For Guests

This holiday season we are reducing our prices from 10% – 20%  across all our guides and packages indefinitely.

Click here to check out the new price list

For Members

And our coupon codes are now available for purchase again.  Dugi Guides coupon code makes the perfect gift for anyone that plays World of Warcraft or you can use it to upgrade your own account at a discounted rate.

Click on the ‘Post-it‘ note link in My Account page for more information about our coupons.


    6 replies to "Holiday Season Price Drop"

    • donbsn

      How do I get the Dugi Contest addon?
      Don MacCourt

    • dallasdeboy

      Iv Just started playing wow got your guide and im 85 thanks keep it up

    • wasd

      When will you release the Achievement&Profession Coupon?

    • Deatheatter

      Hay Dugi I have been playing wow for about 5 years and got 3 guides before but they are not even half has good as yours I love your guides they are the best and worth every cent thanks for all your hard work

      • Dugi

        @Deatheatter, thanks for your support 🙂

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