I thought this deserved a special mention on our Blog and Newsletter as this is the best testimonial that we have ever received from one of our customers. (DeadlySlob)

He managed to record every “Ding” from level 1 to 85 while leveling with Dugi Guides and he created the compilation and sent the footage to us and it turned out to be a very cool video to watch.

This is what he did…

* 99% solo (gained 1 level in Gnomeregan)
* No Heirloom XP Bonus.
* No Recruit-a-Friend XP Bonus.

And achieved an awesome result of 5 days 14 hours /played time total!

Check out the quick video below, make sure you turn up the volume 🙂

He received the level 85 achievement on January 11th 2011.

If he combined that with Dungeon Leveling at the same time he would have been able to cut his leveling speed even further.

This was a remake of another video but that one was level 1-70

Special thanks again to DeadlySlob


    30 replies to "1-85 In 5 Days /played Time With Dugi Guides Video"

    • allanimal

      that didnt take so long

    • morse

      gratz on lvl 85, you did a great job


    • Binndy

      simply awesome… yeah

    • stimp

      when are u traininig?? each 5 lvl? need help cant find out when to train new spells.

      • stimp

        training=learning new spells and not lvling.

    • stimp

      Amazing lvling and amazimg vidio, ……. good music. !!

    • stewie18

      hey nice video, best example of how good this guide is at power leveling solo, also jw was that mojomaker in guild chat from youtube channel Omfgcata, could just be same name though 🙂 but great video fun to watch awesome music

    • Mike

      Hey Dugi, Just wanted to say I love the guide but I also wanted to bring something up to you. That video was ripped off another channel and while the version you have is better, it just isn’t their video. The original video is ** And for farther proof, the man recorded ALL of his 1-85 journey. Just wanted to bring this up, love the guide, keep up the good work!

      • Dugi

        It is not ripped, the video is used with permission, that is the original video is created by DeadlySlob (the person that you linked) which I mentioned on this blog as he is the person that sent the footage to us.

      • Deadlyslob

        Yes, Just wanted to confirm that Dugi did get permission to use the video, in fact i was overjoyed when he asked me! If you want to ask me personally about this issue (Or the legitimacy about this comment) contact me on Youtube. Good luck and happy leveling guys! Dugi’s Guides Rock!

    • Dugi

      Full version of the song can be viewed by clicking on the man (funtwo) playing the guitar

    • Trynrelax

      Very nice video. But I have to ask what level was his guild ?

    • deadlyknight

      Hey awesome job, crazy sounds going on in the background nyce one…. Just a quick question about the 5 days thing, is the like str8 5 days no resting? or is that jus how many days it took? going on and off….


        According to what I saw in the video it was 5 days /played time but about 3 weeks real time..gotta sleep some time.
        I don’t think anyone could stay awake that long in one shot to do something like this.

        • DAMON LYTLE

          Oh and just out of curiosity after seeing the video i checked my /played time on my lvl 68 druid 3/4 of the way to 69 and it’s at 3 days 10 hours and 41 minutes. Not bad IMHO.

    • Jacko

      Well yea… I’m leveling 82 shammy, solo leveling and i have played 4 days 2 hours 14 minutes and 52 seconds xD THANKS DUGI

    • Diabolist

      That was epic. Very cool, I know I can level really fast I just switch between toons enough that I would never get one done that fast. Also love the music, great rendition of one of my fav pieces.

    • Jocelyn

      That was simply amazing!…vid and music!! 😀 Great job!

    • Wulfgardr

      Wonderful video, wonderful experience. I love these videos. Makes me wanna level another char. Oh well, too much time wasted now on my main, but next one will be a test of Dugi’s guides, I’ll try to do dungeons, blue items + dugi’s guides + guild perks = excitement 🙂

      I still want to gratz with this video, veryyy good!

    • Temutamen

      Nice vid. That was fast! What impressed me most was the music. Pachelbel Canon in D is one of my favorites, so I have heard dozens of performances. This brilliant and skilled interpretation, and the solo at the end was a treat. I found myself trying to see under the brim of his cap, wondering if he is hiding a face we would all recognize. Fabulous music from a very talented musician…what an axe!

    • Lee_reider

      man exciting makes me want to level up and start taking guitar lessons

    • Marco

      I also did this.
      I createtd a warlock and needed 5 days 21 hours to lvl 85.
      But I have to tell I used the XP bonus from a few items you can buy ingame.
      But I also leved cooking, fishing, herbing and Alchemie also that time.

      The guide is awsome. Never bought something better.

    • mikeart

      Fanbloomintastic! love it, well done to you and what a great promo Vid for Dugi guides, Brilliant “well cool” thanks for sharing it.

    • Destructix

      This is freaky, the leveling but especially the music!! Great Job!!!!!

    • udowanano

      SIMPLY AWESOME….makes me wanna start a few new toons to see if I can do it too

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