This is why I hate making promises and announcing frequent updates.

While beta testing the addon we discovered quite a few serious errors and made us scratch our heads, aswell as some important standard features that are missing. I would really hate to release something that is going to be worse than v3 even thou our income is suffering.

I’m pleased to say that we have created a new addon from scratch,  we don’t want anymore copyright issues.  So we’re not taking any chances with using any code from TourGuide.

Here is a screenshot to prove to you that the addon is infact real 🙂

We’re still working on the cosmetics so don’t worry, it will look better than that,  its hard to reinvent the wheel but it will be better eventually.

So we have quite a list of things to do mostly fixing the bugs and add missing features,  and unfortunately this will take a bit of time, as I have said on the forums next Monday could be the worse  outcome and looks like we’re heading that way.

I really appreciate the support that people have given us ,  we have a mission to make this the best guide and addon available and always the best value (even if it means we have to give it away for free).

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    • Scylla

      Sounds great…can’t wait to try this out…definitely keeping an eye on this project…

      gonna probably be one of the most useful addons i’ll own (believe me there are alot)

      gratz,can’t wait

    • bobby baker

      Dugi i hate how this is happening to this website. I been useing this guide for a year now and have 6 level 80s with toke me about 2 weeks (played) to level them all to level 80 and still have gold to buy epic mounts. I hope this site doesnt go south anymore.

    • Chris

      I agree with Costa 100%

      also, what happened to the PVP guide? or did i miss something?

    • ziggy

      First I’d like to say a big thank you for being transparent through out this whole ordeal and process. Not hearing was a bit nerve wracking at time for I felt i may have purchased a product that would no longer be supported or updated. Thank you for staying with your customers and working through the challenges we all face. That is one of your best marketing strategies whether intentional or not. A company is only as good as their word and the trust a customer builds is based on the value of the product. I lie your product. i bought it and I still use it and I have recommended the product to dozens i gamers i run with and they like it. I have persisted in encouraging them to stick with you and you would come through and I love seeing the proof unfold.

      Thank you.

    • Magneto

      Very good work. Agree with most of the posters here, better take more time to make a stabel and workable product than tot give in under the pressure and rush something out.
      Keep on truck’ing

    • Zayed

      Hi, i can’t wait to buy this guide 🙂

      And why you dont change the TomTom to your own one?

      So no one comes later and tell you “copyright” or what ever!

      Good Luck!

      • DugisGuide

        Well we will probably do that at a later stage our current focus is to get a replacement addon for our guide. In the mean time tomtom is pretty good to use.

    • Jadant

      Stay professional.
      Produce top quality work with no glitches.
      Keep your sights high and raise the bar.
      Ensure you leave no gaps for the competition to pick up.
      Add in that ‘WOW’ factor.
      Delight your customers.

    • Darcozell

      Hey Dugui’s that’s great!!! But, what happened with the PvP page? An why i only see the pvp and the gold guide? It the other guides out at the moment? And what happeed with the video of the dailies? When you make another one?
      The best regards of Darcozell
      Thanks for reply me

    • Costa

      I like the update, Dugi. Bad news is better than no news. FYI though ETA is just that, an estimated time. Not a promise to us. Do what you gotta do. Looking forward to a guide or more news Tuesday. Either way ill be a happy duck.

    • Arji/Monika

      Ah, the Filters in that Screenshot already look promising 🙂
      Take your time and do all your tests. It’s worth it.

    • Scorpyo

      I understand there is this war going on between you. There IS a lot of money involved and where there is this kind of money and business, there are often war… more or less tough. Even though I think the market should be big enough for both of you.

      But I would have appreciated more informations and less sarcasms in your post.

      More informations about some of the problems you have encountered and what you are doing about it. Maybe that it might very well not be ready for monday, even, because there is this or that difficulty.

      Remember that most people judge you (psychologically) by the words you use about others: You speak bad of them – you will be seen negatively. I am not sure it is good for business in the long run.

      Instead, more information about what specific problems you have met and what you are doing about it, would have been more informative:

      – This and that is finished, but we can’t adapt it to this and that – or it conflicts with this and that.

      That would have been valuable information to your customers, neutral and informative, and if, by chance, someone knew of the problem, you could even get an input or unexpected help.

      • DugisGuide

        If you know what is happening in the background right now between us, then you might understand. However I have removed my negative comments towards you know who in this post. I agree its not professional.

    • Shamrock11

      Quide looks good in the screenshot. No worries, take your time and get the guide right. I am pulling for you guys to remain a strong competitor to that other guide for a long time to come.

    • Tj

      I’m here to support your guide, which by the way was already way better even before you were forced to stop selling it. I know thy after you’re finished with the new addon it will rock so the wait will be worth it!

    • Nathan

      Hey there sounds great on what you are doing just keep up the good work. went over the zygor’s form page just the read up on their end and it kinda seems like since they came out with v2.0 there form have be filled with errors of all kinds. i would rather pay for some some took the time to make right other then fighting with some that works keep up the good work =D

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