The extra tracking feature will provide additional World Map tracking for Achievements, Rare Creatures and Battle Pets. Now you can complete your achievements as you quest and hunt for those rare creatures for extra experience and loot. The Battle Pet tracking will make leveling your pets and hunting easier than ever before.

    38 replies to "Extra Tracking Feature"

    • b0bzeroe

      How do I download this?

      • Dugi

        it should install automatically with everything else if you own the product.

    • okata

      I just added the extra tracking. I have all the other Alliance stuff. I still am NOT getting any extra tracking for pets or anything else. Am I doing something wrong??

      • okata

        @okata, Sorry I meant that I just loaded the achievement and profession guide. But tracking still does not work.

    • danny butler

      as a loyalty member why didnt this download from the downloader automatically?,, ROOOAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!! spending another $15 was not part of the plan i dont believe.

    • Drunis

      Dugi! 🙂 CAn you give me a link to buy it? I have to Achivement & Proffesion guide but not this update thing. Is this free or cost 15$ or something? If it does can u give me the link? Plllease!!

      • Dugi

        go to my account area and scroll down and you can use the pull down menu to order.

    • Russ M (aka 'ramakgaming')

      Wow, you guys are awesome, you make everything so much easier without being a chore or boring. Thanks Dugi and team. I am a new customer as right before Mists of Pandaria released, and I’m a HAPPY customer. Thank you!

      I look forward to the future of Dugi Guides, and to see what you have hiding behind your engineering goggles next!

    • Drunis

      Hey Dugi! The new Tracking feature is not working for me… I have the achivement and prof. guide, but it doesnt work. I have the buttons but when i check them then nothing show up… I have not done “Well Read” achivement so i took a look in Tanaris if the achivment thing was showing up but no ;/
      Can you maybe help! :)?

      • Dugi

        @Drunis, make sure you have the MoP Achievement & Profession Update aswell.

        • strakako

          @Dugi, So you have to buy the update? or?

          • Dugi

            @strakako, yes you will need the update.

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