There are going to be a few changes with Dugi Guides when patch 4.3 is released.

Miniblob Change

The first change is the removal of our built in Miniblob (minimap quest area highlight) feature, as it is now built in with patch 4.3 client.

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To turn on this feature in patch 4.3 you will need to click on the default tracking button by your minimap and select Track Quest POIs  and the quest area highlight will appear just like our Miniblob feature but better because it will work in combat, more detailed and smoother.

New Dungeon Guides

The second change for Dugi Guides is the complete remake of our dungeon guide for for Outland (60-70) and Northrend (70-80) dungeons because Blizzard have updated the dungeon questing to similar style as the Cataclysm dungeons which means you no longer need to complete a series of quest chains to receive the dungeon quests.

We have already updated all our guides to match the new Dungeon quest for patch 4.3 and we also added a lot of extra dungeon guides which was previously missing from our guides. And we have added entrance location for people that like to complete the dungeons for achievements.

Essential Mode Feature

And we will also have an exciting new feature with the addon called the ‘Essential Mode’  which we will likely finish in time for patch 4.3

The Essential Mode is a new mode for Dugi Guides to make the addon useful even if you’re not using any of our guides. We want our users to be able to use the addon smoothly without guides because our addon have a lot of cool feature that in our opinion is essential for questing.

When you switch on the Essential mode, the addon will be able to run on a low memory settings because no guides or database will be loaded and you can easily use these  features..

  • Waypoint system with ant trail (with manual control, route creations etc)
  • Map Preview
  • Auto sell grey items
  • Auto quest accept
  • Objective tracker border (cosmetic)
  • Map fog removal
  • Coordinates display
and lots more features to come later, you will have the options to turn off features that you don’t want in Essential Mode. Hopefully with this new mode Dugi Guides addon will be a permanent addon that you use rather than unloading it when you don’t need the guides.
I will post a new video to explain in detail on how it works as soon as its ready.
And as always we’re open to suggestion of what you think is essential for leveling or questing in general, post a suggestion in our comment section below and help us make an awesome questing addon for you.

Patch 4.3 Preview

Also if you don’t know what to expect with WoW Patch 4.3 then I highly recommend you watch the videos by akamikeb BFF report below for a quick catch up on..

  • Transmogrification and how it works
  • The three new 5 man Dungeons
  • Darkmoon Faire 4.3

Quick Summary of  Darkmoon Faire 4.3:

  • Darkmoon Faire is only available for 1 week each month, usually the first week of the month (check in-game calendar.
  • 6 New Pets purchasable with Darkmoon Tickets
  • 2 New Mounts purchasable with Darkmoon Tickets
  • Level 1-80 Heirloom items are also available with Darkmoon Tickets to save you from grinding Honor or Justice Points  for heirlooms.
  • Once a month easy Profession quests which will give you +5 Skill points no matter what level you’re at, available for all profession. Extremely handy to help you max out your profession to level 525 and save a lot of gold.

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    • Nuruen


    • Leonard Halmrast

      Looking like this will be another great update, you really do make this guide a must have. Love it!

    • GaryUK


      Thanks for this, I can’t play without it now! 🙂

      Great work.

    • Nobby

      A BIG THANK YOU DUGI to you and your TEAM.
      Your Guides are Excellent and I’m looking forward to the update.
      Much Appreciated.

    • Aprilstar

      Dugi you and your crew never cease to amaze us here. Thank you all so much for your hard work yet again.

    • Erçin

      when it’ll be avaible?

      • Dugi

        @Erçin, 29th November , same time as patch 4.3

    • yuzippy

      Pumped! Thanks for the quick overlook!


    • Udowanano

      Awesome! You guys rock!

    • tonythetiger

      Sounds good Dugi, I am looking forward to patch 4.3, but thought that Blizzard was going to wait awhile before they implement this into the game?
      also I notice with the last update that you did WOW does not open as it usually does?! when I click on start game on my Dugi guide the WOW launcher pops up instead of launching?!

    • Wulfgardr

      Great news for the guide, Dugi! The minimap blob was a very good idea, no surprise Blizzard is making it by default ;). I am also happy about the revamp to Dungeon guides, I think I will get a toon to 60 and get ready to experience the new features of dungeons guides!

      As for the Essential Mode, I agree with auto-repair and auto-sell greys, probably another good feature could be making the “quest object button” to display when you are on a quest that requires to use some object, because the default quest tracker is not so comfortable (too on the right side) while the moveable button is way more handy to make questing smoother :).

    • Van705

      Looks great if I could play the game. Have you heard of a solution as yet?

      • Soleina

        @Van705, did you submit a support ticket?
        contact me personally.

    • Mazzic

      Awesome! You guys rock!

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