I’m happy to announced that the in-game Children’s Week guide is now ready.

Simply update your Dugi Guides to 4.6418 with our installer (available in our download page below)

You will find the new guides around the bottom of the Daily/Events tabs. This new update is jam packed with Children’s Week quest guide for Azeroth, Outland and Northrend aswell as an extra achievement guide.

Blizzard have updated Children’s Week with brand new quest line for Azeroth, and also 2 brand new pet rewards to collect. Definitely worth doing even if you have already completed this in the past.

Also there was extra updates that came out earlier last week.

– Leveling Guides
* Added new quests from patch 4.1 and modified route for Northern Barrens starting from Nozzlepot’s Outpost

– Achievement Guides
* Added new Wintersaber Daily quest guide

Enjoy Children’s Week!


    7 replies to "Children’s Week Event Guide For Cataclysm"

    • Shadoriele

      Hello Dugi. Horde toon and the Children’s week guide starts at Orgrimmar. Next is Human Orphan whistle from Matron Nightingale (Stormwind) Should be Matron Battlewail in the drag 58, 57. Tigule And Foror’s Strwbry Icecream vendor is outside the inn next to the AH 53, 79. Arrow was off. Took me to the building to the left of the AH instead of the right. Off to a rough start but figured it out. Take it easy. curtis

    • udowanano

      my orchish orphan started off the following quests…Throne of Lordaeron, you scream i scream and Cairne’s hoofprint…who by the way is not in thunderbluff where the guide says
      after that it said to take him back to the orphanig…is it possible that some of this quest chain was completed last year and thats why?

      • Dave Farrell

        You need to update your guide to the latest version Caine’s hoofprint is no longer in the game.

    • udowanano

      my Orchish orphan didnt request all the quests in the guide , did I do something wrong?

      • Dugi

        Which quest is missing for you? did you follow the guide?

    • william shipe

      What about people lower that 65th level

      • Dugi

        you should be able to complete the Azeroth guide and get a pet.

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