Our in-game event guide for Love is in the Air is now available.
This is a WoW event that celebrate valentines day around Feb 7th – Feb 20th.

Update your Dugi Guides now to 4.4960 and you will find two new guides under the Dailies/Event tab. The in-game guides are a free update and contains the prerequisite quest required for you to complete the dailies and will also allow  level 85 players to queue for the event boss that can drop rare ilevel 346 necklace and a epic rocket mount! , and we have also include a guide for all the dailies available for this event.

You can find the complete list of rewards and achievements in our online guide below

We have also updated our Automatic Installer to  which fixed a bug that prevented it from running with 64bit java and also improved the download speed. I think we have resolved all issue for any Windows and Mac OS so if you’re still having trouble using our installer before sure to contact our ticket support and we can organise a time to help you remotely and get you started.

Please download our latest installer below and update your Dugi Guides

Things have been a bit quiet lately but we have been working on a large update to the addon to include its own built in arrow that will work for Worgen / Death Knight zone and we are very close to completion. There are also other cool stuff in the works so stay tuned to our newsletter for more updates 🙂

Also a reminder that there is still one more week of Lunar Festival left so make sure you complete all your achievements for that event before its gone for another year.


    9 replies to "Love is in the Air Event Update"

    • Kobsterking

      Hi I am having same issue on PC and after update i had to correct the path but and download all again into wow addon folder but still no Love in the Air Event guide.

      • Dugi

        Does it say 4.4960 in the addons menu in the game?

        check your path again because the path have to be exactly correct, make sure that there is a / at the end of your path.
        Close the installer and restart.

        Please contact ticket support and they will be able to assist you further with remote assistance.

        • Kobsterking

          Ok so the new updater installer , changes the path on C: I had it set for the WOW folder/Interface/Addon and it is creating a new Interface/Addon subdirectory, after i copy and but in the rigth location it works fine

          This worked fine before the Autoinstaller changed the path
          Got it to work now Thank you

    • Kahla

      Unfortunately i’m having the same problem as Huntrizz.
      I updated the installer and the guide. After repair the event still does not show up. Should i mention that i have a mac?
      Is Huntrizz’s working now? What can i do?

    • Huntrizz

      I have updated to V4.960 and still do not see the love in the air in my events guide. I have also repaired to see if that works but still nothing. Can someone help me out?

      • Dugi

        its in the Dailies/Event tab and scroll down to the event section at the bottom.

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