and have A Happy New Year.

    • Steiniice


      Happy x-mas!!
      Thanks as always for the great effort.

      Best regards

    • Leahira

      Was wondering if the waypoints will show back up. For some reason mine don’t pop up like they used to in the older guides.

      • Dugi

        @Leahira, not all steps will contain a waypoint. Try clicking the green button.

    • Gary Bruce


      I hope you and your family had an awesome Chrimbo, and I wish you all the best for the New Year.

      Thanx for your continued efforts in the guide, an absolute must for the serious Wower…



    • templàr

      hi this is a pretty awesome add-on ,but at times i have a hard time getting it to change quest . but i have run from one to level 26 so far and it was a big help to me and is super in dungeons . i hope to keep this add-on always , it is usually so simple even my grand daughter runs it on her toon .

      i hope that one and all have the most awesome new year .

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