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This year the event was slightly delayed to allow people to get a start on Mists of Pandaria. It requires level 89 for completion of all of the event.Ceremonial Keg-Tapping
Each day at 6:15 AM and 6:15 PM server time, High Tinker Mekkatorque (Ironforge) and Vol’jin (Orgrimmar) come out to the Brewfest grounds for a brief Tapping of the Keg ceremony. Everyone who witnesses the ceremony will receive a buff that increases experience by 10% for two hour.
don’t forget to grab the Brewfest Enthusiast buff at 6:15 AM and 6:15 PM server time outside of Ironforge and Orgrimmar at the Tapping of the Keg ceremony.In addition, there are two new items from vendors:  Pandaren Brewpack Brewhelm.
Sept. 27th – Oct. 13th 2012

Celebrated by both the Horde and the Alliance, Brewfest is a time to enjoy the fermented fruits of the harvest: pretzels, cheese, and booze! The competing breweries Thunderbrew, Barleybrew, and the Ogres, all come together outside of all the major cities in a bid to outdo each other with their special ales, meads, and beers. Brave adventurers are invited to sit back, take a pull, and sample the finest wares these brewers have to offer!

During Brewfest, players can acquire the title Brewmaster, collect fun mounts like Swift Brewfest Ram, and get epics like Coren’s Chilled Chromium Coaster. Major quest hubs are located outside of Ironforge and Orgrimmar.

Brewfest, based on Oktoberfest, runs from September 20 through October 5. Our very own Miyari put together an excellent guide for the holiday, covering every achievement there is as well as the series of dailies the event offers.

This year, trinkets and other items have been upgraded to ilevel 365 and are definitely worth checking out!

Coren’s Chilled Chromium Coaster Petrified Pickled Egg
Mithril Stopwatch Brawler’s Trophy
Bitterer Balebrew Charm Bubblier Brightbrew Charm
Great Brewfest Kodo Swift Brewfest Ram
Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror Direbrew’s Bloodied Shanker

Table of Contents

Brewfest Quests!

Ram Racing Quests

  • Now This is Ram Racing… Almost. or Now This is Ram Racing… Almost.: Does not award tokens, but unlocks the other ram riding dailies.
    Start & End: Ram Master Ray or Neill Ramstein
    This quest is intended to introduce players to the fine art of ram riding. Upon accepting this quest, Ram Master Ray or Neill Ramstein will mount you upon one of his riding rams and give you the Ram Racing Reins, which you must use to control the speed of your ram. You have to maintain certain speeds for 8 seconds each, which is indicated not only by the movement speed of your ram but by colored buff icons on your player. Be careful not to travel too fast, or your ram will get fatigued and slow down severely. You can lower (or completely reset) your ram’s fatigue counter by stopping at barrels of apples which can be found on the ram riding paths.
  • There and Back Again or There and Back Again: Awards 10 Brewfest Prize Token
    Start & End: Ram Master Ray or Neill Ramstein
    This quest is a little challenging. You are once again granted a temporary ram mount that lasts 4 minutes and you must use the Ram Racing Reins and your new-found skill of ram riding to receive and deliver kegs of brew between the goblins. You must travel down the path, minding your speed and fatigue, and you will be thrown a Portable Brewfest Keg by either Bok Dropcertain or Flynn Firebrew. Simply return the keg to the questgiver three times to successfully complete the quest. I highly recommend moving as quickly as possible and stopping momentarily at every barrel of apples to insure you do not reach 100 fatigue. After completing this quest, the questgiver will allow you to help him out one more time per day.
  • Every 18 Hours: ‘Do you still need some help moving kegs from the crash site… ?’: Awards 2 Brewfest Prize Token per turn-in
    Start & End: Ram Master Ray or Neill Ramstein
    This isn’t exactly a quest, per se, but is a very good option for accumulating more Brewfest Prize Token. This “quest” is available after successfully completing There and Back Again. Simply speak to the NPC again and offer to help him out again. The questgiver will give you another ram with which you must retrieve and return more kegs, awarding 2 Brewfest Prize Token per loop and 25 additional seconds. You can do this as many times as possible until your ram mount expires. You can only offer to help him once every 18 hours, and only after completing the initial quest.

Daily Quests

Brewfest Loot

Quests completed during Brewfest will award Brewfest Prize Token which can be redeemed for items by speaking to either Blix Fixwidget or Belbi Quikswitch, located at the main Brewfest camps outside of Orgrimmar and Ironforge, respectively. These items can also be purchased during Brewfest from the Brew of the Month club vendors found inside the two cities, Ray’ma or Larkin Thunderbrew. Here is a full list of the items they have for sale.

Item Cost
Blue Brewfest Hat 50
Green Brewfest Hat 50
Brown Brewfest Hat 50
Purple Brewfest Hat 50
Brewfest Dress 200
Brewfest Slippers 100
Brewfest Regalia 200
Brewfest Boots 100
Brewfest Keg Pony 200
“Brew of the Month” Club Membership Form
(Alliance or Horde)
Blix’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles or Belbi’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles 100
Limited duration

Fresh Dwarven Brewfest Hops or Fresh Goblin Brewfest Hops

Limited duration

Fresh Brewfest Hops

Preserved Brewfest Hops 20
Brewfest Pony Keg 100
Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm 100
  • The Brewfest gear is perfect for looking the part of a traditional Bavarian reveler.
  • The Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm is a cute little pink elekk non-combat pet that can only be seen by party/raid members or incredibly drunk individuals.
  • The “Brew of the Month” Club Membership (Alliance / Horde) starts a quest that is completed in your respective faction’s major city and enrolls your character in the Brew of the Month Club where you will receive a new brew in the mail every month, delicious drinks with quite interesting side-effects!
  • The Blix’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles, when equipped, will change everyone you see into a female orc (Horde) or male gnome (Alliance)–dead ****, right?
  • The Fresh Brewfest Hops are temporary items that will expire and change your mount into either a Brewfest Kodo (Horde) or Brewfest Ram (Alliance), the Fresh Dwarven Brewfest Hops (available to Horde) will change your mount into a Swift Brewfest Ram and the Fresh Goblin Brewfest Hops (available to Alliance) will change your mount into a Great Brewfest Kodo.
  • Finally, the Brewfest Pony Keg places a keg on the ground that anyone can use to retrieve a Brewfest Brew. This is not to be confused with Brewfest Keg Pony, added in 2011.
  • In addition the Brewfest items for sale by the token vendors, there are also a variety of food/drink sellers found in the camps, selling wine, cheese, sausage, bread and (of course) booze to the festival patrons.

Coren Direbrew, The Grim Guzzler and the Dark Iron Dwarves

Brewfest veterans surely remember the exploits of one Coren Direbrew, found deep inside Blackrock Depths‘ Grim Guzzler bar. This year, Coren Direbrew has been buffed to level 85+ and is back with new loot.

You can queue up to kill Coren Direbrew using the Dungeon Finder tool at level 84. Upon killing Coren Direbrew for the very first time, he will drop a quest item, Direbrew’s Dire Brew, which starts the quest Direbrew’s Dire Brew (Alliance version). Turning in this quest will award 40 Brewfest Prize Token.

On your first kill of each day, you will earn Justice Points and also be awarded a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest, which has a chance to contain awesome items. You will be awarded 19 86 at level 85, as well. You can get only one Keg-Shaped Treasure Chestper day, so there is no longer a point to farming the boss once you don’t need any of the trinkets he drops. Simply queue up and kill him once per day per character for your chance at the mounts or other rare items.

Coren’s Loot

Coren Direbrew himself drops epic quality (item level 365) trinkets which are similar to those sold by the Molten Front vendors. These trinkets are unique, so they can be used one after another after a normal “use” delay of 20 seconds. Once again, these items cannot be disenchanted, so no free Maelstrom Crystal.

Coren also has a chance to drop +510 stamina trinkets that summon the Brewmaiden who will heal your party or the ***** Brewmaiden who will chuck beer at your enemies! In addition, both maidens can be /wave’d at to receive free brew!

The first time you defeat Coren Direbrew each day, you will be awarded a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest. This treasure chest has a chance of containing Coren Direbrew’s non-trinket drops (y’know, the awesome stuff). You can even get more than one of these items in the same chest, or less happily, a duplicate item you already own.

Remember you will be rewarded just one chest daily, so that’s only one chance per day at all of the more rare drops.

Brewfest Achievements

Brewfest is more than just standing around dressing funny and drinking grog! In the midst of the unruly behavior and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, there’s a title to be earned–Brewmaster. For many players, completing the Brewfest achievements will finally earn them What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, so expect to see even more Violet Proto-Drakes flying around.

This guide is courtesy of wowhead.com

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    • Eric Hendrickson

      89+ only

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      A post from one of the Blues confirmed that Coren Direbrew is now level 90 and requires level 89 to queue.

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      Does one have to be 85+ to do this? I am leveling my monk (Figures right?) and would like to do them 😀

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        @bsk54, I think you can do most of it except for Coren Direbrew

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