Patch 5.0.4 is now live on US servers and its time for you update your guides.

Dugi 6.000 update

This is a small update to make the addon compatible with Mist of Pandaria patch 5.0.4 as well as some adjustment with leveling guides and profession guides to bring them aligned with the latest changes.

If you don’t know what patch 5.0.4 is about I highly recommend you read the patch 5.0.4 survival guide or watch the video below.

Talent Guides

Out talent guides that comes with the Talented addon has been removed and it is now obselete. For now we won’t be updating the talent guides or offering any alternatives because  (trust me)  you really don’t need them anymore.

Blizzard have updated the talent system that allow you to have interesting choices  to make and they are very well balanced that no talent skill is clearly superior to the other on the same Tier. Once you log in and check out the new talent system you will understand what I mean.

I suggest you go with your gut feeling, and choose a skill that you like the most and have fun with it. You can also change your talent while you play.

Enjoy patch 5.0.4!

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      Good afternoon, having trouble creating a shortcut for Dugi’s installer on desktop. Is there a video that explains this?



      • Dugi

        @JASON ROBERTS, Since it is only one file, I would just drag and drop the exe installer file to your Desktop.

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