I know you’re probably sick of updating your addons and guides, but unfortunately this one is very important, so I’m going to have to ask you to please update your addons and guides one more time 🙂

Visit our download page below to update your addons and guides.

* New version of TomTom is now available

** DugisGuideViewer v4.32

– Fixed error for steps with multiple waypoints

** Leveling Guides Updates

– Removed TONS of unnecessary class quests for the 1-40 range. These class quest are no longer required and inefficient to do for XP. You can train everything at your trainer now with patch 4.0.1

We left some class quests behind that was still good for XP gains or item rewards.

** Achievement & Professions Guides Updates

– Fixed missing Kurenai reputation guide for Alliance
– Fixed missing Netherwing guide for Horde
– Fixed errors in Explorer guide
– Fixed errors in Critter Achievement guide
– Updated Inscription guide for Patch 4.0.1

** Talent Guides

Leveling Talent Guides for all classes are now available on our blog for free

Since the original author of Talented is “missing” we are updating the Talented addon ourselves and we’re looking to complete it that by the end of the week.

    20 replies to "Important!: New updates for Dugi Addon & Guides (for Patch 4.0.1)"

    • keith harrell

      For some reason I am not able to install your guides and get them to work on my windows 7 64 bit version. when I try to use your addon installer i get a message stating that the files could be corupted do you still want yo install them. Even after I hit yes, the courser just spins. I have even tried to install the guides the way we had to install them before without your installer and they dont work. this is the second time I have tried to write you for help. I sent an email a few days back to your tech. support and I never recieved any type of response.

      • Dugi

        We reply all emails that we receive within 48 hours, your email provider could have blocked our support email, make sure you white list email from ultimatewowguide.com and xtra.co.nz

        Try using our latest addon installer here

      • lilocowboy

        I have Windows 7 on my Desktop and have not had any problems with Dugi’s Guide at all. So that is weird that it does not work on yours.

    • David Endresen

      Hey Dugi!

      Iv noticed latly that everytime i casted a spell i get a huge lag spike btw the attacks, i turned of all my addons etc and started to turn them on, at the end i turned on dugi addon and then it all started again, could my game maybe be overloaded or something by all the addons and that my system might be abit outdated? /Salute Dugi! 🙂

      • Dugi

        If you can give us as much information as you can, we will test it on our side and see if we can replicate the problem. Need to know what class you are, which zone, which guide you were using, what spell you were casting.

    • Dugi

      That is great to hear Stian, thank you for the feedback 🙂

    • Stian

      Hi Dugi!

      just wanted to say even though the add on updates have been a pain, the only thing that actualy works good is your guid. i will think this has to do with propor planing and hard work from you guys. and again another reasson why this guid is the best in its field! after i bought the prof and achiv guid, it took me no more then 6 hours for getting the trikking in azaroth achiv for hallowss end world events and the world explorer achiv. this guid is the ultimate wow playing optimization experinece EVER:-)
      DUGI and the Ultimate guys YOU ROCK!!!! /SALUTE

    • xoodo

      I dugi Dugis Alliance & Horde – 1-80 Leveling / dungeon / Dailies & Events
      bought on 15/10/2010. All updates installed (incl. TomTom), all other add ons are disabled, but it does not work. TomTom does not work (no arrow, absolutely nothing) so I can not find the quest giver and can not do anything.
      Carbonite works fine.

      What can/should i do now?

      • xoodo

        Thanks for your quick response.
        I have done everything exactly but unfortunately without success.
        Shall I send you a screenshot?

        • Dugi

          yes please send it to dave at ultimatewowguide.com

    • vyshka

      It looks like the Hallow’s End Azeroth + Achievement Guide is missing a step for Exodar. I imagine it should be with the Azuremyst Isle and Bloodmyst Isle steps.

    • Jamby

      hello sir,

      i have re-downloaded the in-game leveling guides but for some reason in only goes up to level 40? Any suggestions on what may be going on or what i can do to fix this?

      • DugisGuide

        You also need to install the Paid Guides, scroll down a bit on the download page and you should find the 1-80 leveling guides.

        • Jamby

          thank you so much, you’re a life saver. Marry me?

          • Dugi

            I don’t think my wife would like that. 🙂

    • lilocowboy

      First of all I wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you put in to your guide and talent tree set ups for lvling. I was wondering if you do or if you can put out what the talent trees should look like once you hit lvl 80 and ready to start doing raids.

    • Jehmar

      Hey Dugi. Thanks for sending all this info. Every add-on it seems was broken with the patch so its not at all that Dugi’s needs updating. Almost all needed updates. If anyone is not using Curse.com and their update Client they are going crazy. Several first class add-ons had multiple updates.

      The Talent guides are very helpful even on the blog. I have been using them to enter my talent points. Manyu of us out here don’t have a ton of time to research this all and are just having fun. So providing a one stop location for all this is really valuable. the video links in the email was also nice.

      And because I appreciate your support I also purchased the Achievements and Professions Guide, knowing you will update.

      Best Wishes,

      • DugisGuide

        Hi, Jehmar thank you for your positive feedback, I really appreciate it.

    • Jester

      I’ve just seen a new Alpha of Talented (R661) was posted on WoWAce ans Curse 30 minutes ago……not sure if you are aware of it.

      • DugisGuide

        thats good news, but I’m testing it right now and its still not working properly yet.

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