Dugi Dragonflight guides for this expansion are now available for download. be sure to update now the with the Dugi Installer before heading out into the Dragon Isles.

This includes:

  • New Dracthyr Evoker Starter Guide
  • All new 60-70 guides for the 4 new zones the Dragon Isles
  • Dragonflight NPC Journal Mount and Pet guides
  • More updates such as Achievement & Professions are included as soon as they are available

Subscription and Loyalty Members will just need to update the addon now and the guide will automatically be included.

Old members without subscription can purchase the one-off update for $30, this will cover Leveling, Dungeons, Dailies, Achievement & Profession

    14 replies to "Dugi Dragonflight 60-70 Guides Are Now Available!"

    • Christopher Mais

      Hello, I was playing and the game keepd telling me that my guides are out of date and it occurs to me now that maybe my subscription is NOT current. Can you check if I am paid up please. Let me know if I am not My user name is Laodamas

    • popoff

      Is this guide worth the buy and also does it include a guide for grinding the upon renown?

    • itztalanus

      Hey Dugi, will we see a rollout soon for dragonflight professions?

    • tempspace

      Hey Dugi, ever since 10.0.0 came out, the guide has been broken. I know you’re tracking these issues, but wanted to give another “still broken for me” even with the latest version. Still the same error whenever I try to use my actionbar. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but whenever it starts, the only thing I can do is disable the addon. I wonder if it’s something to do with the gear upgrade.

    • clark4makk

      Update is not working

    • Tyconik

      The new guide is very glitchy. When using item buttons, error messages for guide viewer will come up with disable or ignore options. Also guide will glitch out and get frozen on a step and will not advance on its own. You have to reload the UI to get guide to catch up. On a 2 hour play session I had to reload the UI due to this 4 times. I never have seen this many problems with the guides in the past. Hope this gets fixed soon. Thanks for your time.

      • Dugi

        hi we just release a new update last night, please try the latest version

    • csbeau1969

      Hi Mike (Blanchett),

      Please clarify, as in the text above it says:
      “Subscription and Loyalty Members will just need to update the addon now and the guide will automatically be included.”

      Although Loyalty is not longer available, a number of us have been around for a very long time and have purchased substantial content over the years. Leveling has been included.

      Thank you,


    • leandrahaak

      I can not use dugi guides! Everytime I have it loaded in my add ons and I change my pet or use a trinket I get an error to ignore or disable. If I ignore or pops up again… if I disable it disables my dugi guide and reloads my UI. If you can’t get this fixed please refund my money for my subscription.

    • takiero

      i don’t have the update…

    • cottontop

      has not updated is there a delay

    • frashan

      It hasnt updated for me and i got the lastest update

    • Javier

      As I loyalty member do I still pay for it cause I did buy it?

      • Mike Blanchett

        Yes Loyalty addresses everything You have done in the past, however a lot of work goes into programming major updates so Dugi has to charge for them to pay the employees but rest assured after it is purchased everything accociated with the update will be free (future Dragonflight updates). It is much like purchasing a new extension to Your current member program. on behalf of Dugi Thank You and best of luck with Your Dragon slaying adventure!

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