Our new leveling addon is about 95% complete,  obviously this took us much longer than expected. We still have a small list of bugs to iron out.  The addon itself is now playable but we won’t release it with the current bugs. I was able to re-create this sales video with it check it out below.

I really thank you for your patience’s and support, I know it must have been frustrating for you to wait this long.

For our current customers the updates are free and for new customers we will have a re-opening special and be in to win 10x FULL YEAR Subscription to World of Warcraft Magazine to give away.  ($40 Value)

This will be random draw and every purchase from 18th  February until a specified date will count as an entry. More details as we get closer to our release.

    19 replies to "Dugi’s Leveling Guide v4 Demo"

    • Gothicknight

      No you won’t have to pay for it again. it will be a free update to those how already own the guide 🙂

      Brilliant work Dugi. Been lost without your guide.

      Thanks you for you patience with us while we have been whinging and whining at you about the release of the new guide.

    • chuck norris

      When is this going to b full?? and also will i have to buy it again ?? plz email me xD.

      • mOoie

        wow chuck norris plays wow !

        or should i say

        Chuck norris doesnt play world of warcraft, Wow plays him !

    • mOoie

      Hey dugi ,

      Cannot wait for the new revamped Guide!

      Just like to say thanks for using my screenshot in the pic ^^ hopefully we can shave a day or 2 off that record with the revmaped work ^^



      • DugisGuide

        no. thank you! for posting the screenshot :), Just reminder to everyone that this is mostly an update to replace the tourguide addon. The initial release won’t have many extra features that didn’t already exist in TourGuide. After a week or two we should finish the additional chain quest linking feature which should help you with skipping quests.

        • Shamrock11

          The chain linking feature is very important to me because of Heirloom gear and running Instances. How will we be able to tell if a particular quest has follow ups or if it can safely be skipped in the new quide?

          • DugisGuide

            Chain linking feature is now, at the moment if you skip a quest and scroll down the list you will see that the follow up will get ticked aswell, it will even tick follow up in a different guide.

            We might add a small Pre-req message next to a quest to you eg

            ! Quest2 (Pre: Quest1)

            you should be able to identify quickly the quests that you skipped by the X symbol while the quest that you have completed will have a yellow tick

    • Muismatje

      As someone else said between these posts: I’m in no hurry for V4 as V3 is already great to play with. I just wanted to take the time and thank you for putting all your energy and time in your guides. They are the best, I can tell because I’ve been using it from the very beginning I started playing WoW. Which has been a while ago.

      Thank you and keep up the great work! Know that it’s always appreciated.

    • Gamecat

      Love your guide. But I am wondering if it will automatically take in to account the 3x xp you gain when leveling up wit h the refer-a-friend program or if you will have to manually do it.

    • Derek

      Dugi, GREAT JOB brudda 🙂 The guide looks awesome! looks a lot more fluid and can combine all of my guides I’ve purchased into one easy to use guide. Can’t wait for it to be released since I’ve been with out v3 since using a new comp 🙁


    • orcspasm

      can only say one thing!


      good work dugi.

    • Darcozell

      WOW! Dugui you’re a genius!!!

    • Ardral

      Looking good Dugi.

      I’m in no rush for v4 as v3 is working great but it’ll be great to see this version out to clear up the last few weeks of ugliness

    • acoustic

      Great work Dugi! I’m waiting for the new guide to start leveling a mage.

    • football

      I’m gonna leave a Montgomery Burns expression here:


    • JJ

      I would LOVE to be able to skip ahead to a quest (maybe if I’ve joined friends) without checking off ones before it. That way I can work with friends for a while, then go back to the ones I missed. Anyway to do this in a future mod?
      Super happy user

      • JWH

        hold down the Ctrl button and then right-click on the quest objective will let you take quests out of order

        • JJ

          Thanks! I must have missed that feature in my hurry to start leveling! 🙂

      • IKJ 'VAMP'

        Hey DUGI!
        L@@Kin G@@D Bro!
        Outstanding work you’ve done… Look forward to seeing it complete soon. Been using your v3 for the past 9 months and am a very satisfied customer!

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