Bonjour! I would like to proudly announce that Dugi’s In-Game Guides are now available completely translated in french.

This will include all the notes and everything else with the guide not just partial translation of quests & zone names.


The French Dugi Guides was professionally translated and managed by our partner Lionel Luqueu who is a French local and he will be able to assist you with any technical support in French.

Lionel and I have been working closely together for months  to make sure the translated version will maintain the same high quality standard and be updated as fast as the original.

The French translated version will cover all the in-game guide that we have to offer. The bonus guides are not available yet.

If you already own Dugi’s Guide in English and you wish to own the guide in 100% French you can transfer your current guide access with to by using this link below.


There will be a small charge of 15€ to cover the manual processing and you will still be able to use your account with

I’m sorry if you don’t speak french as this email might not concern you. But I though I would let you know know what we have been up to and that the French Dugi web site is a part of our organization 🙂

We are excited to offer this option for our French users and hope to expand our product to other languages in the future.


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