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Our Pre-Order sale will be available between November 23rd  to November 30th,   during this time you can get our Cataclysm Leveling guide at a heavily discounted price.

Leveling Guides Prices

Single Guides:  $30 each (down from $47)
or Alliance & Horde Guides :   $50 (down from $67)

Upgrade price for current Members are also reduced

Single Upgrade: $15  (down from $20)
or Alliance & Horde Upgrade:  $25 (down from $30)

NoteL that ALL leveling guide owners will receive 1-60 upgrades for free, the upgrade fee is to cover level 80-85 content and also the Worgen and Goblin starting zone.

All our guides also comes with 6 months grace period for free Cataclysm upgrades. So if you have purchased our guides after June 7th 2010 you may be eligible for a free upgrade.

Check in the Members Area right now to see if your account contains the “Cataclysm Update” tag already otherwise you will need to purchase an upgrade for Cataclysm to receive the new 80-85 content and also the new Worgen and Goblin starting zone guides.

I’m excited to release our new guide, we are still bug testing and putting finishing touches to our guides, it will be ready for download as early as November 30th.

Please post your questions and comments in the comment section  BEEELOW…  🙂

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    • Robert Gonzalez

      Hey Dugi, could you please check my account. I purchased the dungeon guide on 5/25/2010 as one of the first 500, but I do not see the Cata upgrade anymore.

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