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Day of the Dead is today in Azeroth–it only lasts one day and serves as an awesome minor holiday, similar to Pirates’ Day, to close out Hallow’s End. We’ve whipped up a small guide so you can know the quests and achievement for the event; make sure you don’t skip out if you’re an achievement hunter, as it boasts one achievement that can’t be obtained any other day of the year!

Getting Started

Tip: Get some Simple Flour and Ice Cold Milk (at least 1 of each) before heading to a graveyard. This will save you traveling time when doing the quest below.

To take part in the events festivities, you must first locate Catrina, an undead female (and a reference to La Calavera Catrina), who can be found near the graveyard of any capital city. She will give you some information regarding the holiday itself, and it is most important that you remember to /dance with her–upon doing so, you will earn the only achievement for this holiday, Dead Man’s Party. You will also gain the buff Honor the Dead, which will change you into either Catrina or her male counterpart, Chapman, for twelve hours.


The only quest available during the event is The Grateful Dead, and this quest can only be completed once. The quest will only be available at your race’s home city unless you have access to Shattrath City or Dalaran where the quest can be completed by any race/faction. So taurens complete the quest for Thunder Bluff, Orcs for Orgrimmar, and so on.

In order to obtain this quest, you must first purchase either an Orange Marigold or a Bouquet of Orange Marigolds from Chapman, the vendor located near Catrina at any city graveyard. The difference between the two items is that one is a single-use consumed item that will only last the duration of the event while the other is a re-usable permanent offhand, though its use will only function during the event as well (similar toNoblegarden‘s Egg Basket).

Use the flower at any city graveyard to allow your character to see the cheerful spirit remaining there. The spirit will offer you the quest, The Grateful Dead, requesting that you bring the spirit an offering of food–in this case, Bread of the Dead (or Pan de Muerto). The Bread of the Dead recipe requires 1 Cooking skill to learn, and the recipe can be purchased from the graveyard vendor Chapman. Simply whip up a batch of tasty bread and bring it to the cheerful spirit.

You will be rewarded with a temporary pet, the Macabre Marionette–an awesome skeleton pet wearing a sombrero and wielding maracas! However, for some completely absurd reason, this pet can only be used during the Day of the Dead event; it cannot be learned and kept like other companion pets–meaning it’s a pet that only lasts two days. This renders the Marionette almost entirely useless, which is a shame as it’s a very cute pet.

Special Items

There are a few other unique items that can be obtained during this holiday, though none are permanent. In addition to selling the flowers required for the Grateful Dead quest (Orange Marigold and Bouquet of Orange Marigolds) and the Recipe: Bread of the Dead, Chapman also sells the following seasonal faire:

  • Candy Skull – 25 – It’s seasonal candy for eating.
  • Spirit Candle – 30 – This candle, when placed on the ground, offers a 4 Spirit buff to anyone in the area around it, similar to a Basic Campfire.
  • Whimsical Skull Mask – 5 – This exotic mask resembles a traditional Day of the Dead skull motif.
This guide is courtesy of wowhead.com

    18 replies to "Day of the Dead (Nov 1st.) Guide"

    • Onemenace

      I don’t see the ingame guide for this anywhere?????

      • Dugi

        @Onemenace, make sure you update your guide to the latest version 5.2150

    • Jim Wilkey

      How about adding this guide(link only) to the events section of the guide so it will be available whenever we need it. Just a thought.

    • Joe Slider

      understandable as usual. quick and easy. thanks

    • Jubilum

      Meh… Marionette was for only 2 days last year. Cheapos at Blizz won’t give you the 10 pts for getting it right

    • Tuçk

      Meh…. it was only 2 days last year for the marionette too. Blizz won’t even give you 10 pts for getting it right. Cheap bums.

    • Moonsrun

      Would I go to SW for a worgen deathknight?

      • Temperence

        @Moonsrun, Go to Dalaran any race can complete it there 🙂

      • Dugi

        @Moonsrun, For worgen you can also do it in Darnassus, the in-game guide that I made should direct you to
        Stormwind for Humans
        Shattrath for all others

        Orgrimmar for Orc, Goblin, Trolls
        Shattrath for Tauren, Undead, Blood elf.

        • Moonrager


          Gnome characters go to the graveyard outside of Ironforge. Talk to Cheerful Gnome after using the Marigold.

          61.60, 37.48


        • TgrHwke

          @Dugi, Also would have been nice if the in-game guide directed characters to their respective racial capital graveyards instead of Shattrath or Dalaran for use with low level characters that can’t get to these cities on their own without the assistance of a mage portal or warlock summon.

          • SwissTony


            You can get to the Blasted Lands through a portal and then head through the big green portal to Outlands. Once through the wing master’s flight path can take you directly to Shattrath.

            Happy flying.

    • slobbernoker

      Nice job, Dugi! This is my first year, and I almost missed this one.

    • Mike W.

      Not a Dugi problem, but it looks like the Grateful Dead quest is bugged. I can’t find the quest giver anywhere in SW. 15 minutes and about 15 flowers and nothing, oh well.

      • Jackson Blazes

        @Mike W., You have to go to your racial city.

    • Pigtails

      Yeah, the only thing even worth doing is the /dance achievement.

    • tonythetiger

      Well a nice guide as always but Blizz has only temporary pets now sheesh!

      • Dugi

        @tonythetiger, in-game guide is also available now

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