By tommorow WoW patch 4.2 will be live and I’m also pleased to announced that our Daily Quest Guides have been updated to include the new daily quests hub in Mount Hyjal and the zone The Molten Front.

To download new guides simply update to the latest version of Dugi Guides 4.7812

and you will find the new guides under the Dailies/Events tab (see screenshot below)

Note that you will need to already own our Dailies & Events guide to receive this free update.

Our ‘The Earthern Ring’ reputation guide have also been updated to include the new solo ‘The Call of the World Shaman’ quest line which will reward you with an epic cloak for your class.

I hope you enjoy patch 4.2 and our Daily Quest Guides update.


    37 replies to "Daily Quest Guides Update (The Molten Front)"

    • Kareem Watson

      I just want to do the new Molten Dailies, I just didn’t see them, so I was wondering if I couldn’t get them because I needed a pre-req or something.

      • Dave Farrell

        what is it you don’t see? the our guides or the quest it self in the game? you will need to update to the latest version, make sure you enter your username and password.

    • Streetbroker

      It says that I need to do other dailies to qualify for newer ones in Northrend (70+) is that true or do I need to try and reload again?

      • Dave Farrell

        which dailies are you looking at? some dailies in Northrend require reputations, eg Sons of Hodir will give you more dailies when you reach Honored and Revered.

    • Peter caleo

      That fixed it. Going to the website via the email will not log you on. You need to log on and then download. That did it for me. Check the addons to see if the guide is the latest.

    • steve royal

      the guide wont show the molten core dailies for me also when i click your play button it just downloads again and in version on your installer it say “current: none newest:v.4.7815” so im assuming i havent been updated properly any help would be great thx dugi

      • Dugi

        You have the incorrect path in our installer for your world of warcraft

        1. Right click on your world of warcraft shortcut in your desktop and select properties
        2. under target it should display the path to your world of warcraft folder

        eg C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Launcher.exe (your path could be different)

        3. Load the installer and click on the settings button
        4. Enter the path C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\ for the first box
        5. Enter C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Launcher.exe for the 2nd box
        6. Enter your username and password and click ok
        7. Click the repair button and wait for it to install.

        if you’re still having trouble please contact ticket support for better assistance.

        • steve royal

          my path was correct so i downloaded a fresh copy of your installer and all seems to be good thx heaps for all the help

    • Alexandra Steele

      Still no new dailies in that part of my guide…

      • Dugi

        If you’re missing the Dailies, then it is likely that you’re not updating the guides an only have only updated the addon.

        Make sure you have entered your username and password in settinngs menu of our installer and click the repair button.

        • Alexandra Steele

          All better, I’ve never had to use y’alls installer before. I always did it manually, but it’s working now. Thankies!

    • Peter caleo

      The latest dailies guide does not show The molten core quests for me

    • Peter caleo

      All working fine for me. I left Molten core quest in the middle. Any way to get back??

    • Alexandra Steele

      Could REALLY use this guide right about now…

    • Wolfae

      I’ve downloaded the new patch twice and it’s not working. None of the new dailies are showing up :/ I just got the old ones.

      • Wolfae

        The update lol not patch ^ ^

    • Key

      I will never regret purchasing your guide. TY for keeping the updates coming and always having them ready.

    • Paul

      Fantastic Job Dugi. Appreciate all ur hard Work!

    • Dugi

      Argh something always goes wrong, please update to 4.7813 and this should fix the problem.

      • Soks

        Awesome. Working fine now. Thanks Dugi.

    • SCORPIO868

      Not working bro.

    • Soks

      LUA errors out the wazoo after installing this version with today’s newly-patched WoW client (06/28/2011).

      Right out the wazoo.

      Don’t even have to click on anything, just doing a mousehover over any element of the Dugi Guides Viewer will generate LUA errors.

      • Soks

        BTW, I’ve also tried the “Repair” function in the Dugi Guide downloader utility. Still get the LUA errors.

      • C Collins

        Until it’s been fixed, I’ve downgraded to 4.7001, and that version “seems” to be stable so far after today’s WoW client patch. (Well, I at least don’t get LUA errors popping up all over the place like I do with latest version of the guide.)

        • Dugi

          I can confirm that 4.7813 is definitely stable, please update to that one.

    • Delian

      Same error like akymo it says Dugi guide is out of date 🙁 can`t run it 🙁

    • nnn1506


    • akymo

      Updated to latest guide, recieving multiple LUA errors on login and evertime I click on the guide. Also, in addon menu, states guide is out of date. 🙁

    • Alex Smith

      Wow that was fast and very timely. Well done! Looking forward to no hassel questing 🙂

    • Angryyankee

      Thanks for this Dugi.

    • Daniel Walker

      Sweet! I am so excited!

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