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[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#070268″]Previous Price $170 Now $47/year
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Price Change FAQ

Q: When will the new price be available?
A: We are launching the new price on November 2nd 2013 EST

Q: Do I need to keep paying the annual subscription to use my guides?
A: No, the guides that you download during your subscription is yours to keep and you can continue to use it without renewing your subscription. Your account will return back to trial (unpaid) status once the subscription is over and you can only update the addon and trial guides.

Q: Will the subscription automatically charge me after a year?
A: No, after a year your subscription will expire and you will need to enter your payment details again to renew.

Q: What happens if I loose my guides after the subscription is over, how can I recover them?
A: It will be your responsibility to back up the guides that you downloaded. If you wish to download the guides from our server you will need to renew your subscription.

Q: Will the old price model still be available?
A: We are trialing the subscription pricing for approximately 2 weeks (beginning on Friday November 2nd) and during this time the old price model will not be available for new users. If the new subscription fee prove to be popular then we will likely adopt it permanently.

Q: What happens to users that purchased the subscription model if you go back to the old pricing model ?
A: Those users will still get what they paid for which is the complete package of Dugi Guides with 1 year worth of updates.

Q: Is Dugi Gold Academy included?
A: No, the offer is only for our in-game guides.

Old Users

Q: Will I still get updates for the guides that I have already purchased?
A: Ye,s you will still receive free updates for the current expansion, you don’t need to purchase the subscription to update your guides.

Q: Will the loyalty program still be honored?
A: Yes, old customers that obtained the loyalty member status will still receive their lifetime updates.

Q: Will you still offer the loyalty program with the subscription model?
A: Yes at the same price threshold, same deal as before.

Q: I already owned x guide(s) from the old pricing model, can I still purchase individual guide or packages?
A: Yes you can still purchase individual or packaged guides at the same original price.

Q: I already owned x guide(s) from the old pricing model, will you offer a cheaper upgrade option to switch over to the subscription model.
A: Because there are too many different combinations of our customer’s account we won’t be offering a cheaper upgrade option. If your purchased is less than 60 days old the best course is to refund your original purchase then purchase the subscription or you can purchase using the old price model to upgrade your guides.

Q: Will the old price model include expansion updates?
A: The normal expansion update fee will still apply for the old price model, unless your purchase is within the 3 month grace period before the expansion is release. This is probably a good time to purchase 1 year subscription for guide updates as it will be cheaper.

    106 replies to "Major Price Change Announcement"

    • Dan Harbin

      I like the subscription model as it takes the big hit and update hit off the table. Some suggestions. provide a lower price for the subscription to loyalty customers. Maybe half the price for the first year. Also have you looked at a payment plan option over a term of a couple of months. This would alleviate the hit more. Of course there is the problems of collection for the price of full product after they receive it. To solve this you could give them parts at a time or tie it to a time limit until paid. Of course this might need additional programing and time.

      Well I will be subscribing after I pay for a wedding and buy the Panda expansion for 5 accounts.

    • legends_end

      I have every Dugi Guide Offered, but am still $35 short of the Loyalty Program. So the old pricing is more beneficial to me in the long run. Unless, as stated by “blackskyliner”, comes to fruition then I would make the Loyalty Program in just 1 annual payment. If this is the case then I’m all for the change, but to be penalized in the long run, then no, I wouldn’t be in support of the pricing change.
      Just my thoughts.

      Great Guides, they’re the only ones I use

      • Dugi

        @legends_end, you can get the loyalty program with the subscription purchase aswell.

        • Legends_End

          @Dugi, So say’s the man himself! Then this new pay structure will be in the long run more lucrative and appealing to all. I don’t know how you can actually pull it off and make a profit at the same time, but you can count me in. Thanks

    • Guardrail65

      I like what you are offering a lot. I will certainly be informing all my WoW friends and family too. Count me in for purchasing your guide on Nov 2.

    • teromil

      So just to make sure I have this straight, I should request a refund for the guides I ordered in last 60 days if I want to use that money towards the new subscription model? I like the new plan, just wish I had held off buying until it went into effect.

      • Dugi

        @teromil, yes if that’s what you’d like to do.

        • teromil

          @Dugi, Okay great. Refund requested. I can’t wait for Nov 2nd so I can have all the guides!

    • gyvalor

      I don’t mind the new pricing model as I used the guides every time I play WOW, However I have only purchased the Alliance guides and would like a price for each but $47 per year isn’t that bad for something I use daily. Dugi, you should allow users to upgrade now instead of waiting till Nov 2nd as I am sure it will slip a lot of minds between now and then.

    • CJ Hazer

      I think you guys are on the right track. More subscribers means more profit to help you keep your guides the best in the industry. Good Luck getting new subscribers on the new pricing model. I’m a loyalty customer and absolutely LOVE my DugiGuides.

    • Eduardo Luciano (cadulu)

      Hi, Dugi!
      Thanks for tell us about this notice.
      I’ll feedback you then, I prefer the old price model.
      If case the new price model continue, I would like to the tradicional price model continue too, and all the benefits of loyalty program too.

      Thanks for your attention.

      Best Regards,

      Eduardo Luciano

      • Dugi

        @Eduardo Luciano (cadulu), you can get the benefits of the loyatly program with the subscription model aswell.

    • IceHyena

      I’ve been with Dugi’s guides since they first came out. This new change does not sound right and have to fully agree with Donald N Mynatt. Am not happy at all!

    • MrMichel

      Hey, I love this idea!! I really do hope you guys get all the support you need! Although because I’m not yet 18 and I don’t have a credit or a debit card I won’t be able to fully support you for a while. Unless… I don’t know… You maybe added a way I could mail you a check, order form.. Haha, just an idea!

    • blackskyliner

      Just a hypothetical calculation.

      Lets assume we will get 5 Expansions.
      Lets assume this will take 10yrs worth of using Dugi Guide.

      Old Model
      Initial Price: 110€
      Expansion Upgrade: 5 * 60€
      Total: 410

      New Model
      Total: 10 * 47 = 470

      New Model for old Customers
      Initial Price: 110€ (And more for those who already purchased expansion updates)
      Yearly Subscription: 47€
      Complete Subscription over 10 yrs: 470
      Total: 580€

      — As for my current urban knowledge there may be just 2-3 more expansions and then WoW may die, thats why hypothetical

      Okay you may say: You could just not refresh your Upgrade Subscription. But we would have to buy them, as Blizzard releases content patches by default, between expansions.

      So in the end you want to raise the price without anyone noticing it. You summarize it and say it will be cheaper but in the long term it won’t. So just rise the price then. If there is s/o not okay with it he may leave. But not with such methods like jumping down to a subscription model…

      Even worse, if someone already got their Dugi for full price or may be a fan since day No. one?

      I know there is some efford in this Guides. But some of them have errors, servere errors in my opinion but its better than alternatives, true. (I noticed errors while leveling/and or lore achievement farming quests or regions – sometimes the steps could be optimized and especially the routing breakes sometimes)

      In the end it is the choice of your customers, to buy or to leave.

      (Lets see if this comment will live some days in this comments, as they are rather critical on current facts and fugitives – This at least would add up some reputation for not shunning criticism)


      • Tim Sartain

        @blackskyliner, The problem with your hypothetical is that it does not take into account the Dugi Guides loyalty program which in the above faqs he make clear will still be in effect even for the new subscription model. Since the loyalty program caps out at $175 the most you will pay with the subscription model is 4 X $47 = $188 which will cross the $175 cap, meaning you pay nothing for updates even on new expansions. I bought most of my guides when they were on sale and spent $180 for my guides prior to MOP and did not have to pay for the expansion update since I was then a member of the Loyalty program. This just makes it easier to become a member because you can work your way into the loyalty program with just 4 yearly payments of $47.

        • Steven Swann

          @Tim Sartain, your comments “assume” Dugi will honor the Loyalty Program for those who start an annual subscription for the guides when they spend over $175 after 4 years. I would need to see Dugi announce this, for it is not a good business model to give away all their guides for free after 4 years. Perhaps Dugi can address this with us.

          • Tim Sartain

            @Steven Swann, I don’t assume anything its stated in the faqs for old users which I mentioned in my comments here’s the comment from the faqs.

            Q: Will you still offer the loyalty program with the subscription model?
            A: Yes at the same price threshold, same deal as before.

            • Dugi

              @Tim Sartain, this is correct. With the loyalty program the most you’d pay for is 4 years subscription.

      • Callen Gilbert

        @blackskyliner, when you found the errors you talk about in your reply did you report them to support so we all would know what you had found or so that they could be fixed? Just wondering?

    • Dodo

      Why is the “other” at the price part of the Video underlined in Orange and has a ***** background? that reminds me on something. 😉 Dugi is great!

    • shakti

      I would love it a lot more if they would work….I have a Mac and for some reason the guides don’t always work 🙁 I spent a lot of money on each of them and it would be nice to see a video for Mac users…Thanks

    • Jean Shitabata

      I think this is great. Thanks.

    • momyra

      I love these guides. Makes life so much easier, especially levelling. And the team are always responsive to queries and feedback. Any particular place you want us to like/recommend?

      • Pammywhammy

        i was hoping if someone could just confirm for me what i think i know. I own all the guides except for the gold guide. Do i have to pay for the new subscription? Will i have to pay for further updates? or those this not really effect me at all. Thanks for any input. On a sidenote, i LOVE the Dugi Guides. 🙂

        • Dugi

          @Pammywhammy, looks like you’re already a loyalty member so you don’t need to do anything.

    • RedMachine

      It sounds like a sound model to me. Like it says, allows those without the deeper pockets to access everything for a much lower price, even if they do it for 2 years. If they know they are going to play for a lot longer, they are better off buying, like I did as I have been playing since 2006. I already own everything so it basically does not affect me.

    • Donald N Mynatt

      I’ve probably bought most everything that Dugi has put out, and it helps me out all the time when playing WoW. But this direction troubles me, usually it means a company is either concerned about making the biggest $ or they are going out of business, either way it’s not good for the consumer. Really sorry to see it happen. It’s like Microsoft Office: just another way to gouge the customer base. I hope your company decides not to use it. If I had originally had to rent it (which is what this is like) I would haven’t even tried it. Honestly, an increase on the product functionality is a better way to go, don’t get me wrong it’s a good product now, but there are a few bugs.

      • Sawt0othGrin

        @Donald N Mynatt, This isn’t like renting at all my friend. At the end of your year long subscription you get to KEEP all the guides and updates that you accumulated over the year. Without ever paying another penny. Forever. The annual cost covers the updates. Given the average cost of updating every guide every expansion is $60 right now, you are really only paying for the updates every year and get all of Dugi products free.

        • Dugi

          @Sawt0othGrin, that’s correct. You don’t need to keep paying to keep using your guide.

      • andrew

        @Donald N Mynatt, there is some people out there that cant afford to pay the old way with this way i can afford it so i hope it does stay

      • Michael Schultz

        @Donald N Mynatt, I agree Donald, I think its a great guide, I have all you can get for an alliance player. But somehow it seems Im going to be spending more to keep what i have

    • MabusGaming

      Hey Dugi!
      Sounds amazing! I know I’ve had a few fans that buy through me say they were too expensive, but really wanted them. This is a great way!

    • MabusGaming

      Hey Dugi!

      Sounds amazing! I know I’ve had a few fans that buy through me say they were too expensive, but really wanted them. This is a great way!

    • thaddr

      This is amazing!! I love it! I will be switching from your competitor to your guides. I remember a few years ago your competitor attempted to switch to a monthly sub model. But their customer base did not like that idea at all, and griped about the change until they kept their high prices in place. Sometimes the customer is not always right. Had I not already purchased from them before discovering Dugi guides, I would have changed long ago. But with this implementation, I will be making the switch with a smile on my face!

      Thanks Dugi for staying ahead of the curve and being creative in supplying your customers with an awesome value!!!

    • Mighty Dwight

      I ALWAYS recommend Dugi Guides! Dugi Guides are better then bread and butter.

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