We worked hard over the weekend to finish things up, but there’s still some logic to the addon that we need to fix, such as making the addon tick ‘smartly’ .

  • eg ticking  an accept quest objective would also tick the complete and turn-in part,
  • abandoning a quest should un-tick the accept objective.
  • if a quest is listed in your quest log, it should be impossible for you to untick the accept quest objective for that quest.

We came up with a new idea that will help later for our chain quest linking feature, which is to add in Tri State check box,  so the check boxes can either be blank, ticked, or crossed.

  • Blank means that the objective will still need to be completed.
  • Ticked means that you have already done the objective and don’t need to do it again.
  • Crossed means that you have manually skipped it.

This way the addon will be able to tell the difference between an ‘auto tick’  and a ‘manual tick’ , so manual ticking will result the follow up chain quest to also be ticked with a cross.  While ‘auto ticks’ won’t tick the follow up chain quests because you should be able to accept and complete them.

We’re also missing a reset function for the guides, will probably add a reset button somewhere. And we’re missing an option & help menu incase you want to turn off certain features.

We also need to work on the cosmetics side of it aswell, here is a new screenshot of the progress. We will probably need a couple more days until the guide close to ready to be used.

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    • Bryan

      Hey can you please tell me were to download the leveling guide or quest guide add on i want that so badly it owuld help alot email me pelase

    • Garthak

      It’s shocking really. I’m not going to say anything incriminating as i don’t know how serious this is but I really like this guide. ^_^

    • Shamrock11

      Wow, I can’t believe nobody has noticed that sooner about Github. All previous versions of Tourguide hosted on there are free to Fork. I still think ultimate wow guide will be better off in the long run developing and using their own guide. I own both Dugi’s and Zygor’s guides but I am disgusted enough over the silliness of this whole episode that I will not be purchasing anything more in the future from Zygor.

    • Raventiger

      Hi Dugi,

      Slighty off topic here but I didn’t know how else to bring this to your attention.

      I just wanted to make you aware of an interesting discussion going on over at wow.com about Zygor’s recent accuisition of Tourguide. I think you will find the following comments rather interesting and if true, they cast this whole situation in a different light. The comments I am refering to can be found here http://www.wow.com/2010/03/13/what-happened-to-tourguide-part-2/comments/26241160/ .



      • DugisGuide

        I am aware of the blog post by wow.com but I chose not to comment on it for now. Even though we have already met with Zygor’s lawyer demands of removal of everything TourGuide files (even videos, screenshot which we created ourselves). We are still under a very serious lawsuit ‘threat’ from Zygor and I do not wish to post anymore public statements without discussing it with my lawyer first.

        • Raventiger

          Understood Dugi. Might I suggest that you read the comments I linked to and discuss the implications with your lawyer. I wish you all the very best.



    • Tuppers

      Hi dugi excellent news! Looking good too!

      Have you considered a dynamic update for the guide? As in if you level quickly and get ahead the guide will auto amend?

      Also any plans to release guides on quests not covered by your guide? To get honour etc??? Also some guides to complete achievements??? I am an achievement hunter myself!!!

      Keep up the good work!!!!!

      • football

        Regarding dynamic update. Please read my view on that matter, and feel free to disagree but It won’t change my mind on that matter ;):


        “Speaking of being “ahead”. I don’t believe in the idea of being “ahead” when we’re talking about quests in the same area, heirloom or not. My idea of being ahead, is when you out level the whole quest area.
        That’s why I’m not a fan of auto skipping at all, because it makes you run around instead of questing, which is proved, as mentioned in some other persons guide too, to give max XP (not comparing with LFD), and quest areas doesn’t change so much in level difference, that it justify quest skipping. It’s better to keep questing, like Dugi’s guide does, until you’re above the area level and then manually skipping to the next guide (chains is never a problem when skipping an area, never let anyone tell you otherwise!). ”

        Read more following the link.

    • bigboy

      Hello dugi, nice too keep us updated.. one quick question… When do you think it will be ready? I hope before the weekend, i wish u a good luck

    • football

      This is exciting development. Thank you for letting us in on the future features of the new addon.

      So manuel tick “X” would be remembered on logout?

      Would solve previous problems after relog:
      -Quests with changed quest ID, so the guide keeps them blanked until fixed.
      -Quests you want to report but you can’t remember which one? Look out for that particular “X”.
      -Quests that turns in to dailies once completed, so the guide keeps them blanked. (Although I hope they are identified by the guide today).
      -Quests part of chains will be easy to handle/skip.

      Btw. regarding the reset function. Please let it come with a warning “are you sure you want to reset the guide?”. I’m to curious for my own good and I will click the button! 🙂

      I love it already! This is the fastest guide available and absolutely worth the wait!

      5×80’s and one more on the way! Thanks to Dugi.

      • DugisGuide

        Yes it should be saved after logout, so this should make it easier for you to spot which quests that was skipped and all the other stuff you mentioned.

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