I’m proud to announce that we have released our addon on WoWinterface and Curse WoW addon website.

This news doesn’t affect any of our existing users but it is important for you to know the difference.

The addon published in WoWInterface.com and Curse.com is called Dugi Questing Essential and it is a “guide less” version of our Dugi addon or you can also call it the Essential Mode only version of our Addon. The free guides and the guides that we sell are only available from our official website UltimateWoWGuide.com

IMPORTANT: If you do own and use Dugi Guides please don’t install the WoWInterface or Curse version of our addon as it will remove your Dugi Guides and turn it into an Essential Mode only version.

  1. Why did you publish the addon in WoWInterface and Curse?
    We always wanted to publish our own public addon, and maintain it to a high standard and to also have a presence in the addon community and we think Dugi Questing Essential is a good idea that the WoW community would like.

  3. Why didn’t you just publish the current addon with free guides?
    We’re not exactly sure.. , because of the addon policy we didn’t think it was appropriate to publish our addon there with only the 1-20 guides while the rest of the guides is only available through our website. While it should be ok technically… it is almost like we’re publishing an addon with a string attached or the addon was limited because there was no way of turning off the guides which I think will be viewed negatively by the WoWInterface and Curse community which is not what we want.  Dugi Questing Essential is just 100% addon and no guides are involved.

  5. Is it possible for me to install both version of the addon?
    To prevent addon conflicts and confusion between the two version of the our Addon we have it setup so that you can only install one version of our addon.

  7. I own Dugi Guides (or like to use the Free Guides) should I ignore the WoWInterface / Curse version?
    Yes, if you use our guides then ignore the WoWInterface / Curse version as it doesn’t contain any guide modules.

Also, since every time the word Addon Policy and Dugi Guides are mentioned there are always uncertainty whether it is a legal or not, the short answer is Yes it is 100% legal. We have been selling the in-game guides for over 3 years and Blizzard do not have a problem with it, here is the proof. 


    20 replies to "Dugi Questing Essential Addon Now on WoWInterface And Curse"

    • Mauro

      You should add “grind to level x” because many times (especially at a low levels) some quests don’t appear if you aren’t at that specific level. These guides have this flaw since the beginning and you didn’t have fixed it yet, not every one use heirlooms (or want to use) for questing, and for a newbie who doesn’t know anything about the game he’ll get lost quickly without any quest to get. You must add a little grinding step to the guide, especially at low level.

    • greg

      your questing essential is now NOT on curse
      could you please advise somewhere where can now reload it?
      i find it is VERY useful but unfortunately have to reload after drive failure

    • Thannicus

      i was wondering: when i click on a quest there is an error message that pops up.. is this out of date? is there a recent update? i just want to do all quests but i cannot find the ones i need 🙁

    • mick

      Hi Dugi,
      please ignore last post should have read them first, deleted fromm addons then re-installed seems fine now, thanks again

    • mick burfield

      Hi Dugi,
      Your guides are great for leveling, but since the essential addon i get an error box when i log in an alt, DugisGuideViewer\models\object F.lua line, i also get Swatter fiund blocked actions 9 Addon.DugisGuideViewer Z ) , any help would be appreciated, keep up the good work

    • Debrik

      ignore me lol I only just read through all the comments after asking my question and see you already explained how to fix it …. argh …. I hate reading lol!! Thanks Dugi you are awesome btw 🙂 xx

    • Debrik

      Ok, so what if I was an idiot and installed the Curse addon prior to reading that I shouldn’t lol, how do I fix it as I have paid for and bought all the Dugi Guide addons and can see that my Full Addon Pack no longer works properly.

    • Recky

      You should have the warning on curse site as i have to re install my current dugi guide twice.
      Wasnt aware it would remove the purchased version. 🙂 all good though

    • cerveau

      if you do install using Curse, just go into your Wow addon folder, delete the folder
      called DugisGuideViewerZ, then re-install via Dugi’s website, as you would do normally.

      Then if it appears in the Curse Client again for update, just set it to Ignore, the curse
      client will never update it then.

      shouldnt be a problem really.

    • Nancy Vago

      How do I find out which Dugi guides I have and don’t have? Would appreciate the help.

      Thanks, Nancy Vago

      • Dugi

        @Nancy Vago, click on the My Account link above. Use our installer and make sure you enter your user name and password when installing.

    • Juego

      Ummm… what to do if the essentials was installed because ummm… i installed it last nite and didn’t read this email til really late tonite?

      Do we just reinstall the normal installer?


      • Juego

        Ok figured it out. just installed the reg over the essential… phew!

    • danny butler

      dammit i already did the update thru curse,, fix it please.

      • Dugi

        @danny butler, reinstall using our installer and you should be back to normal. Don’t update through curse.

        • katherya1951

          @Dugi, glad I wasn’t the only one to do this and thanks for the help…

    • Rozelle

      No problem here. Glad you explained the difference and not to use WoWInterface/Cruse guide. Great guides by the way. Makes my life so much easier.

    • fdgiggy

      No problem as far as I can see. I am getting what I paid for and happy with it. I sure don’t see how you could maintain it if it were free.

      Good Jog and keep it up.

      • fdgiggy

        @fdgiggy, I know it’s not jog, use you imagination.

        • fdgiggy

          @fdgiggy, oops – well it is late.

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