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It’s that time of the year again–ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks unite! Hallow’s End hits Azeroth today.

Hallow’s End is one of my favorite holidays in World of Warcraft. Running from from October 18 – October 31, the holiday invites players to gather candy, wands, food, masks, and even vanity pets from inn keepers all over the in-game world.

Event Changes

Before we get onto our guide, we’d like to cover the immediate changes for those who already are familiar with the event. There are quite a few with this event for this year, including new items and a new currency system: tricky treats.

Gone are the days of trick-or-treating hourly for a chance at an extremely rare mask or a rare vanity item. Instead, the event has been streamlined into a vendor and daily system, very similar to Noblegarden. One new vanity pet, Feline Familiar, makes its appearance here on a vendor, for example; meanwhile, old favorites, such as Sinister Squashling are also purchasable. There’s also Creepy Crate from a short questline and Little Wickerman from vendors which is a fun campfire.

Tricky treats are obtained through dailies and the pumpkins spread throughout inns on the map. You will get two treats for every inn you visit, as a one time only reward, along with a potential for a mask, wand, or other fun holiday item. You then spend the tricky treats at vendors outside of your capital cities.

New vendors and quest-givers are located at special holiday hubs outside of Stormwind and Undercity.

  • Horde: Chub <Candy & Toy Vendor>, Darla <Wand Vendor>, Farina <Mask Vendor>.
  • Alliance: Dorothy <Candy & Toy Vendor>, Stymie <Wand Vendor>, Spanky <Mask Vendor>.

Vendor Items

Hallowed Wands

Vendor, Cost Item
Stymie/Darla, 2 each Hallowed Wands


Vendor, Cost Item
Dorothy/Chub, 2 5
Dorothy/Chub, 2 5
Dorothy/Chub, 2 5
Dorothy/Chub, 2 5
Dorothy/Chub, 2 10

Pets and Mounts

Dorothy/Chub, 150 Magic Broom
Dorothy/Chub, 150 Sinister Squashling
Dorothy/Chub, 150 Feline Familiar


Vendor, Cost Item
Dorothy/Chub, 150 Hallowed Helm
Dorothy/Chub, 150 Little Wickerman


Vendor, Cost Item
Spanky/Farina, 2 each 1 x Playable races’ masks
Spanky/Farina, 5 each 5 x Non-playable races’ masks

New Masks

There are some new masks about, first and foremost for the two playable races:

In addition to new masks on the two new playable races, there are also four sets based on non-playable races; these masks also have new buffs. Because they function as buffs, they’re cost more to purchase and are probably meant as an item for the player who has nearly everything as a currency sink.

Updated Items

Much like the Brewfest items, all Hallow’s End rings (plus the helmet and sword) have been upgraded to ilevel 470:

Similarly, those candies you get from trick-or-treating have also changed. They used to be buffs, offering amounts of stacking stats such as spell power with every consumption. A quick look at their tooltips will tell you that’s all changed:

New Buffs

Two powerful buffs have been added, tied to the Wickerman Festival.

Decree of the Dark Lady is granted to nearby players upon observing an RP event in which Sylvanas watches the burning of the Wickerman and declares it to be a sign of the strength of the Forsaken.

We haven’t had a chance to observe this on US servers yet, but most likely Greymane’s Resolve works in the same way for Alliance players–Genn Greymane watches the burning of the Wickerman and blesses nearby players.

As in past years, there’s a buff that increases experience earned and reputation gained by 10%. This year, it’s called Unburdened and is easily gotten–just click on the Wickerman bonfire outside Stormwind and Undercity.

Continue reading beyond the break for new items, updated achievements, and the full guide!

Table of Contents

Treats and Goodies!

There are three main ways players can acquire quirky seasonal items during the Hallow’s End festival:
Candy Buckets (new to Cataclysm!), Crudely Wrapped Gift, and the Headless Horseman.

As we’ve explained in more detail above, Candy Buckets (in the shape of pumpkins) are nearby the innkeepers of friendly inns. Instead of talking to an innkeeper each hour for a Treat Bag or a Trick disguise, looting each pumpkin (one-time only), will reward players with a Handful of Treats (and sometimes a temporary character disguise, like the Trick debuff). This contains 1-3 Tricky Treat Tricky Treats, some candy, and other vanity items. If you don’t get lucky with finding rare items in your candy bags, don’t worry–the Tricky Treat can be used to purchase them instead. This new system takes the RNG component out of Trick-or-Treating, from previous years.

(As in past years, there’s also an Apple Bob nearby, which gives players Bobbing Apple.)

A Crudely Wrapped Gift can be obtained after protecting a low level Alliance (Goldshire, Kharanos, or Azure Watch) or Horde (Razor Hill, Falconwing Square, or Brill) village from the Shade of the Horseman (see Quests section below). The matrons located in these villages will ask for your aid in putting out fires in local buildings. When the Shade of the Horseman has been defeated, a large Jack-o-Lantern will appear on the ground that gives the quest Smash the Pumpkin (Alliance) which can be turned in at the nearby Matron. The Matron will reward you with a sum of gold and a Crudely Wrapped Gift, which can contain candy, masks, or even riding brooms!

The Headless Horseman is a level 85 boss that players can queue up for using the Dungeon Finder tool. The boss will then spawn in the Graveyard of Scarlet Monastery. This encounter can be completed easily by a decently-geared 5-man of level 85 players. For more information check out the section below!

Candy Buckets

Seasonal, pumpkin-shaped Candy Buckets are located inside every inn, near the Innkeeper. Each bucket offers a one-time quest that can be completed and rewards a small sum of gold and a Handful of Treats, which contains a guaranteed two Tricky Treats and then has a chance to have other items such as masks and snacks. These snacks include Pyroblast Cinnamon Ball, G.N.E.R.D.S., Chewy Fel Taffy, and Soothing Spearmint Candy–and this year, most of these candies have a cosmetic buff! Visiting all friendly inn buckets on continent will reward an achievement.


Check out the related achievements below for a list of all buckets–some locations have changed since the Shattering. Plus, there are several more achievements this year–for the candy buckets of both Northrend and Cataclysm. We’ve gotten word that some of these new candy buckets appear to be bugged–as well as others added that aren’t tied to achievements–so hopefully this will be fixed.


Horde Quests

  • Masked Orphan Matron
    Start: Orc Commoner
    End: Masked Orphan Matron
    This quest is just a breadcrumb quest intended to lead you to a Masked Orphan Matron located at one of the low level Horde villages, either Razor Hill, Falconwing Square, or Brill. This quest does not need to be completed in order to take the Matron’s other quests.
  • Fire Training
    Start & End: Masked Orphan Matron
    This quest can be started in either Razor Hill (Durotar), Falconwing Square (Eversong Woods) or Brill (Tirisfal Glades), but only completed once, at a single location. The Matron will direct you to a nearby water barrel from which you can collect Water Bucket that can be thrown at flames. There will be test fires that you can put out by simply ‘using’ the bucket and aiming at the fires. When you have successfully hit 5 fires, return to the Matron for your reward.
  • “Let the Fires Come!” / Stop the Fires!
    Start & End: Masked Orphan Matron
    The availability of this daily quest is situational – if the village you are in is not yet under attack by the Shade of the Horseman, the Matron will offer “Let the Fires Come!” which you cannot complete until the village is under attack. However, if you first speak to the Matron while the village is currently under attack, she will instead offer Stop the Fires!, which is the same quest basically with just a different title. Simply aid in extinguishing all of the fires the Shade has started, then speak to the Matron. This is a daily quest.
  • Hallow’s End Treats for Spoops!
    Start & End: Spoops
    This quest asks that you collect a variety of holiday treats from the innkeepers of major faction cities. However, they won’t be giving the goodies away without a price! You must perform a different emote to each innkeeper before being rewarded the quest item.

  • Stink Bombs Away!
    Start: Candace Fenlow
    Speak with Crina Fenlow and take a broomstick flight over Stormwind City. Use the stink bombs to cover the city and its people. This quest is a requirement for the achievement Rotten Hallow.
    Reward: 2
  • Clean Up in Undercity
    Start: Candace Fenlow
    Use the Arcane Cleanser to remove stink bombs within the Undercity. This quest is a requirement for the achievement Rotten Hallow.
    Reward: 3
  • A Time to Build Up
    Start:Darkcaller Yanka
    Use the bonfire in front of the Wickerman to set it ablaze. Use the ashes on the ground near the Wickerman. This quest is a requirement for the achievement Rotten Hallow.
    Reward: 1
  • A Time to Break Down
    Start:Darkcaller Yanka
    Use the Dousing Agent on the Wickerman in front of Stormwind. This quest is a requirement for the achievement Rotten Hallow.
    Reward: 3
  • A Friend in Need
    Start:Candace Fenlow
    Speak with Edgar Goodwin at the Broken Tusk in Orgrimmar.
  • Missing Heirlooms
    Start:Edgar Goodwin
    End:Hired Courier
    Search the cabin of the Hired Courier’s ship at the docks east of Orgrimmar for evidence of what might be delaying him.
  • Fencing the Goods
    Start:Hired Courier
    End:Auctioneer Drezmit
    Follow the spiders to their destination and question the man you find there.
  • Shopping Around
    Start:Auctioneer Drezmit
    End:Delian Sunshade
    Make your way to Droffers and Son Salvage in Orgrimmar’s Drag district and look for evidence of the crate-thief’s visit.
  • Taking Precautions
    Start/End:Delian Sunshade
    Obtain 5 Crystal Vial, 5 Arcane Powder, and 5 Blood Nettle.
  • The Collector’s Agent
    Start:Delian Sunshade
    End:Stolen Crate
    Disrupt the meeting between Sanath Lim-yo and the thief in the Ruins of Lordaeron.
  • What Now?
    Start:Stolen Crate
    End:Edgar Goodwin or Delian Sunshade
    You may return the crate to either Edgar Goodwin at the Broken Tusk in Orgrimmar’s Valley of Strength. or Return the crate to Delian Sunshade at the Wyvern’s Tail in Orgrimmar’s Valley of Honor.
  • The Creepy Crate
    The crate itself appears unscathed and suffused with magical energy. From time to time, it shakes or bobs as if its contents were alive.
    Reward: Creepy Crate

Alliance Quests

The Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman is a level 85+ 5-man boss located in the Graveyard of Scarlet Monastery. This boss will only spawn for level 83+ players who have queued for the encounter via the Dungeon Finder tool. The boss drops epic-quality gear, and additional vanity loot can be obtained from a special Loot-Filled Pumpkin awarded once per day for killing him.

Remember, you can queue up for the boss as many times as you like, but you will only have access to his regular drops after the first time–the Loot-Filled Pumpkin and a monetary reward of 19 86 will only be awarded once per day. Also, you’ll be awarded a few Justice Points.

Phat Lewts!

Boss Loot

Loot-Filled Pumpkin Loot

The Loot-Filled Pumpkin can also contain a randomly selected flimsy mask (if no “special” loot is awarded). It is possible to get multiple special items from the bag at the same time.


There are a total of 22 achievements that can be obtained during Hallow’s End! While running about sporting hauntingly fun Hallow’s End masks and gorging on candy, find time to earn some achievements and be awarded a cool player title – the Hallowed! Completeing the achievements required for Hallowed Be Thy Name will, of course, count towards What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been and towards earning the beautiful Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake!

This guide is courtesy of wowhead.com

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