Patch 10.0.7 is live and we have the guides for you for you

Note: The PTR for 10.0.7 encountered several complications, resulting in a significant amount of broken quests that were either impossible to accept or prevented players from progressing. Additionally, a number of quests were either modified or removed during the latter stages of development. As a result, the creation of guides for the new content was impeded to some extent, and we request your patience as we strive to refine the guides on the live servers. However, we assure you that the quality of the guides will be substantially enhanced the day following the launch and further improved soon as as we can.

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New Achievement Guides

  • The Forbidden Reach Return
  • Forbidden Reach Explorer
  • Forbidden Reach Glyph Hunter
  • The Ruby Feast
  • To Tame A Thunderspine

    2 replies to "Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 Update"

    • Ram1378x

      I love the guides! Thank you for all your effort and continued hard work to help make playing WoW that much more enjoyable.

    • Ozzi

      Yeah, some of the quests were either bugged, npc’s don’t interact with you, like as though they’re insulted by the smell of your cologne or something LOL. But, it’s another day in the office and I am glad that we got them recorded to a point, there’s still work to be done with The Forbidden Reach Return like adding recognition with what faction you chose, since they change daily/weekly etc.
      I love challenges 🙂

      The Forbidden Reach is a nice area with loads of World Quests, rotates the same way through out Dragon isles. Rares and treasures as usual but most of the rares are tough, so bring friends / guildies to get the adventurer. Speaking of, this achievement will be done soon, we just need data to work with, since the patch just came out, it will slowly update in wowhead as long as people help contribute using wowhead addon and software.

      There are eight more Glyphs to find, use our Glyph Hunter guide to get them and you will get the two new abilities Aerial Halt + Airborne Recovery.

      Looks like Blizzard has added climbing and Dragonscale Expedition Flags to this area as well. The flags will be covered shortly.

      I see and hear there’s other plans with this zone in the up coming patches, so that will be fun to see.

      P.S. The guides can be found in:
      Leveling > Dragonflight > Return to the Reach
      Achievements > Dragonflight > Exploration > Explore The Forbidden Reach
      ” ” ” > Forbidden Reach Glyph Hunter

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