As you may have already noticed, Dugi Guides 5 will have a host of new features and one in particular is the Model Viewer.

The Model Viewer was by far our most time consuming feature, as it required us to manually add every single Model ID that is required for each step and we had to do a lot of data mining of the World of Warcraft files to find the correct model file to show for the steps in our guide. This is why we need to charge for it.

  • Please note that this feature is completely optional and you don’t need to purchase it to use the Dugi Guides 5 addon and you will be able to test run the Model Viewer with our level 1-20 trial guides.
  • Old members upgrading to Dugi 5 will need to purchase the Model Viewer Database for $7 from ‘My Account‘ area.
  • This is a one-time fee and it will cover ALL your paid guides to display the Models.
  • Alternatively the Model Viewer Database is included for Free with any new purchase of Dugi Guides products.
  • Also the Model Viewer is currently only working for Leveling, Loremaster & Dungeon Guides. The Achievement, Profession and Dailies guide be ready sometime next week

I hope all our members find this as a reasonable fee and don’t hesitate to post any questions in the comment section below.

Oh and by the way you can download Dugi 5 Update right now, We “secretly” released it now to avoid the server crashing tommorow from overloading 🙂

    7 replies to "DG5 Model Viewer Database"

    • Scott Thomas Huber

      I have been trying to dp the model viewer order it asks for coupon code is there actually one for it. Or was that when u first presented it. On the viewer will it help with the rare spawns for ****** rare and frost bitten

      • Dugi

        @Scott Thomas Huber, I have added the model viewer to your account. I should help with targeting the NPCs for achievement.

    • nicholas

      Dugie, your guides are the best!

    • Nicholas

      i think its a bit unfair that after i paid 150 euros or so for the complete set that i am required to pay an extra 7 bucks for the model viewer.

      Shouldnt it be that at least the people who have bought the complete set can get that for free, as its not that much of a gain for Dugi Guides if i buy it, but it does inconvienience (hope i spelled that right) me a bit, as , as said, i already paid you 150 or so euros.

      On top of that i bought the guide because it was very cool even before that update (DG 4), but now the customers who (at least shortly) are paying less for the whole thing (DG 5) are getting that for free aswell!

      It just doesnt seem right to me.

      Thanks for your time reading this, and i would very appreciate it if you could make this last thing free in your guides, or at the very least disable the error message that comes up a lot when an image cant load due to missing files (the ones you would need to buy).


      • Nicholas

        @Nicholas, oh, and if possible, could you also give me your oppinion on this topic either via post or via email please!!

        Thanks again!

      • Dugi

        The model viewer is completely optional and it wasn’t offered at the time of your purchase. It costed us a lot to upgrade the addon as much as we did and most of the features are free. Upgrading the addon, creating the database and modifying the entire guides was more work that creating an entire new Guide. Except that we made a lot less money out of it becuase the update was free.

        Our standard prices have also gone up for new customers, I think in your case because you didn’t take advantage of our discount package you missed out on the discount which would have paid for the model viewer database, so I will do something about that, check your account now.

    • Robert

      You should charge more than 4 dollars

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