Sorry for the delay this event kinda sneak up on us 🙂 but there’s still plenty of time to complete this event.

We have updated our free event guide to include the quest chain for the Twilight Cult, which will take you about 10 minutes to do for easy XP or Gold at level 80.

Download the latest v4.331 update and you can find the guide under your Dailies/Event Tab

We have also include a quick Map for the Elementals Location in Northrend.

I recommend you review the full event guide atwowhead.

Day of The Dead Achievement

Quick mentioned that this is an extremely easy achievement to get, all you have to do is find the NPC ‘Catrina’ and type /dance

This is a 2 days event and today is the LAST day!

You can find her at your local city graveyard

* In Darnassus she is inside the city walls.
* In Exodar she is outside the city, just south of Azure Watch
* In Stormwind she is outside the city, by Goldshire.
* In Ironforge she is just outside the gates of the city, take a hard left (south) and follow the small path.

* In Silvermoon she is outside the city, far west along the wall.
* In Orgrimmar she is outside the city walls. Just follow the main road out for a few seconds and you’ll see the graveyard just off the road (east).
* In Thunder Bluff she is just north of the northern elevators (ground level).
* In Undercity she is up in the Ruins of Lordaeron area, outside.

* In Shattrath she is outside the city (east) in Terokkar Forest. (Take the exit by the orphanage)
* In Dalaran she’s to the right of the Violet Citadel steps.

Have fun!
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

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