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Price Change FAQ

Q: When will the new price be available?
A: We are launching the new price on November 2nd 2013 EST

Q: Do I need to keep paying the annual subscription to use my guides?
A: No, the guides that you download during your subscription is yours to keep and you can continue to use it without renewing your subscription. Your account will return back to trial (unpaid) status once the subscription is over and you can only update the addon and trial guides.

Q: Will the subscription automatically charge me after a year?
A: No, after a year your subscription will expire and you will need to enter your payment details again to renew.

Q: What happens if I loose my guides after the subscription is over, how can I recover them?
A: It will be your responsibility to back up the guides that you downloaded. If you wish to download the guides from our server you will need to renew your subscription.

Q: Will the old price model still be available?
A: We are trialing the subscription pricing for approximately 2 weeks (beginning on Friday November 2nd) and during this time the old price model will not be available for new users. If the new subscription fee prove to be popular then we will likely adopt it permanently.

Q: What happens to users that purchased the subscription model if you go back to the old pricing model ?
A: Those users will still get what they paid for which is the complete package of Dugi Guides with 1 year worth of updates.

Q: Is Dugi Gold Academy included?
A: No, the offer is only for our in-game guides.

Old Users

Q: Will I still get updates for the guides that I have already purchased?
A: Ye,s you will still receive free updates for the current expansion, you don’t need to purchase the subscription to update your guides.

Q: Will the loyalty program still be honored?
A: Yes, old customers that obtained the loyalty member status will still receive their lifetime updates.

Q: Will you still offer the loyalty program with the subscription model?
A: Yes at the same price threshold, same deal as before.

Q: I already owned x guide(s) from the old pricing model, can I still purchase individual guide or packages?
A: Yes you can still purchase individual or packaged guides at the same original price.

Q: I already owned x guide(s) from the old pricing model, will you offer a cheaper upgrade option to switch over to the subscription model.
A: Because there are too many different combinations of our customer’s account we won’t be offering a cheaper upgrade option. If your purchased is less than 60 days old the best course is to refund your original purchase then purchase the subscription or you can purchase using the old price model to upgrade your guides.

Q: Will the old price model include expansion updates?
A: The normal expansion update fee will still apply for the old price model, unless your purchase is within the 3 month grace period before the expansion is release. This is probably a good time to purchase 1 year subscription for guide updates as it will be cheaper.

    106 replies to "Major Price Change Announcement"

    • Craig Wong

      I want to start by saying that I love your guides, I have bought all your guides besides the gold academy and the profession guide. But even with these purchases I have not made the loyalty member status, I am missing about $15. I am fine with that. What concerns me is that; basically you are now forcing me to either buy a guide that I don’t need or want for $30, or subscribe one year for the new subscribe plan to become a loyalty member. Just so that I can get updates. These updates which was agreed upon when I purchased the guides, except expansion of course. But since I am not a loyalty member the updates will be stopped.

      Please clarify this for me.

      • Dugi

        @Craig Wong, your updates up to the current expansion will not be stopped, you don’t need to purchase the subscription.

    • Rik Cordingley

      I notice that this is recieving a far greater welcome than when your competitor tried this pricing model, earlier this year it think.

      If it helps to maintain your business and keep the guides at the best possible standards then I welcome the change.

      • Dugi

        @Rik Cordingley, I think the difference is the price and that we’re not going to stop people from using the guides that they purchased if they don’t renew their subs.

    • davidm30

      I was hoping if someone could just confirm for me what i think i know. I own all the guides including the gold guide. Do i have to pay for the new subscription? Will i have to pay for further updates? or those this not really effect me at all. Thanks for any input. On a sidenote, I LOVE the Dugi Guides

      • Dugi

        For your account you only need to purchase it later when we release new guides for the new expansion (after MoP)

        • snowgum

          @Dugi, Hi Dugi, I know you keep having to answer the same questions over and over and for that (and this) I feel for you.
          My situation is this, can you please confirm/deny if what I am thinking is correct.
          I currently own $157 worth of Dugi’s Guides (which are great btw). I only have Horde content.
          If I pay for a subscription (from 2nd Nov), this will give me access to Ally guides as well.
          This will also take me over the Loyalty cap.
          Does this mean that I will now have access to all Horde/Ally content for life?
          Thank you in advance. Have a great day..:)

          • Dugi

            @snowgum, that is correct.

    • Callen Gilbert

      I think I understand all that you are doing. I am a member of the Loyalty program and so have lifetime updates. I don’t use any of the guides not covered under the Member Loyalty program so this should not affect me unless I decide to use any of the guides I don’t already own.
      Thank you for the great guides and what seems to me to be very fair pricing for them. Most of the other guides do not even come close to the fair pricing models you have.

      Looking forward to using your guides for a long time.


      • Dugi

        You’re covered with the loyalty program you don’t need to do anything else.

    • J. Wilkey

      My wife and I own all the individual guides that are currently available. We have purchased them over the years. How is this new pricing policy going to affect us? I really like the Dugi Guides system. I use it all the time. I currently have 26 90’s and 8 85+’s on a single account on several servers. All of my toons were leveled questing, the more recent ones done using the Dugi Guide system. One of these days, with Dugi’s assistance, I will reach my goal of 50 of the highest level toons on a single account. Go Dugi!!!

      • Dugi

        You only need to purchase it later when we release new guides for the new expansion (after MoP)

    • papillon

      I have been with you for a long time and would like to see you carry on with Dugi’s guides. Just let me know where i stand when there are changes affecting my account and I’ll update.

      With my thanks for your work

      • Dugi

        Looks like your account is covered with the loyalty program.

    • yelli24

      Hi Dugi

      I love your guides and have been using and recommending them for as long as I’ve been playing WoW. I also like the idea of the subscription for new users – I think its a great idea.

      However, over the past few years I have bought all the guides (apart from the Gold guide) and I believe I already receive the updates for free. With the new pricing guide, will I now have to pay a subscription to get my updates? Even though I already bought them under the old system? Or will the changes not effect me at all?

      I apologise if this question has already been answered elsewhere but I don’t seem to be able to find it.

      • Dugi

        Unless you earn the loyalty program, you only need to purchase it later when we release new guides for the new expansion (after MoP).

    • Marilyn (lifetime member I think)

      About time. 🙂 great guide. .
      I see it this way, why do we keep buying the wow upgrades? Same reason.
      Because we like the game and want to keep up with the changes.
      Your guides keeps those changes fresh.
      Either way, thank you. Again, great guides.

    • Dragonbro

      Dugi, your guides are great and I recommend them to others any chance I get. You have always been very responsive with any question or comment I have made to date. Feel we have a partnership in helping each other with notifications and explanations throughout my use of your guides and look forward to continuing this in the future.

      Don’t know my status as a Loyalty Member but if you could send me a short comment as to whether I have to do anything regarding the new pricing feature, I would be appreciative.

      Thanks so much for your help and look forward to many years of Dugi Guides helping me navigate WoW.

    • ralph

      hi i do wish to buy the new guides that come out on the 2nd of Nov. i have started using a free trial version in my wow game and have found it quite a guide . . so you will know i will be making the purchase on the second of Nov. for sure and am pumping it to all i run with .

    • Mark Zimmer

      @Dugi, I still am not understanding how this works with the Loyalty program. The Achievements and Professions guide was not covered by the Loyalty program, so we had to buy the updates for that. But now do we have to subscribe to get Ach & Prof? Will it still be offered separately? Is it coming into the Loyalty program? I feel like something is slipping through the cracks here or maybe I’m just misunderstanding it.

      • Dugi

        Sorry we do need to update the conditions, the Ach & Prof update will now be included.

        • Mark Zimmer

          @Dugi, That’s Groovy! Thanks!

        • Tero

          @Dugi, Wow! That is great.

    • Doburdk

      Hey Dugi,
      That’s amazing, I love the idea to make a fixed price for one package.
      Before using Dugi guides I was installing and uninstalling guides trying to find the perfect guide.
      I came across Dugi guides and have been for ages now.

      I always help out with letting my friends and family know that play wow. I’ll also let others know in wow of this great change.

      By the way, November the 2nd is a Saturday according to my calendar ;-).

      If this is a success I’ll upgrade my subscription, actually, I feel like doing it on Saturday LOL.

      Thanks Dugi, your guides are better than any other guide out there.
      Keep up with the awesome work.

    • Shawn

      How do you know if you are an “old” member”? I love the guides and all, but don’t think I am paying a monthly fee for an addon to use in game.

    • Moostard

      Will there be a full package just for the horde and alliance separately ?

    • Belinda Mathieu

      I am in Singapore,may I purchase your guide on the 2nd of November?

    • DHubert

      I am on the loyalty program so these changes do not affect me. I just wanted to say thank you to Dugi and staff for thinking of creative ways to make the guides affordable for all. $47 dollars is less than the cost of one mmo game so it seems reasonable for those who want to play WOW to have the complete line of guides at their fingertips. Even young people can ask for the guides subscription as a present. The guides all work GREAT and offer the best way to level efficiently and rather painlessly. Then using the other guides it enables players to make gold through doing dailies and other content. I see a win win situation here… Keep up the good work Dugi. I wish you all the best luck o getting this project off the ground.

    • Scott

      Old pricing…new pricing…doesn’t matter! 🙂 However you slice it, Dugi Guides are by far THE BEST guides in World of Warcraft. Period.

      I’m no noob; I’ve played WoW since vanilla and I have never seen a more complete, compact, easy to use system than what you’ll get with these guides. No matter if you’re Alliance or Horde, no matter what you’re looking for; leveling quickly, gathering mounts, obsessing over your achievement list, professions, etc, there’s something here for you.

      I picked up the entire lot over the course of about 6 months and I’ve never looked back, nor regretted it for a single moment.

    • James Murray

      Why would I want to sign up for the new way if I already get free updates. Are you planning on not honoring the original deal. I will help get more customers but I don’t feel that I should have to change over. I should continue to receive the updates and expansion for the life of the game. I have paid a lot of money into this and feel like we are about to get the SCREW. If that is the fact man up and tell us the truth. I am really feeling torn right now. Makes me not want to trust anyone within WOW.


      • Dugi

        @James Murray, please read the FAQ above. If you have the loyalty program then you don’t need to do anything as it doesn’t apply to you.

        • Mark Zimmer

          @Dugi, I’m still not clear on one point. The Loyalty program doesn’t include updates to the Achievements and Professions guides. So how will that work? Do we have to subscribe to get A&P? Will that still be offered separately? Or can you now lump that into the Loyalty program? It feels like something is falling between the cracks here, or maybe I’m misunderstanding it.

    • Meg

      Just keep me informed as to what is up. You guys are always helpful whenever I need something, & that alone is worth $47 bucks in this day & age. If I get the new deal–which I plan on going–will I be reminded when my next year’s payment is due? Good luck with this!

    • Steve Sharp

      Depending on the state of subscription a member is in this new implementation is not very good. For myself I have purchased:

      A & H Lore & Dungeon / Daily & Event 03/13/2013 $50.00
      A & H MoP Leveling Update 09/22/2012 $25.00
      A & H Leveling Guide 11/15/2010 $67.00

      That is a total of 142. which leaves 33 left till I meet the loyalty program. Now the only thing left to purchase is:

      Gold Acadamy $30
      Achievements and Profession Guide $30 A/H combined or
      if purchased separately $20 each.

      Now since the gold deal is not included in with your new model and not important to me it is out. it leaves the Achieve and prof guide. Even if I bought them separately it would be cheaper than the new model at $47. My best interest would be to purchase the achieve prof guide and donate an addition 3 dollars.

      The problem is thou if I didn’t purchase the achieve and prof guide (seeing as you can find these all over the internet free of charge) MY subscription falls back into a trial state if I do not change over to yearly fee. I then will not have access the member area or my previous purchased guides.

      • mtndew

        @Steve Sharp, reply to myself… do not get me wrong I do understand in the achieve guide there is wonderful in game content for tracking.

      • Dugi

        @Steve Sharp, the subscription purchase will put you on loyalty member status.

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