Well it was released last night but I didn’t want to official announce it until we made sure it is running smoothly for everybody 🙂

I’m proud to announce that Dugi Guides version 5 is officially released.

The latest version 5.0030 is now available and we have fixed all major issues reported earlier today.

You can download the latest version using our installer in the members area


Before reporting any issue please take the time to view our FAQ below as you will likely find your answer under ‘Popular Question’


Incase you missed it we also have set of new Video Tutorial series below to help you get started using Dugi 5


Our team is also here to help you with any issue that you might have you can contact us in the forum or ticket support.

Ok I hope you enjoy our latest update, don’t forget to leave your feedback! we love to hear from you.

Enjoy Dugi 5!
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

    9 replies to "Dugi Guides 5 Is Now Released"

    • Kevin McKeachie

      I just wanted to say I love the new look. and it’s working great, but one thing puzzels me I thought the reason for the guide was so you don’t miss any quests?? So the new suggest a level makes me wounder at some point I am going to have to go back and finish the quests. Am i right and would it not be better to do it now then later!

      Just my thought

      • Dugi

        @Kevin McKeachie, every quest in WoW is optional, you don’t “have” to do them..

    • Risa

      I’m having LUA errors with mine and it won’t do anything 🙁 I even tried the repair button and still… nothing 🙁

      • Dugi

        @Risa, Please contact ticket support

    • Narock

      not sure what is going on with my comp. but i’m having problems when running your guide. When running WoW with your guide on WoW stalls then doesn’t respond and i have to CTRL-ALT-Delete to get back to windows to shut it down. I was wondering was there a big ram usage increase from 4. to this version? I noticed that your guide is now at about 9mb which is second to my carbonite. I think i’ve seen your guide top out at about 12, but not sure. Again by that time my computer stalls and nothing works while in WoW, but outside of it, computer is fine, even while WoW is stalled. When I disable guide WoW is playing fine, but only when I disable it from the beginning page, where my Toons are. Using the ingame disable doesn’t do a thing.

      Thanks for hearing my problem. I love your guide, just minor problem with update.

      • Dugi

        @Narock, there is a performance problem when you are using Carbonite with our guide, go to the Dugi Guides > Settings > Maps option and set Miniblobs to “None”

    • mookies

      running very good so far,i enjoy the target as you get close to what your looking for,it makes it easy running and faster lvling,ty for all your hard work,may be you can allow us to get the code some how so we can make a macro for the target button so we get close enough and just fire or attack,if we can do that please let me know ty so much.

      • Dugi

        @mookies, we were just thinking about this, we should be able to add a text box so that users can add or remove additional line in the macro.

        • mookies

          @Dugi, ty so much as i play a hunter so much and that would be so helpful

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