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[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#070268″]Previous Price $170 Now $47/year
alliance horde wow leveling guide [/headline_arial_small_centered]

Price Change FAQ

Q: When will the new price be available?
A: We are launching the new price on November 2nd 2013 EST

Q: Do I need to keep paying the annual subscription to use my guides?
A: No, the guides that you download during your subscription is yours to keep and you can continue to use it without renewing your subscription. Your account will return back to trial (unpaid) status once the subscription is over and you can only update the addon and trial guides.

Q: Will the subscription automatically charge me after a year?
A: No, after a year your subscription will expire and you will need to enter your payment details again to renew.

Q: What happens if I loose my guides after the subscription is over, how can I recover them?
A: It will be your responsibility to back up the guides that you downloaded. If you wish to download the guides from our server you will need to renew your subscription.

Q: Will the old price model still be available?
A: We are trialing the subscription pricing for approximately 2 weeks (beginning on Friday November 2nd) and during this time the old price model will not be available for new users. If the new subscription fee prove to be popular then we will likely adopt it permanently.

Q: What happens to users that purchased the subscription model if you go back to the old pricing model ?
A: Those users will still get what they paid for which is the complete package of Dugi Guides with 1 year worth of updates.

Q: Is Dugi Gold Academy included?
A: No, the offer is only for our in-game guides.

Old Users

Q: Will I still get updates for the guides that I have already purchased?
A: Ye,s you will still receive free updates for the current expansion, you don’t need to purchase the subscription to update your guides.

Q: Will the loyalty program still be honored?
A: Yes, old customers that obtained the loyalty member status will still receive their lifetime updates.

Q: Will you still offer the loyalty program with the subscription model?
A: Yes at the same price threshold, same deal as before.

Q: I already owned x guide(s) from the old pricing model, can I still purchase individual guide or packages?
A: Yes you can still purchase individual or packaged guides at the same original price.

Q: I already owned x guide(s) from the old pricing model, will you offer a cheaper upgrade option to switch over to the subscription model.
A: Because there are too many different combinations of our customer’s account we won’t be offering a cheaper upgrade option. If your purchased is less than 60 days old the best course is to refund your original purchase then purchase the subscription or you can purchase using the old price model to upgrade your guides.

Q: Will the old price model include expansion updates?
A: The normal expansion update fee will still apply for the old price model, unless your purchase is within the 3 month grace period before the expansion is release. This is probably a good time to purchase 1 year subscription for guide updates as it will be cheaper.

    106 replies to "Major Price Change Announcement"

    • Titan

      I want to pay for the guide but when i go to buy it it said i will be charged next month? is there anyway where i can just pay for one month?

    • Big Ragoo

      I am a loyalty member and when I go in to play, I have no in game guides except for the start guide for what ever character I build. Is that the way it is suppose to be now that the price has changed or am I missing something? All the new characters I make are the same way. My higher level characters have all the guides on them but my low level ones I have had for a while do not. Can you give me some assistance here with my problem? Do I have to buy new ones to get them to work or what?

    • Tink

      What happened to the FREE LIFETIME updates? When I bought your package it was reasonable priced and was free lifetime updates. Now your saying we have to pay $150 a year? That is over 2 times what I paid for it to start with, and you want $150 for 5 more levels? That is a rip off!!!

      • Dugi

        I think you misunderstood the payment system, I’m not sure where you got your $150 figure from. It is $47 one off fee and it includes one year of free updates. please read the faq.

    • MO

      Hi Dugi. I am a loyalty member and am a little confused. When I go to a zone in WoW, I don’t get nearly as many options to follow. For example when I click on Dalies, only Vendor supply run shows up and when I click on leveling only the starting zones, eastern kingdoms, and kalimdor show. I really enjoy using your guides and will not play WoW without them. Please help

      • Dugi

        Make sure you enter your username and password in the installer when before you reinstall otherwise it will only install the trial guide.

    • Michael


      I am a little confused on the old loyalty system and new game expansions and the new pricing system. I am a loyalty member and have purchased all the guides to date.

      1. When Warlords of Draenor comes out, I will need to purchase that guide, correct?
      2. Because I am already a loyalty member, will I need the annual subscription to keep the Warlords of Draenor current with future patch content that is releases after the expansion?


      • Dugi

        Loyalty members won’t need to purchase the expansion update you will be covered.

    • Max West

      Dugi, Love your guides. I have purchased everything you have put out and when i just loaded up your guide on my new puter it says i have another item to purchase, the Dugi In Game Guide for $47. I was having problems understanding what everyone was saying, so I am adding my question to the mix. Since I am a loyalty member, will i need to purchase this item? It says above i will not but then it sounds like you say differently above in the price change FAQ. I may be reading too much into it though.

    • Roy

      Hello dugi ,

      I paid the new price of 47 dollars for your guides , but i cant find the pre made macros guide .
      I tried to repair but no effect still cant find them. Are the macros still included in this new price model.

      Regards ,


      • Dugi

        You need to tick load out of date addons and it should work, we still need to update some of the macros.

    • zebi

      mo9o all of you

    • peach

      Is the subscription stackable? Let’s say I’d like to purchase 4 years of the current $47 pricing, will they stack up? Also, where can I find the purchases I’ve made in total? Sorry for the trouble as I’m a new user who is really interested in dugi’s guides 😀

    • kinsarmarr

      With the new expansion coming out.

      That is possibly Warlords of Draenor.

      To be announced at Blizzcon 2013.

      In 2 days from now on November 8,2013.

      Will my mom have to pay for the new expansion.

      Of dugi wow guides? I am a old member I told my mom.

      That your guides are a one time fee.

      • abelkingsley

        @kinsarmarr, No, you won’t have to pay again. Because you bought the guide already that portion is yours to keep and you don’t have to pay another amount, however, you won’t be able to gain the other guides with the new pricing system.

    • Krimage


      I believe this will be a great deal for the newer members what want to try. I am a older member been with ya and bought everything you have and worth every penny. I will pass the word around and to help drum up some more business for you. Keep the strong product coming my friend!!!

    • George

      Was meaning to post this before, wonder if an option of a bi-annual payment would be considered as well as the annual $47.00; perhaps $26.00 for bi-annual subscription?

      • Dugi

        @George, we will only offer the annual option for now.

    • Polla

      Hello Dugi,

      I was trying to buy for 110 dollar your nice deal but i kinda see that u changed the hole thing.

      i have 2 questions ..

      1. As new user –> if i pay 4 years subscription. Will i get loyalty program?

      2. What does loyalty program means for a new user?

      I hope i hear from u soon

      • Dugi

        @Polla, 1. Yes

        2. It means you don’t need to purchase another year of updates.

        • Polla


          Hello Dugi

          I am trying to understand what u meant.

          So basically i have to pay 4 years subscription and after 4 years i will get further updates/expansion updates for free? No more subscription need it, because i will be in Loyalty program? Am i right?

          Hope to Hear from u soon


          • Dugi

            @Polla, yes that’s correct. The loyalty program will cover the updates.

            • cashtro


              Thanks for answering my question

              I just found out that i have to pay vat of $9.87+47= 56 dollar. $9.87×4+4×47=228 dollar to join loyal program.

              I did not knew that 47 dollar was exclusive vat 🙁

            • cashtro


              Thanks for answering my question

              I just found out that i have to pay vat of $9.87+47= 56 dollar. $9.87×4+4×47=228 dollar to join loyal program.

              I did not knew that 47 dollar was exclusive vat 🙁

            • Dugi

              unfortunately we don’t have any control of VAT charges. Just to clarify we don’t receive any of the VAT charged, clickbank automatically does it and they pass it on to your government.

    • Conovan

      Great stuff dugi, will get the guides now, they were looking pretty expensive to me, but now it’s a worthy buy

    • teromil

      Dugi, any chance of an early launch on Friday? Or do you know what time you’ll be rolling this out on Saturday the 2nd. I’ve got some game time planned for early AM that day and I’m hoping the new subscription plan will be up.

      • Dugi

        yes, we’re putting finishing touches with our membership system, stay tuned to our newsletter for announcement.

    • Areth

      Can you refund after you orderd with the new price changes, if your not saticfied. because im gonna wait til the second of november and try the whole pack out 😀

      • Dugi

        @Areth, yes you can refund if you are still within the 60 days guarantee

        • Areth

          @Dugi, Thank you very much and ill look forward to trying the whole pack at once.

          • teromil

            @Areth, I did just that and the refund was fast and easy.

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