I’m proud to announce that Dugi’s Guide v4 is now ready for our subscribers to test. Without further ado visit this page right now to download it.


Make sure you follow the installation instruction, and download both addons DugisGuideViewer and TomTom from WoWInterface.

** Make sure you backup your files if for some reason you prefer the old TourGuide addon, as we will no longer support it.**

Existing members will be able to download the full guides right now, and you will be able to purchase the guides hopefully by tommorow. We’re still making adjustment to our sales page to reflect the new guide, I will notify you as soon as they are available for sale.

In the mean time, test our new addon and tell me what you think and report any bugs that you notice in this blog, We are still continously working on it to add the new promised features. Right now we have achievement our goal of a stable addon to replace the old with the same features.

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    • j

      is there any way to download the guide but save my addon specs and keybindings if it doesn’t work out. i just don’t want to lose all those shortcuts. I’m looking for a way to back them up. Perhaps it is sufficient to back up my warcraft folder? and also the ones in preferences?

    • Soleina

      Hey Dugi,

      Awesome work on the guide.. however there is one slight technicality. The guide will not auto-update when completing quests and will not update when ticking manually due to conflicts with Questguru and Questguru Tracker. Hopefully this helps in eliminating a few bugs.

      I disable Questguru and its tracker, and everything works like a peach.

      • Soleina

        I have made some deeper testing and the horde guide is working so far with Questguru enabled.. started using the new guide on my druid from level 46 and up..

        However, on my wife’s account, the Alliance guide is not working in conjunction with Questguru. Manual ticks don’t register and the guide doesn’t update to the next step.

        I will be working with a new character from 1-80 soon, in like the next week or so and will register every error the guide provides, if any… I remember with V3, MANY of the waypoint arrows were not sending me to the correct area to do my quests and complete the steps.

        I use Tomtom and no waypoint arrow addons.

        Do you recommend carbonite over tomtom?

        • Soleina

          Encountered a problem with the Horde guide in Feralas, when turning in the quest Ogres of Feralas (Part 2) and questguru enabled, the viewer would not update to the next step. Once I disabled Questguru, the guide would continue updating as it should.

        • DugisGuide

          Make sure both computers have v4.05 we fixed the bug that stop the quests from advancing if it had (Part X) next to it. So it might not be a conflict with questguru at all. If you still have problems with quest guru with v4.05 please tell me.

          Carbonite is much more than just a waypoint arrow, you need to download it and see it for yourself you can find it in wowinterface.com. Some people like it and others don’t. Personally I prefer using the standard map and TomTom, I like to rely with as little addon as possible.

    • Rafael

      Hi, I have same problem with TomTom addon. It shows 6324 yards to pick the quest up, but i am near mob who gives the quest. I am not using carbonite, is it added to another addon or something?…

    • Corne

      Its said to say… but i am not happy with the new guide. Why? wel thats because the guide let is nopt running verry smooth. Sudenly when i am leveling with my Tauren. From level 1 until 8 it skips quest of the guide it selfs. Its realy anoying to open the guide and look what it have skipt… I totaly dont like it every time i log out and in again. That i have to look verry carefull if the guide loaded proberly. I am sorry to say.. but i am a person how have his hearth on his tong. Ore maby thats a Dutche Exspression. I dont know. But Duigie fixs it because this is a disapointment. i cant have from the best guide i know fore wow.

      Fixs it and make me smile. I dont whant your guide that skips quest in the guide. And i dont whant a guide that when i log out and in again i have to mark from out myself otherwise the guide wont work proberly.

      thank you fore your time to fixs this.
      And i am gratfull that negative responce on your guide. Will turn it to positive..

      Fore the rest is awsome. I like the bigger screen when i whant to open the guide. I like the better tabs from Daylie to Leveling. The only problem is that the guide dont scan proberly the quest i already have done when i am logging out.

      fore the rest keep going your great things


      • DugisGuide

        Hi Corne, does this happen with all your quests? are you using an english version of wow ? this maybe the reason to why its not remembering your progress, although it should still auto tick quests that you have already done.

        • Corne

          Yes i live in Europe thats why i use the Enlish version.
          Some times i have to click to marc them myself. Its interesting because at first nothing was wrong. But around level 8 after i have folow a wolf spirit fore a quest. And logt out and in again. I have to mark al the quest i have done… Well not al.. But some of the quest in the guide are then not mark anymore.

          Even that i live in Europe.. still the guide have to be top of the best afcorse. It schould no matter that i use a Enlish version ore a American version… Its have to be great… better and inproved:)

          • Corne

            i make print screensof the bugs i encounter while i am leveling.
            Some are realy teribel to see. Right now fore exsample i am in MoonGlade..asa tauren Druide i have to talk with to bear spirit.
            The Tomtom arrow.. telling me that the bear spirit is 9496 yards away…. But gues what i already have talkt with the bear spirit. Now i have to go Back to: *Dendrite Starblaze* and stil the tomtom says to me that i have to go 9496 yards to the bear. Even the arow points the wrong way…

            such kind of things are real bad bad bugs. I told you i am here to help you to get the best of the best. I collect the bugs until i am level 40. Oh fore al the readers.. This is the levelings Guide V4 i am testing not the one before…

            let me know where i can send the print screens to Duigie

            thank u

            • DugisGuide

              Are you using carbonite? if you are using carbonite you can disable/delete tomtom from your addons menu and the guide will use carbonite for waypoint and it will be accurate.

            • Corne

              I have never hear before about carbonite
              I wil try to find that addon. Ore maby you can send me to a link fore carbonite

            • Corne

              Yesss i have found it.. I was realy supriced to sudenly hear a voise that say’s”:Quest Complete…

              But Duigie… if i think about it. Why all the addons to fixs the problems. I dont think i have payd fore the guide to get the best addons. I know you have help me out with Carbonite. And its realy a awsome addon. But i whant your hands and your teams hands… to create suche things… not addon here addon there….

              i am thankfull…but something is not right about it.
              Why you havent fore exsample have putting in Carbonite in the new Guide?

              is that about Rights and Rules


            • DugisGuide

              I didn’t suggest using carbonite to solve your problem, I said if you were using BOTH carbonite and TomTom then that would be a problem. because the TomTom waypoint arrow can sometime conflicts with carbonite map.

              A lot of the problems was fix with the latest v4.05 version make sure you update Dugis Guide v4.

    • Howard

      Alliance guide on Mac. In Scholazar Basin, after accepting [Gods Like Shiny Things], the quest doesn’t register as accepted, but remains as the next step. Clicking it off works though.

    • Brad

      Dugi & Crew,

      WOW, worth the wait. Your new viewer is great. I like the tabs for Dailies, Leveling, and Events. Worked on both My Alliance and Horde. My 77 toon and my 21 toon both worked. It just took a while to get the quests up to date.
      I really like the red “X’s” showing I choose not to do the quest.

      Great Job
      Tah Dah

    • brian

      It did everything but check off the quests I had already done on my lvl 24 toon

    • Green

      so when i can buy all guides in one packet? to buy one by one cost much more then buy whole thing at once, when do we gonna have that option?

    • Sally

      Received this error after installing the add-ons. Any ideas how to fix?

      Thanks for your ongoing great work.

      Date: 2010-03-21 16:05:12
      ID: 1
      Error occured in: Global
      Count: 1
      Message: …terface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewer\DugisGuideViewer.lua line 162:
      attempt to concatenate upvalue ‘CurrentAction’ (a nil value)
      [C]: ?
      …terface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewer\DugisGuideViewer.lua:162: ChatMessage()

      • DugisGuide

        Try loading the game with only these 2 options ticked in your addons menu, and see if it works.

        Dugi’s Guide Viewer v4

        Otherwise try downloading the latest version and re-installing we have just released v4.04 which fixed some of the minor

        • Corne

          Uhmm Duigie… i have delete special fore the test allmy addons. The only things i have is your guide thats it…

          And yes i talking about the new one. I see moe people have the same problem like me.. Its not good at all.. This is the biggest bug from the guide. We all have to sleep now and then.. ore eat ore even work:P so i whant to log in and out without losing my progres in the guide…

          thank u

    • adakhil

      The guide works great. But I have little problem in it. Actually I am having this problem since v3. The problem is: i pick up quests, complete them and turn them in. When I log off and login again, sometimes I am asked to pick up a quest i already finished and turned in. If I turn it off, I am concerned it will turn off next quests if it is part of series quest.

    • will

      your guide is good as always but for me it doesn’t seem to update itself as you quest. like it says get quest a but when you get it ,it still says you need to pick it up. also is there a way to set it up so the first time you run it the guide loads in the middle of the screen not on the mini-map.

      • DugisGuide

        The addon don’t like quest with (Part X) next to it and doesn’t advance properly. We are currently working to fix for this asap, I have changed the default position of the small frame with the latest 4.04 build, download it again in the members area, and you might need to reset the position by deleting your layout-local.txt in world of warcraft\interface\WTF\Account Name\Server Name\Character Name\

    • jim

      Hi Duigi, sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but does this just concern the lvling guide. What about the dailies guide, where are we with that?

      • DugisGuide

        The dailies guide are ready, its in the members area. If you don’t have it, you will be able to purchase it again very soon.

    • William

      I have downloaded the new guide, but the only way I can bring up the guide window to is to type/dg . It does not show a current quest window on the right side to show me what quest I am on like the old guide did, so the only way I know to go to the next quest is to go by the tom tom arrow or WoW’s built in guide.

      • DugisGuide

        Its probably hiding in the corner somewhere, We still need to urgently add in a default position button.

        Try going to Game Menu > View > and play with the UI Scale setting, make it really small or big and you might find it.

        or Try this

        1. exit wow if loaded.
        2. go to world of warcraft\interface\WTF\Account Name\Server Name\Character Name\
        3. Delete layout-local.txt

        next time you log in the small frame should be somewhere in the middle right side of your screen.

        • Kirt


          First of all, LOVE your guides. Please keep up the great work!

          This new one is presenting a bit of a challenge though. 🙂 The Current Quest window is getting stuck as a VERY small line in the Carbonite area (small circles with icons in them). I tried your suggestion above, and it’s not fixing it. Any other ideas on how to get this to display normally? I have the following AddOns loaded: Dugi’s (V4.054), Carbonite (3.32), Bartender4, Recount, Talented, TomTom, and DBM.

          • Kirt


            LOL! I think I figured it out. I logged out of my toon, turned Carbonite off at the AddOn page, logged back into my toon, and the Current Quest window was there, normal size! I then logged back out of my toon, turned Carbonite back on, logged back in, and it was still there!!! YEAH!! However, I had to do this with each and every toon on my account. Weird huh? Must be some strange interaction between Carbonite and your program. Hope this helps anyone else having this problem!

            • DugisGuide

              next time try typing “/dg reset” and the guide should appear.

            • Kirt


              *slaps forehead*

              Wow, I’m a noob. That worked too. 🙂


            • Kirt


              Okay, another update. Now, when I enter or leave a dungeon, the Current Quest window gets reset to the Carbonite area again. And “/dg reset” doesn’t work anymore. The only thing that works is to disable Carbonite, and then the window comes back to normal size. Any ideas?

    • ivan

      cant download from members area for the V4 guide

      • DugisGuide

        Try pressing F5 to refresh the download page.

    • Nathen

      I am having a lot of trouble with my the new guide. It is not recognizing (and checking off) when I do things. I am using it on my lvl. 12 hunter and am having problems in Auberdine as well as the dwarf newbie area. I am having to click off things which means I am not getting the follow ups in my viewer. Also can you put back in the percentage done part? I liked being to see how much I had left before I move on. Thanks.

      • DugisGuide

        Was it a specific quest that is not working properly ? can you tell me which quest it was. We are working on adding the % of completion back hopefully it will be ready on the next build

        • Dalyn

          I am having the same issue as nathen. It won’t recognize that I’ve completed quest or when I accept new quests. I have two toons I’m leveling together and one will accept a q and the guide will work while the other will do the same thing and the guide won’t work. Its like thath for probably 30% of the darkshore quests.

    • Darcozell

      Hi Dugui is the guide avaiable for purchase now? Or are closed at the moment?
      I don’t see my uides only the pvp and the gold guide.

    • elm

      well I relord all my addson dint work then I take all my addon off and only start it up whit you addon and then all work fine I lord all my old addson and now it work . and let me say nice work I love the new stuff more easy when u doning daly or even lev a new alt more easy to look set all is cool nice work . sorry for my bad eng ;<

      • elm

        ups I need to as the item/logo on the bar where it say what you need to do/go etc is more cool now I love it even my son there play wow love as well nice work.

    • Kiwi

      Works now, Thanks!
      Awesome Addon!

    • Shamrock11

      Awesome. I was leveling my new druid when I got the tweet that V4 was ready for testing. So far it seems a lot like that “other” guide, but not so much. It’s better. I have my old V3 Dailies & Events guide still installed….will the V4 guide viewer read those or do they need updated as well before use?

      • DugisGuide

        You can download the full dailies and leveling guide in the members area right now and use that.

    • Kiwi

      Link does not work to download.

      • Rob

        Hey Dugi, I’ve been testing the new release and I just want to give you the heads up that in the Undead starting area, the quest Marla’s Last Wish. Your supposed to kill Samuel Flipp and bring his remains back to a graveyard near the questgiver but the guide directs u straight to the graveyard instead of killing Samuel first to retrieve his remains. Thank You.

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