Dugi second Dragonflight pre-patch update is now available which added in Dracthyr Starter Area Guide for level 58-60.

Update the addon now with the Dugi installer to 9.011 to get the latest guide

Stay tuned for more updates as we reach closer to Dragonflight full release on November 29th

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    • csbeau1969


      Having the same problem as others have mentioned, and I have reset and reloaded the UI. There is a yet-to-be-found UI conflict, apparently. I am guessing it is related to the anchoring that is no longer working. When you say reposition the windows, are you suggesting that they do not overlap with certain Blizz UI windows?

      Do you have any suggestions or fixes on the horizon? At the moment, I have to disable Dugi when entering dungeons or other more difficult content to ensure that the UI error does not hurt gameplay.

      Thank you!

    • nenadjokic

      Hi Dugi,
      When I play WoW, and sometimes I want to cast a spell, I get an error that says I cannot do it until I disable Dugi guides. This is the only active addon

      • Dugi

        hi try going to game menu > edit mode > reset your UI and reposition them.

    • alphawolf6

      Hi Dugi every time I get into a fight I have to turn it off. Not good.
      This needs to be fixed. This is my go-to guide and never had this much problem in the past.
      Will you notify members when your guide is repaired. Not sure if blizzard re-structured their downloads and installs

      Please let us all know, when this is complete

      • Dugi

        hi try going to game menu > edit mode > reset your UI and reposition them.

    • ausgo1

      Hi Dugi every time I get into a fight I have to turn it off why is this?

      • Dugi

        try latest update now, and test with only dugi enabled

    • G. Liso ( chaosgremlin)

      I have been with dugi’s since close to the beginning and have always found it helpful. It’s my go to. I would love to use this part too BUT (not your fault) my stupid dragonflies since the update 2 days ago . When I go to “play” the wow screen loads as a ***** screen . I have tried all the fixes so now I am reinstalling the game. I have been playing since the relaunch of original bc so this Friday my nards.

    • JR Batsom

      The Dragonflight pre-quests are available. When will the guide be put in place?

      • Dugi

        Hi latest update should have the pre-quest now

    • Regulator

      Thank you for all your hard work and updates. While playing in game the guide gets flagged to disable the guide once I start fighting an npc

    • shell0291

      why is there no shadowlands guide anymore? after the update

      • Dugi

        Hi this should be fixed up with the latest update

    • leandrahaak


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