Brewfest  begins today Sept. 20th – Oct. 6th 2015 and we got the complete in-game guide available for you!
Make sure you update the guides with our installer and you will find it in the events section of our guide.


During Brewfest, players can acquire the title Brewmaster, collect fun mounts like  Swift Brewfest Ram, and toys for the Toy Box! This year, the epics are ilvl 670:

There is also a special experience buff: Brewfest Enthusiast. High Tinker Mekkatorque and Vol’jin will give speeches by their camps at 6:15 AM and PM Pacific time, and then buff everyone nearby with this 2 hour buff which persists through death.

Items new to 2015 are  Stout Alemental,  Brewfest Banner, and  Steamworks Sausage Grill. Purchasing these 3 items total takes 500  Brewfest Prize Token.

Hate Brew of the Month club? You can cancel it now with the new item  Angry Brewfest Letter for 50  Brewfest Prize Token.

Heirloom upgrades can also be purchased with the seasonal currency:  Ancient Heirloom Scabbard for 300  Brewfest Prize Token and  Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard for 500  Brewfest Prize Token.

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