I noticed there has been a bit of confusion with our customers with the type of Free Cataclysm update that they will receive.

On our ‘Dungeon Leveling Guide’ bonus sales page (link below)


The first 500 purchases will also receive

BONUS: Update to Cataclysm FREE
* Free Update for Level 1-60
* Free Update for Level 80-85
* Free Update for Worgen and Goblin starting zone.

Many people assumed that this also meant that your Dugi’s *Standard* 1-80 Leveling Guide will also be updated for free.

This is not the case… because we only intended on giving away the Cataclysm update for the DUNGEON Guide only.


Don’t get mad… please keep reading I know we made the mistake by not stating it clearly enough on our sales page.

But we did mentioned that it was only for the Dungeon through our bonus announcement video and newsletter.


This is our mistake for not spelling it out to our customers before they purchased.

The good news is we WILL honor our promise!

The first 500 purchases will also receive BOTH
* 1-80 Leveling Guide Cataclysm update
* 1-80 Dungeon Guide Cataclysm update

We haven’t officially announced our update price yet, but it is likely to be at least $20 for each guide so this is at least a $40 value free BONUS.

By purchasing our ‘Dungeon Leveling Guide’ today the guide will pay for itself.

Right now there are 137 copies left and it will certainly be much less by the time you read this.

Purchase your copy right now before its too late,


Yours Truly

PS. Once the first 500 copies are sold, you will see a note in your members area that you are the first 500  that will receive free updates

    20 replies to "Re: Free Cataclysm Update (I really screwed up…)"

    • Alan Niemies

      Hello and, first of all, congratulations for your great job!
      I just want to know if I can use your product on older versions of WoW. I’m a brazilian private server player and we still use WoW 3.3.2 patch.

      Thanks for the attention and, again, congratulations and my best wishes for your job.

    • TheRuler

      I have bought my guide. Will I be notified if I will get the Cataclysm updates?

      • aznjesse

        Read the P.S
        PS. Once the first 500 copies are sold, you will see a note in your members area that you are the first 500 that will receive free updates

    • Scorpionleader

      Not sure I bought the right thing to get the bonuses. I got both alliance and horde dungeon guides. Will I get the updates, or did I need to purchase something different to be eligible for the Cataclysm updates for free?

    • lilocowboy

      Sorry to bother you with this, but I was wondering about the ppl that won your contest. Do we get the same bonuses as those that bought it. Don’t get me wrong and think I am ungreatful, just not clear if we have to purchase something to get the bonuses. Meaning we get the Dungeon Guide free because of the contest but if you purchase the guide you get the bonuses. Just trying to make sure I know as well as the others the won the contest. Thanks for the awesome guide and I will be trying it out soon.

      • DugisGuide

        Yes it will be included for the winners aswell.

    • Emanuel

      What about levels 80-85?????

      • football

        What part of “* Free Update for Level 80-85” didn’t you understand? 🙂

        • KitLoong

          The first 500 purchases will also receive BOTH
          * 1-80 Leveling Guide Cataclysm update
          * 1-80 Dungeon Guide Cataclysm update

          What about levels 80-85?

    • Manon

      I got the dungeon updates yesterday 🙂 the only thing I noticed is that the dungeon guide goes up to 80 but the maps stop before lvl 70 dungeon, though I haven’t checked on my Horde guide, so I know this is the case for Alliance.

      My pally is waiting to have a go at it because you can only lvl so many chars the same route before getting a bit “tired” of it, the dungeon will not only boost my heirloom wearing pally & priest it will be a nice change from solo quest lvl-ing — multiple characters.

      I didn’t expect a cataclysm update for free, but I am looking forward to it, since I’m just aching to get my hands on a Worgen! and am looking forward to taking flying lessons in Azaroth!

      • Euan

        One thing I just don’t get – we can fly around a broken, dieing planet and the cold, cold north of Azeroth, but not the normal, temperate Azeroth where there’s gryphon taxis? I mean, I know why in technical terms – decent chunks are well-done illusion because Blizz were lazy in making them which break down when seen from above – but I’ve no idea how they’ll justify another few thousand gold to let us fly there.

        • Manon

          If you could fly around now, that would mean you could land there too (which probably isn’t possible the way it is set up now, besides climbing certain mountain area’s was disallowed as well or so I heard), there’s probably a lot of newer and better scripting out there that makes it a good experience and rather then taking an older setting and fixing it to newer standards, they decided to change the whole appearance. It will take getting used to (which I’m looking forward to), I hope the rates for flying will decrease as well… I remember coming back after a two year hiatus and a lot of changes had occurred, the achievements (so nice to reach 100 Fish when you Fishing Skill turns 250), the Stormwind Harbor and then WOTLK & the DK.

          When I stopped playing the Draenei world was the newest thing, but you still had to run your Nelf through Wetlands to go to IF and SW! A bit of a long drag for my (then) lvl 16 Druid 😉

          • Euan

            Like I said, I get why we can’t NOW 😉 Blizzard haven’t finished massive chunks of the place. I remember when they brought in BGs – now THAT took getting used to! Poor world PVP 🙁 But I’m still wondering how they plan to explain charges to fly in Azeroth. Maybe Deathwing will release some sort of unobtainium when he breaks free, making it hard to fly or some such hand wave 😛

            • Manon

              Must be my native tongue getting in the way here 😉 I’m Dutch so English is only my second language, and German my third, harrrr 🙂 I’m sure Blizzard has an answer for everything, I say just blame the Night Elf Mohawk….. in the meanwhile I’m trying to save up some Gold to pay Artisan for several characters, sometimes feels like trying to put your kid through college!

              I’m not thinking Deathwing, I’m thinking it has something to do with WHO took over Artas, if you go to the memorial plack/fountain in Dalaran you can get a little video.

            • Euan

              Ah yes, him 😛 Don’t see how they’ll make that an explanation for no flying in Azeroth though. After all, didn’t make a difference for Arthas, and his replacement did say that…well…yeah, noone knowing and all.

    • Costa

      Well, Dugi, you’re definitely taking the Dranei approach. “Be kind to those less fortunate.” As in, those who can’t read the English language and comprehend it. I think you’re just being taking advantage of now, but kudos to you for being the better person and doing this.

    • Euan

      This is EXACTLY why I’ve liked Ultimate WoW Guide since I first got it several years ago – the absolutely amazing customer service. Most places would just say “Sorry, we screwed up, our bad.”. Dugi, however, takes it a step further with “Sorry, we screwed up, our bad – so we’ll give you what you thought we meant”. Brilliant, thanks Dugi! 😀

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