We have some cool new updates in the works that I think you will look forward too.

Quick outline of what we have updated recently.

Addon Installer Updates

* The installer will now remember your path setting if you decide to change it from the detected default setting

* Big compatibility update to our Mac installer, it should now work on most Mac OS.

Thank you to everyone that reported the bugs and suggestions for our installer. The installer is also something that we are also continously developing for easier updates.

Dugi’s Guide Viewer v4.16 minor updates

* Fixed translation bug with Dungeon Maps
* Added icon references into the settings menu.

To update visit our download page below

New Features Update Plans

We’re not done yet! there still plenty of updates in our list. This is what you should forward to with our next update.

* Map button – You will be able to minimize the Dungeon Map and a small button will appear to the left of the tick box on the small frame.

You can click on this button to load the map that you have selected previously. This will make it much easier for you select and view our map repeatedly. (we will also fix that flickering bug on our map)

* Ant Trail – Similar to questhelper ant trail, an ant trail will appear automatically to connect the TomTom waypoint dots, for easier navigation. You will be able to disable this in the settings menu aswell if you don’t like it.

* Achievements, Profession, Reputation Trackin
g – hmm what are these for? For our in-game Achievement & Profession guide of course!

This is another new guide in the works that we are planning to release before Cataclysm to keep you busy.

This will be a new stand alone guide to help you complete as much achievements as possible which will also include videos for certain achievements and also an in-game Profession guide that will automatically progress as
you reach certain level of profession.

The updates to the addons are free, and the updates for the Achievement & Profession guide will require a small upgrade fee (TBA).

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    • Squig44

      Hey Dugi

      Love the guides but i updated to this one and now wow won’t even show it. At first it stopped working in game so i deleted it and tried to put it back in and now it won’t even show up. If you can figure this out for me i would appreciate it.


      • football

        You haven’t installed the guide correctly.

        Watch the video tutorial for instruction on how to install the addon or follow the manual instruction as shown on the download page. Link is right below ‘Dugi’s WoW Addon Installer’ on the download page.


        Go to ‘Announcements & General Discussion’ on the forum and look up my personally written ‘[Guide] Installation method by football’

        • Squig44

          I did install it correctly, I have used the guide b4 but for some reason with this update it wouldn’t work. I also used the ‘Dugi’s WoW Addon Installer’ and still have the same problem.

          • football

            Did you:

            Delete previous versions?
            Delete SavedVariables. Manually or ‘dg fix’?
            Merge the guides manually or with installer?
            Install in the correct path (correct path in installer)?
            Check that all files exist in correct path (see screen shots in dugi’s instructions)?
            Checked for missing dependencies (folders placed incorrectly or elder files still exist)?

            Have you tried in game:

            ‘DG reset’?
            ‘DG fix’?

            Did you have a look at the install guides? Things change you know 🙂 I’ve been playing all evening with the new guide and everything works as it should 😉

            • Squig44

              I have tried a whole bunch of things and the guide is even inside the addon folder in the game just now popping up I think im goin to reinstall WoW and go from there but if that wont work i will try a few things u mentioned above.


      • DugisGuide

        Can you send us a screenshot of your folder in


        it needs to be structured like this screenshot on this page.


    • Stephen

      Oh NO!!!! More money going out to DUGI…

      LOL Worth it if they are up to the standard of your other guides & I’m sure they will be. Cant wait.

    • Robert

      SWEET is all i can say and keep up the excellent work

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