Build 5.3000 – November 29th 2011

Dugi Guides Addon

  • New Essential Mode (see video tutorial)
  • Improved memory usage.
  • Addon should now automatically reset if SavedVariable doesn’t match with Character.
  • Typing /dugi will now show a list of commands
  • Miniblobs feature removed, it is now built in with WoW Patch 4.3
  • Fixed Dungeon Map waypoints issue
  • Tons of minor fixes with existing guides.


Dungeon Guides

  • Complete remake of Outland and Nortrend Dungeons for WoW Patch 4.3
  • Added extra Outland Dungeon Guides and Blackrock Spire
  • Added Dungeon entrance coordinates.

    39 replies to "Dugi 5.3 Update (Essential Mode)"

    • nick

      dugie, i love the 5.3 build its awesome!thanks for giving us the best updates and for careing.also i want to ask will you be makeing any other guides for other mmo’s,if not you should realy think about your guides are the best.


    • Matt Gamble

      Okay I may be an idiot, but where is the download? lol.. Im sorry, Im a computer idiot.. Love the guides!!!

    • corey schneider

      are you going to update the gold guide anytime soon ? all of the gold techniques dont work anymore and have been nerfed. ex. frostweave, place in howling fjorge is absolete. spells from outland dont sell anymore, also is there a raid guide for cata raids,, how to defeat bosses quickest way possible. ty duigi your guides have been a huge help,, just would like to see some updates..

    • Ninetoes-Eonar

      Definitely, fast update, you guys are fantastic, love the new feature, keep up the great work. Thanks

    • Douglas Creedon

      Cant’ thank you enough for your time and effort. Playing this game with your guide has made my gaming SO much more enjoyable. Thanks again!!!!!

    • Rozelle

      Your guides are fantastic! You give me what i need before I even know I need them. New guide is great!

    • stefan de groodt


      Have a problem when I start wow and go to my char dwarf then I get the arrow that i must follow and the fram of that quest to do. But I go to my other char, I get nothing. No arrow and no frame of quest. And everything is the same as my dwarf char .

    • IroeN

      Hi Dugi, Great news, thanks for upgrades. When the suggested level will return?

    • Martin Keene

      4.3 is live but update 5.3 doesn’t want to load. I’ve checked the settings and they’re right. I’ve tried reinstalling. Dugi’s loader says 5.3 but WoW Addon tab says 5.2 (something) and when I use it, the new features are working.

      Is there a file I can delete and try again?


      • Martin Keene

        @Martin Keene, should say new features are NOT working

      • Martin Keene

        @Martin Keene, Problem solved

    • ozardoz

      why do you hide the download link ? is that supposed to be cute?

    • osmar

      Just updated to the new 5.3010 and i get a bunch of LUA ERRORS in game and have to disable the add on.Under addons selection it shows as upto date for the new wow patch but still has errors in game..

    • Rodolfo

      Heya Dugi, nice addition to your guide, ty for updating so quickly and efficient.
      Little question though, will you add in the near future an option to save your own created paths, i havent tried this out yet, will do that tomorow next time i log in.
      What i think though, is that after you created these path’s a feature to save them, and being able to acces them yourself anytime later (like when loggin into another character) would be an awesome addition.

    • strongy

      i normally click the button to get rid of the guide when im not using it but now it goes into essential mode and requires me to reload the ui everytime i want to hide it, can we have an option to just hide it.

      • Julie Buehler

        Yes. This. I totally agree. When I’m doing a random, I don’t want any guides showing. I hate having to reload the UI every time I want to hide it during a fight or when doing a random. Please? Can we have the option to just hide it??

        • Dugi

          @Julie Buehler, If we do that the memory usage will remain the same as normal mode. We will have to create an option to turn it off without unloading anything off the memory. We will try to do that soon.

        • Jonah Baker

          @Julie Buehler

          I am with Julie and the above person on this one. I am hating how I have to reload my UI just to be able to use the guide after I turn it off. I am finding that reloading my UI over and over again to be a pain in the rear. There have to be another way to enable the essential feature without clicking on the map icon. I say keep the turn on/off feature as is without having the essential feature. Maybe have the essential feature turn on in the settings tab in the guide? Just a thought.

          I love Dugi guides, but Dugi what is happening here?

          • Dugi

            @Jonah Baker, we are working on it.

    • Herman

      Cool new features, keep it up.

    • Jordan Humberto de Souza

      When will 4.3 be released?

      • strongy

        @Jordan Humberto de Souza, i think its already out in the us for the eu its tomorrow.

    • David Harrison

      good work as always, im a lifelong fan !!! good stuff

    • Wywy

      As usual you guys re right on top of the wow changes! You do great work Dugi………..wywy

    • Mike Albelo

      Hey Dugi, Love your guides. when will the 5.3 be avail to download? want to get all my addons in line for when servers come online.


    • tonythetiger

      That was a fast update! thanks alot

    • Evil_Vash

      Hey Dugi, I’m looking forward to these Features, just woke up at 8:00am Est. I’m really Excited, to Use Them but Blizzard wont have any of the Servers Up, till around 2:00pm My time, so keep up the Great Work, and also to your Team. Looking Forward to more Guides and things in patch 5.0, Okay Bye.

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