This is a quick preview of our new Essential Mode feature which will be released at the same time as Blizzard’s Patch 4.3. I will post a video instruction to explain it in more detailed very soon, but I though I would share this with you now.

Our goal with the Essential Mode feature is to allow our user to use Dugi Addon without using any of our Guides at all so that our addon will remain a useful tool for any WoW players.

The Dugi Icon will cycle into 3 different state

Gold – This is the normal mode which the addon will function with all features and guides enabled

Silver – This is the essential mode which the addon will function with partial features enabled and no guides. The addon will also dump all guides and database memory usage to allow it to run in a light weight mode.

Copper – This is the OFF mode which will disable and unload everything from memory.

Check out the screenshots below and tell me what you think

    7 replies to "New Essential Mode Preview"

    • Eliel

      I been using your guide for years and I love it. The only thing it is missing in your guide is the gear guide. Using Dugi guide I got couple toons to lvl 85 really quick and with the dungeon guide, all my gears are better then they used to be, all blues instead of all greens. I strugle with what gear should I have for my toons, I have basically all classes and factions which is tuff to know all.

      Please consider an in game gear guide.


      • Joe


        Ask Mr Robot.

        A great app for your iPhone in regards to gear optimisation, reforging and gemming. Others will/might have better ideas, this was my starting point when i needed to know if that piece with +mast was better than that piece with +haste.

        You can set your stat importance if you want say mana saving vs hps etc.

    • Dwight

      You’ve outdone yourself again, Dugi! This addon just keeps getting better and better. Competition? What competition.

    • Tweaker

      I think it is a great idea. Now on my main raider I wont have to manually disable and re-enable the addon everytime I want to use it. Just trun it off and on as needed. All my other toons have it running all the time because they are still moving through the quest chains or still doing dalies.

      I like it!

    • Arya

      Hi Dugi !

      I dont get it ,do you meen that all the guides are for free now ?
      for every one ? or wath ? pls explain


      • Football

        @Arya, no the guides won’t be free, but you’ll be able to turn of the guides in the addon itself, so you can keep running it and take advantage of the usefull features, while doing other stuff than questing. Like explained above 🙂

    • Xandrille

      This looks to be nicely implemented – great addon

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