Hi Everyone, I’m sorry I should have post this earlier to keep everyone updated I really only want post good news,  However now I can tell you things are looking good and we should have  a basic working addon within a couple of days from now. Here are some of the new stuff that we’re working that you can look forward to.

  1. Brand new addon with new UI –  We are taking the minimalist approach that you have growned to love, focusing on functionality rather than creating UI  skin that is harder to solve than the Da Vinci code.    The guide will still be very small and easy to use.  We are working on allowing the UI the ability to stretch the objective frame to show more than one step at a time,  this can be handy so you can see what the next few steps will without opening the large guide window.
  2. Different Guide Categories – Guides will be separated into 3 different categories Leveling / Dailies / Events   to make guide selection a lot more easier as also neater. We can also easily add more categories in the future for extra guide such as  achievements.
  3. Auto Detect Features – Of course it will contain all the standard auto detect features, such as detecting quest accept/complete/turn in  and continue to the next step automatically.  Auto detect race/class and optional quest and patch 3.3 Auto Sync feature.

New Features that we will work on after the initial release.

  1. Show quest level information – like the addon EveryQuest  we should be able to show the quest level information for each step, so you know the difficulty level of the quest as well. This will make it easier to skip quest by quest level and also color code it eg Grey / Green / Yellow / Orange / Red based on your current level.
  2. A Reset button for guides – should be handier than shift clicking.
  3. Better Daily Quest Support –  will add Daily Quest ! ? icons for daily quest accept and turn-in  and look into a way to better  support random quest pick up and also automatically reset the Daily Guide at the end of the day.
  4. Chain Quest Linking support – eg. If you manually skip a quest that have lots of follow ups, the follow up quest would also be auto ticked because you won’t be able to pick them up without doing the quest that you have skipped.  This would make skipping quest easier,  so leveling with heirloom and recruit a friend wouldn’t be that much of a problem, you can simply tick the quest until you reach the desired level.
  5. Auto  Translate – Automatically localized quest name,  zone name, class, race tags etc so that the guide will work properly with any language. However the notes will still need to be manually translated we will need to redo our German guide and french version is already on its way.
  6. Ant trail – Adding a trailing Ant Trail to the map to make it easier to follow way points.

Feel free to suggest more ideas of things that you would like to see in the comment section below. Again I’m very sorry for the delay,  we did have the addon ready much earlier but we decided to rebuild the addon  again to make sure we won’t have anymore legal issues.

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    • Starwisdom

      Call me needy but I want all this and more lol!
      I want a guide that will pick up my toons lvl and start there.
      I want a guide that will show me the best quest for gaining rep!
      I want a guide that will show me my dailies and how to get them, ie where to go to start the sons of hodir quest line!
      I want a guide that will take me thru my class quest!
      I want a guide that will help me with my professions not just where to train but what mobs to grind for mats ectra…!
      I want a guide that doesnt draw a strait line between me and the location but rather shows me when I have to divert to go around a mountain or in a cave and what rout I need to take when doing so!
      I want a guide that infroms me when I can combine diffrent quest in one fell swoop, for example killing a boss and the mobs along the way to get that boss will complete another quest so mabey I should get both quest at the same time, rather than go kill the boss come back and find out that now I have a quest to kill the mobs for that boss because I went up one lvl when I could have lvled on another quest then did both of these at the same time. Considering quest that are with in reason of one another ie 1 to 2 lvls difrent but not if they are like 3 or more lvls difrent!
      I also want to beable on my higher lvl toon to be able to go into a Zone and find ALL the quest in that Zone and then complete them by Zone (for no other reason than I want to lol)!
      I want a lvling guide that will get me there fast or show me the intereasting sites along the way! I want to be able to turn on or off the fetures when I do or dont want them. And I dont want it to drag down my gaming either by being to strict in having to fallow it or by being so haevy that I lag all the time!
      I also want free updates as the game changes!
      In short I dont want something that is good one time or for one aspect of the game If I am going to pay for it I want it to be worth useing all the time! For all this I would be willing to pay upwards of $100 mabey more if I could use custom skins to make it look cool also!
      Told you I was needy 🙂 LOL

    • bigboy

      i have a question dugi… will the new guide support heirlooms? ive heard zygor does.

      • DugisGuide

        Not initially, It will once we finish with the chain quest linking feature that will take time as we have to redo the guides aswell.

    • Adalet

      Sometimes the guide brings me to a random spot but then I realize that its underground or in an instance. It would be great if the guide would say about that like “Go underground and then go to these coordinates.” I haven’t played WoW in a while so I don’t know if this feature has been added with the guide since I don’t really check here that often. But just trying to help everyone else out there 🙂

    • Christian

      Hello Dugi and Crew

      I don’t know if this has been suggesded in all the postes above but here it goes:

      In quest where the target is moving around, it should be a trasperent box above the area. If you could make that it would be awsome.

      I also hope that the guide will notice the 20% xp boost u can get from gear or the requrit a friend bonus, that would be perfect.

    • Biggs

      Dugi and Crew

      I know that what our guide’s goin through is difficult and that it is very time consuming but I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a helluva job. The fellaz and I are new to WOW and without your guide, we would probably quit on the very 1st day lol. Furthermore, you and your crew has earned our full support and well be looking foward to the next installments. Many thanks from the ” Sons of Samoa “…(New Guild coming soon)

    • Jim

      I used this guide and loved its minimal gui approach, however, I found a lot of the quests from 70-80 where fairly inaccurate in their waypoint settings and I wasted a lot of time running round areas that were not correct for the quest in question. I had to revert to zygors guide to do the 70-80 lvls.

      One feature in zygors guide that would be helpfull in yours is the “tips” you get for each quest, explaining what you had to do and in which order, in an easier and more direct explanation than the quest description. It was frustrating running round an area grinding for drops for a quest, to then find out that the next quest took you to a cave with the same mobs that you had to fight through to get to a specific NPC, so would have been easier to know this upfront and fight way through to get the drops rather than grind.

      I also found it had very little in way of icecrown quests. I understand the point of this guide is to lvl, but it would be better to do so whilst visiting and exploring all that the game has to offer. Maybe a slight compromise in lvling speed in favour of a richer, fuller experience?

      • DugisGuide

        I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, there are additional detailed instructions for every quest if you hover your mouse over the status frame.

        • jim

          Hi, I wasnt aware of that. I have just looked however and I still think it could be significantly improved, both in terms of quality & verbosity.

          I admit I havent looked through all the tips but what I did look through again, only focussed on “that” quest, and didnt really give any indication on similair quests that could be done in tandem. I really think its just a case of quest ordering. E.g if I have 3 quests all in the same area, that are a) kill x number of a-type mobs and b-type mobs b) collect x number of items from killed mobs and c) kill boss , i would have the first quest in the chain to kill boss, second to collect items from mobs, and lastly kill x number of mobs. The rationale being, you will probably have to fight your way through numerous mobs to get to boss anyway so by the time you do that a good part of the second and third quests are complete, then keep killing till you get all the drops you need and finally, in the unlikely event you got all the drops, before killing the pre-requisite number of mobs, then keep killing till complete.

          I lost count of the number of quest chains that had it the other way round, which meant too much time spent killing the right mobs but in a very inefficient use of time. I reckon with intelligent ordering you could knock several hours if not days off the lvling time.

          just my 2p worth

    • Magneto

      Would be nice to see an guide arrow that allows you to change its color, shape and size.
      Not a life necessity but it would be a very nice touch I think.

      Anyways, whish you lots of succes with this 4th installment of the guide and thanks for all the fun so far with the previous two I’ve been using.


    • Medy

      I’m very excited to hear there’s an update soon. As for suggestions…I’d be excited to see some dungeon quests added as I tend to do a lot of instances now with the new dungeon finder. I used to skip them but now I love them even at level 15. I think everyone covered all the bugs that I’m sure you were working on to begin with so I’ll just leave with that idea.

      Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Suzanne

      I’m so glad to hear that there is going to be an update. :)Is there any way to incorporate talent builds into the guide where you select a build to level with and it suggests where to spend your talent points at each level.Ihear that Zygor has a function like this in their guide. If you could it would be awesome.

      • Wes

        Dugi has a talent build guide full of all sorts of templates to follow. It is on the leveling guide main page.

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