We are going to introduce a free Daily Blog to express our thoughts and ideas for World of Warcraft primarily written by me (Dugi). Its not exactly Daily… it will be more like 3-4 Blogs per week 🙂 but the goal is to write as often as possible depending on how many interesting topics we have to talk about.

The Daily Blogs will cover all sorts of stuff such as patch notes, Mist of Pandaria and maybe sneak peaks of our product development and new feature discussions. I hope in time the Daily Blog will become a place where we can casually discuss topics on WoW with all our members and visitors.

As you know we have always sent newsletters whenever we create a new post on our blog and we typically limit our newsletter for Dugi Guides related content only.

Before you panic! the Daily Blog will not be included in our email newsletter so you won’t receive an email from us everyday. (We will only email you for important updates as we don’t want to spam your inbox)

The Daily Blog will only be notified through our Facebook, Twitter, RSS or simply visit our front page at dugiguides.com which will always show the latest blog post.

Ok that’s it! I hope you enjoy our Daily Blog!

– Dugi

    4 replies to "Daily Blog Coming"

    • David Harrison

      Yeah agree, going to be much easier to keep up to date with all the good stuff.

    • Andrew

      Can we have the option to have it sent to us by email anyways? I always like to hear peoples opinions =)

      • Dugi

        @Andrew, we will see what we can do, email newsletter can be a tricky business. Too much emails and we can be blacklisted for spam.

    • notlitle

      that sound cool.

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