UltimateWoWGuide is finally on Facebook! and we need your help to get us started! all you have to do is click on the ‘Like’ link on our Facebook page here

This way we can keep you updated for any changes or updates to our guides directly through Facebook,  and no….we won’t send you gifts  from Farmville or Cafeworld or anything else  🙂

As you know Dugi’s Guide v4.1 is coming and this will be a free update for everyone!

And we are also releasing Dugi’s WoW Addon Installer (Mac & PC)  which is a very simple free software that we created to help you install ANY (not just Dugi’s Guide) WoW Addons with 1 simple click.  We are looking into expanding this software to add more features as well.

When we release new update or announce prizes, give aways and specials we will  send out a quick link on Facebook first as emails can sometimes get delayed or lost for some reason,  so it is important that you ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

Visit our Facebook page here and click on the ‘Like’ button to get the latest updates fast.

I also recommend you ‘Like’ the official World of Warcraft Facebook page as well on the link below, for the latest updates on the expansion ‘Catalysm’


You may have  also heard that Battle.net will soon be linked with facebook so that you can automatically connect with your friends through Starcraft 2 and most likely World of Warcraft as well,  so now is a good time to create a facebook account if you dont have one 🙂


There has been an overwhelming amount of entries and feedback (over 200 comments!) on our ‘Guess The New Guide’ competition. It will certainly help our decision as to which guide we should create next!

At the moment the most popular choices are

In-Game Dungeon Guide or
In-Game Profession Guide

Have your say right now and be in to win 1 of 10 Prizes to give away!

refer to this post to enter

Yours Truly
Dave Farrell  (Dugi)

    2 replies to "Why don’t you ‘Like’ us!"

    • DugisGuide

      We had some server problems last night, which is why some people weren’t able to log on, but it should good now. please try again.

    • john hedl

      I have bought your wow-guide over a week ago. I have been trying to go to your website to download and install my guide but i cannot access the website for directions on the install. Please contact me with instructions.

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