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Our Pre-Order sale will be available between November 23rd  to November 30th,   during this time you can get our Cataclysm Leveling guide at a heavily discounted price.

Leveling Guides Prices

Single Guides:  $30 each (down from $47)
or Alliance & Horde Guides :   $50 (down from $67)

Upgrade price for current Members are also reduced

Single Upgrade: $15  (down from $20)
or Alliance & Horde Upgrade:  $25 (down from $30)

NoteL that ALL leveling guide owners will receive 1-60 upgrades for free, the upgrade fee is to cover level 80-85 content and also the Worgen and Goblin starting zone.

All our guides also comes with 6 months grace period for free Cataclysm upgrades. So if you have purchased our guides after June 7th 2010 you may be eligible for a free upgrade.

Check in the Members Area right now to see if your account contains the “Cataclysm Update” tag already otherwise you will need to purchase an upgrade for Cataclysm to receive the new 80-85 content and also the new Worgen and Goblin starting zone guides.

I’m excited to release our new guide, we are still bug testing and putting finishing touches to our guides, it will be ready for download as early as November 30th.

Please post your questions and comments in the comment section  BEEELOW…  🙂

    67 replies to "Dugi Guides Cataclysm Pre-Order Special"

    • Alain Ouellet

      Where in the member area i can see if i will able to download the update for cataclysm

      • Dugi

        its not available to download yet, just check to see if you have a Cataclysm Update tag in your account.

    • Daniel Dyott

      @ Nicole Hanney. Your in the same boat as me. Since you were one of the 500 who got the early dungeon guides. You get the leveling guild update.
      As stated by the:
      Alliance & Horde Cataclysm Update 05/25/2010 ——– $0.00
      Alliance & Horde 1-80 Dungeon Guide 05/25/2010 ——– $47.00

      Dugi has stated that the dungeon guide would be updated for free. (correct me if I’m wrong)

      @Caleb Brown
      If I read what dugi has said before as correct. Dungeon guild will get upgraded. But if you BOUGHT any guild within the last 5 months or so. (6month window). Your guide should have a free upgrade.

    • stanley russell

      was in the first 500 also and now it now longer shows that, what’s up?

      • Daniel Dyott

        @Stnley Russell
        Since you were one of the 500 who got the early dungeon guide.
        You should see something along the lines of:

        Alliance & Horde Cataclysm Update 05/25/2010 ——– $0.00
        Alliance & Horde 1-80 Dungeon Guide 05/25/2010 ——– $

      • Dugi

        First 500 has been renamed to “Alliance & Horde Cataclysm Update”, if you still think that you’re missing an update because you fit the criteria please contact me dave at

    • caleb brown

      If I buy the upgrade will that include and update for the dungeon lvling guide?

    • Nicole Hanney

      Alliance & Horde Achievements & Professions Guide 10/12/2010 ——– $30.00
      Alliance & Horde Cataclysm Update 05/25/2010 ——– $0.00
      Alliance & Horde 1-80 Dungeon Guide 05/25/2010 ——– $47.00
      Alliance & Horde 1-80 Leveling / Dailies & Event Guide 03/25/2010 ——– $0.00

      just to make sure i am good to go right? ty 🙂
      and ty for all the work you do 😀

      • Dugi

        You already have Alliance & Horde Cataclysm Update 05/25/2010 you’re good to go.

        • nicki

          ty 🙂 and sorry for the stupid question lol i just want to make sure i am good to go…….

          and again ty for the great work you

    • Steven Clayson

      i bought my guide Alliance 1-80 Leveling Guide on 31st May so does that mean i have to pay again? Checked my account and i can not find any upgrade options.

      • Dugi

        You will need to buy an upgrade available on November 23rd.

    • daniel dyott

      61-80. Is burning crusade and wraith. Nothing is changing for that content. The shattering is old world content. Thus 1-60

      • Rob Dunlop

        @ daniel dyott
        Thanks, forgot about that ….. [facepalm] !!

        In that case, Dugi et al, top job and thanks to all and put me down for an update !! 🙂

    • Rob Dunlop

      Hi, the info above says:

      ” Note that ALL leveling guide owners will receive 1-60 upgrades for free, the upgrade fee is to cover level 80-85 content and also the Worgen and Goblin starting zone. ”

      I don’t mind paying the update fee for 81 – 85 as the current version I’m using (1 – 80) is awesome BUT does the update include levels 61-79 ?

      I only ask as the statement I copied in above only mentions levels 1-60 and 80-85 and I’d hate to level a new toon, get to level 60 and find that my guide has a 20 level gap !! 🙁

    • kyle patriquin

      Dugi, I first want to say as part of the WoW community I’m glad you put together a guide for players out there to give them a helping hand. Further more, I believe I bought your guide late 2008 or early 2009. Unfortunately I did not get much use out of the guide. I purchased your gold guide, horde/alliance leveling guide and the profession guide. I was rather upset with most of the guide, having knowing about auctioneer and quest helper before purchasing the guide, I did how ever enjoy the professions guide. It helped me compile what I needed to level up many professions more then once!
      When it came to leveling I found and find boxing 3 accounts and using the recruit a friend option the quickest way to level to 60. 60-70 I power level myself with an 80 through BC dungeons. Also find that the quickest way to level. From there I don’t mind questing 70-80 because it’s still relatively fun being the newer part of the game and all.

      When I saw that you are charging for 80-85 guides I was thoroughly disappointed. This project is about keeping customers happy with purchasing a leveling guide to help players the most your team can with knowledge of the game. When I buy a leveling guide, I would hope it would be up to date, Always available, and always keeping the clients ahead of the game. Unfortunately this is not what this guide has to offer.

      • Thiassi

        I have been a customer since 2009, if I remember correctly, and all updates upto WoLK have been free as was stated.

        I think it would be highly unreasonable to assume that the original full Horde/Alliance package I purchased would eventually include the 80-85 of Cata as well. The Cata questing has required more time invested and you should also remember that questing between 1-60 has changed a lot so has needed to be amended too.

        For me, $20 upgrade isn’t that big a deal given how much we pay per month on WoW.

    • Debby

      was in the first 500 also and now it now longer shows that, what’s up?

      • Vynlar

        Same problem here.

      • Dugi

        First 500 has been renamed to “Alliance & Horde Cataclysm Update”

        • Debby Hames

          YAY thanks much, I see it!!! 🙂

        • Eric Hendrickson


          I had purchased your guide upgrade this past summer, at the time the leveling guide did list free update for the first 500, my account did list “First 500” I purchased the Dungeon guide on 27 May 2010, at the time I thought it was part of the free upgrade to Cataclysm and the first 500, but now there is no tag on my account. I do not see the Alliance & Horde Cataclysm Update.

          If I am mistaken, no problem, I will purchase the new guide next week.

          Thanks for your support and great product.


      Hey Dugi, wanted to check as someone who joined back in 06, will I (and others in the same boat) have to pay for cata updates to levelling? (actually, I was a first 500 on the dungeon guide too, which iirc was getting levelling free, but thought I’d check anyways).

    • stacey fusco

      I’m alittle confused…. up until a few days ago I had a first 500 of the Cata leveling guides.. and now it is not set on my computer

    • Gerry

      Sorry Dugi – I think I answered my Own question by reading completely, the above announcement.

      LOVE THE GUIDE MAN ! If I need to send you guys a case of Energy drinks, let me know !

    • Gerry

      I had read from you, in one of your Blog replies to FAQs Dugi that if I had purchased the Complete Guide package from you within the last six months, I would not need to purchase the Cata upgrade package; it would be free of charge to Recent members. I had just bought the Cpmplete Horde and Alliance 1-80 Leveling guides and also the Achievments/Professions guide as well. When I had read this I was happy that I would not have to make another purchase Again. Now, in the most recent E-mail newsletter, I was told that I would now have to buy the Upgrade package.Will it be FREE to existing recent customers;or do I need to buy another guide ?

      LOVE your product , by the way.In my estimation, it is about the BEST on the market.Please keep up the GREAT work and Thank You Very Much for all of your and your teams efforts.Much appreciated.

    • Don

      Hey guys, when will the cataclysm (80-85) leveling guides be ready and downloadable? I need a date.

      • Dugi

        before Cataclysm around 30th of November.

    • Eusebio Ayala

      Hi i am already member and i buy some guides , how can i know if i apply for cataclys upgrade
      This is my payment history
      Product Period Amount
      Alliance & Horde Dailies Cataclysm 11/14/2010 ——– $0.00 
      Alliance & Horde 1-80 Dungeon / Dailies & Events Guide 10/24/2010 ——– $77.00 
      Alliance & Horde Achievements & Professions Guide 10/24/2010 ——– $30.00 
      BONUS: Gold Farming & Auction House Guide 07/01/2009 ——– $0.00 
      Alliance & Horde 1-80 Leveling Guide 07/01/2009 ——– $0.00 

      • Dugi

        You have free Cataclysm update for the Dailies but not for Leveling, you will need to purchase an upgrade.

        • Eusebio

          I dont see how to pay in may member area


      Wait, sorry. I read the FAQ and I am a member from before Nov 2008, so I should be good. Right? I dont have to pay an upgrade fee?


      Wait, so you’re telling me I have to pay for an upgrade when the package I purchased should have included it?

    • Kuska

      Max, if you are not already a member you can purchase the guides for both horde AND alliance for $50. It will cover levels 1-85. If you are already a member you only need the upgrade, which is $25 for both horde and alliance OR if you only play one faction, you can get just the one faction for cheaper.

    • Max Lavicka

      If we buy the 50$ guide does that include 80-85?

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