It has been a few months since our last statement regarding our legal conflict with TourGuide and Zygor.

Our statement we posted in our blog was left completely unchallenged.

Zygor instead have removed their public defamatory statements from their forum against myself and and we never heard from them again.

We also have good reason to believe that the TourGuide license to Zygor has already expired on May 2nd and that TourGuide has now returned back to Tekkub’s ownership, refer to the screenshots below.  Tekkub has removed the notice on his GitHub, WoWInterface and Curse page on May 2nd.

As Tekkub has mentioned on his website “if the deal ends in the future, rights will return to me”

I contacted Tekkub to confirm this and I requested him to tell us the full story, however this is the only response that I have received.

Dugi >> Tekkub   –  May 27th
Hi Tekkub, now that the contract is over are you able to comment at all and fill us in on the full story? would you mind an interview?

Tekkub >> Dugi –  May 27th
Frankly, I just want to move on. You have your new version of your guide, Zygor has whatever, everyone is happy(ish).

Tekkub didn’t respond to any more of my follow up emails.

Without any further communication from Tekkub or Zygor, I’m not able to confirm this to be 100% true, but Tekkub’s last email neither confirmed or denied that the contract is already over, however the evidence above  suggests that the contract is finished.

We also have evidence that Zygor has been posting on our forum and blog pretending to be a regular disgruntled customer during our troubled times.  Zygor did try to hide his true identity by using a different name and email to create an account with UltimateWoWGuide, but our evidence shows with 100% certainty that this person is none other that Zygor (John Cook) himself, as we manage to trace him using his past refunded receipts and ip address which leads back to his full name and home address in Ohio.  Please refer to the screenshots below for examples of his posts while we were working hard to build a better addon to replace TourGuide.

All his posts posing as a regular customer still exist in our forum, click here to view them

Against all odds UltimateWoWGuide still fulfilled our promise to our customers.  Within a few months we managed to build and design our new free addon with outstanding new features  as well as introducing a brand new dungeon leveling guide.

We have proven ourselves to be the leader of in-game guides by bringing you a Dailies & Events a year earlier than Zygor.

We have proven ourselves again by bringing you a Dungeon Guide first and maybe in a years time Zygor will follow us again.

We focus all our energy on our guides and our customers, we don’t waste our time & money by attacking our competitors with empty lawsuit threats and posting on their forums using fake identities.

Zygor promised their customers a TourGuide implementation to their addon and assurance that their actions are morally and ethically correct.  If Zygor no longer owns the rights to TourGuide then this is a lie to their customers and the public, so far they have done nothing with TourGuide other than to use the ownership rights against UltimateWoWGuide.  It seems that Zygor has now returned it to Tekkub after realizing that they have wasted their time & money on Tekkub and Lawyers.  And the evidence above can speak for their morals and ethics.

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    • Samiam

      I know things start out small and have issues but I personally like the work Dugi does and the product has gotten better and better and he stays up on the code issues and patches..Personally I have all the updates to all the products and rather enjoy the ease of leveling or finding things with their help.

    • Sickkid03

      Okay I’ll respond to all the replies. First, I need to say that I knew that anyone COULD track your adress through IP, but as I stated, it’s the fact that dugi WOULD. Second. Yes I think zygor’s guides are great. They don’t just take you through the obvious quests which get increasingly difficult. It takes you through many different zones. Although I will admit it might take a little longer, I feel it’s worth it because it keeps me much more interested. And with this, dugi, if you end up reading this, I want you to know that I respect you grealy for what you have set up here. It truly is amazing how well it runs and how popular it stays through the economic troubles. I want to make sure you know that my comments are opinions on products and by absolutely no means are they meant as personal attacks. I am truly sorry if they come off that way.

      • DugisGuide

        Thank you for your post, I really appreciate it. This whole event have been a big waste of time and money for everybody, I have would have never imagined it would go this far. I genuinely believe that everything could have been avoided and we would have been in good terms if only we communicated with each other more.

        I have said it before in the past that all I ever wanted was for us to work together and we used to promote them. If there was a problem it would have been instantly fix by emailing me just as I have emailed them many times before but I guess we weren’t worthy enough for their time to reply an email.

        Zygor (I know you read this)

        If you want something to change all you have to do is write to me so that we can discuss it privately, don’t hide in my forum, and don’t use lawyers, lets not waste anymore time and money and as those resources are better spent on building a better product and making more sales.

    • lilocowboy

      Well look at it this way, if you travel a lot or were to go on vacation in another state your browser knows where you are and ADs pertain to the location of your IP Address not your mailing or physical address.

    • Donitz


      also to the same person tony is talking to. YES they can track your ip.

      Are u a member to any Fourms. well any where really. no matter where u go your digital signature is left. You Could Proxy to get around this. but even if so its not that hard to get your ip then narrow it down to a Provider. Then narrow that down to an Area. and so on.

    • Tony

      This message is in reply to sickkids effort above.

      You say that Zygor Guides are “…… are fantastic. They are easy to use, detailed, and have a great questing line. ”

      You have clearly not tried to level a Blood Elf, The great questing line completly ignores Ghostlands which is the logical questing line for Blood Elves and plunges the unsuspecting Blood Elf in the Undead quest line, which isn’t really suitable for them.

      If you were to then ask them about this on there forum, you would be told to STFU or you will be kicked off the forum. They don’t take to kindly to critism.

      Your critism of Dugi is unfounded. He and his company have conducted themselves with great honor thoughout this matter, and at the same time have developed a new guide which is streets ahead of anything Zygor have done.


    • Bugface

      The post from Sickkid03 only makes me think it’s another entry from zygor trying to recoup his losses from this situation. Anybody that doesn’t know you can track people through their IP addresses is either new to the internet or just a fool that doesn’t pay attention (personal unfounded opinion, of course). Plus the end of it (for me) is even dumber. Dugi has improved his product – quite a bit actually. And what’s this about “bad reviews”? I haven’t seen a single review for any of Dugi’s guides anywhere – not that I’ve been looking. This is (for me) either Zygor himself or some loyal follower of his guides that really doesn’t know much of the story.
      I went back and reread his post and decided I’d answer some of his questions with the obvious:

      So what if he may have been ghosting your forums? Well gee, it seems that it’s ok to go play on the forums of the competition just to get more business for yourself and try to ruin their reputation? Not.

      It just as easily could have been a disgruntled user. Yeah, but it wasn’t.

      What made it necessary to track it to see if it could have been Zygor? Better to check than to level unfounded accusations.

      Why was that even your first thought? Who said it was his first thought?

      If you had any business sense at all , you would take the criticisms,…and improve your product. He does and improvement of his product is a continuing effort.

      6 year olds don’t write much at all, let alone blogs and websites. Why don’t you grow half a brain and then start using it?

    • Lake

      p.s. if Zygor was trying to ghost you’d think he’d make some effort to mask his IP address so that it didn’t trace back to him. Epic fail:)

    • Lake


      Of course he can track down the real address of users on this site. People buy his products and therefore provide billing addresses, as zygor must have done to have a refunded receipt. Accounts are linked to said product purchases as well as usernames on this forum. IP addresses are almost always tracked by forums but only link to your physical address if linked via a username that was also used to provide a real address. Do you think Amazon can’t figure out your address based on your account name? It’s the same thing so stop being paranoid, or don’t engage in any e-commerce.

    • BippyMiester

      All this BS is very stressful to Dugi i’m ure. but as it is it’s done and over with. at least it sounds like that. if there are any issues brought up again by this i’m sure to stick the guys at 4chan no his website… make sure to take care of him for good this time! 😉

    • Sickkid03

      Ok, first let me say this. Zygor’s guides, however douchey his actions may have been, are fantastic. They are easy to use, detailed, and have a great questing line. That said, one thing in this unsettled me a great deal, and should upset anyone else using dugi’s guides. YOU CAN TRACK USERS DOWN TO THEIR ADRESS. What the f? Before I read this I was considering purchasing a guide, but now, forget it. Oh and one last comment on zygor’s actions. So what if he may have been ghosting your forums? It just as easily could have been a disgruntled user. What made it necessary to track it to see if it could have been zygor? Why was that even your first thought? If you had any business sense at all, you would take the criticisms, legitimate or not, and improve your product. Just because you got a few bad reviews, it doesn’t mean it’s your “rival” trying to mess with your sales. Take the bad reviews like a man and make your **** better, don’t take it like a petty 6 year old.

      • Thiassi

        He tracked down the users’ details by the IP address that he used to post on the forum.

        Why should that be unsettling?

        This is common on nearly all, if not all, forums. It’s there to prevent abuse by allowing admins to report the person to their ISP if the abuse warrants it.

        If you read his forums you would know he has taken on and implemented many features due to user feedback.

        But, of course, none of this really matters to you, right? :o)

      • DugisGuide

        I don’t spend my time checking every unhappy customer to see if that person is Zygor, he really gave himself away. I had to be 100% sure to make such as strong accusation which is the only reason I checked his address.

    • Vicvayporuub

      At least on good thing came out of this. After reading about all the legal finagling Zygor was attempting, I immediately decided to be a member and support your work. I only started playing WoW in January with a long term WoW buddy of mine. I was impressed with your free 1-40 guide but at that time I hadn’t played enough to get up to lvl 40 with my two toons. I was fairly certain that I was going to buy your guides and then the Zygor incident pushed me over the edge and I’m so glad I did. I’ve since purchased your Dungeon Leveling guide and that’s been great dealing with some of the higher level dungeons that send you all over to get the quests. Dugi, I’ve even been impressed how you handled the Cataclysm update mix-up. I was one of the people confused about the purchase and I watched your video and read your statements but still was mistaken about the update. It just goes to show that what seems perfectly obvious to one person is not to another. Either way, your decision to go ahead and give away both Cataclysm updates to the 1st 500 Dungeon Leveling guide continues to demonstrate to me that you are good guy to do business with.

      Keep up the great work.

    • Ichangeforms

      i almost feel sorry for zygor. to fall so far xD ah well in the end dugi ended up with the winning hand. (as we all expected)

    • Bugface

      I for one am glad (happy, really) of Ultimatewowguides continual improvement. I have to admit that when I first bought it something like 2+ years ago I was a bit disappointed. But as I kept looking at it and using stuff I began liking it better. When Dugi came out with his in game guide I was ecstatic. I knew immediately that he was using tourguide because I had been using tourguide. Finally a real guide (Dugi’s inside of Tourguide) rather than just something to keep me focused on leveling (Tourguide by itself). Really that’s all Tourguide was until the moment someone that had a real guide decided to use it to present their guide inside the game.

      I am really disappointed in both Zygor and Tekkub. Either could have chosen a better more ethical route than they did. However, I am even happier now with Dugi’s guide because of the improvements to the viewer. Difficult times can either destroy us or make us better. I am glad that Ultimatewowguide took the path to becoming even better than before. This is truly the only professional conduct taken in the whole fiasco started by Zygor and Tekkub. I made a better choice than I knew when I originally purchased it. My only lament is that I don’t always have the $ to buy the upgrades at the time that they come out, so I usually miss the cheaper price. I still feel the guide is worth the full price and would pay it again. Oh, and thanks for going ahead with the achievements and such guide(s).

    • Magnus

      I still think Zygor Guides are the best. Easy to use, great look and working good.
      Maybe it was a bad idea to ghost, but whatever.. Maybe everyone needs to forget this ****? :O

      • Thiassi

        Aside from the shameless self-promotion there Zygor – you are correct about moving on.

        It is the best thing to do now for all parties.

    • Donitz

      Zygor Guides are retarded. I have tryed them. My friend bought them and was so un happy he have all 100+ members in his guild his copy. And i dont think they did anything

      Ad for tourguide. I know WoW- Pro Used it for the longest time and had very good guides for it here.

      I cant find it but he posted at one point a lot of information about this situation. he was prob asked to take it down.
      But as a result he and his team had to remake there own version of tourguide ish program as well.

      This brings me back to the days i played aion for 2 months And boted
      and how people said this bot is better then this one.

    • Thiassi

      This does seem to indicate that many of the “Pro-Zygor” posts on his forum were most likely “ghosts” too. Perhaps not all but a good fair few at least.

      Very desperate measures by a very desperate man. Very sad.

      Competition is always good but the tactics he resorted too are truly pathetic and were, morally, wrong.

      Finally, everyone can move on.

    • Bradskey

      Zygor is such a douchebag. How pathetic of him to ghost on your own forums and try and stir **** up in the Dugi community. Zygor, if you read this, find a fire, and die in it.

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