Hi everyone,  Battle for Lordaeron scenario for the BFA expansion is now live, you can find the guide for it along with the complete 110-120 leveling guides in the leveling guides section of the addon right now.

  • Subscribers and Loyalty Program members just need to make sure they update to the latest 8.621 now with the installer.
  • Old members without loyalty program will need to get the one time purchase of “Battle For Azeroth Update” available in the member’s area now before updating or reinstalling

Our Battle For Azeroth Update  introduce 6 new massive leveling zones over 2 continents. Zandalar for Horde and Kul’Tiras for Alliance. A lot more than 4 leveling zone for Legion on release.

The “The War Campaign” guide will guide you to quest in the opposing faction continent and will also require more updates as Blizzard will likely add more content with new patches, similar to the Class Campaign guide for Legion.

The updates for this expansion have been quite challenging for us because of a large number of changes to map system and due to many quest changes as the Beta progress forced us to redo the leveling guides multiple times.

You can use the 110-120 leveling right now if you have access to BFA Beta servers and we would appreciate any feedback to make the leveling guide as smooth as possible on BFA launch day.

Enjoy the guides!

    44 replies to "BFA 110-120 Leveling Guides Available Now"

    • Xirt

      So when are we going to get an answer as to what is going on? BFA ZONES ARE GONE

      • Capt_Jack

        same here WTF!!!

    • Patricia Belanger

      BFA guide has disappeared also. I have tried to reinstall the guide but no luck. What do I do now.


    • Raevn

      Well it’s good to know that I am not the only one – I have been going nuts uninstalling and reinstalling to try to figure out what went wrong – I am having the same issue – BFA disappeared today with the update.

    • pim heemskerk

      im a loyalty member but since the latest update im not getting the bfa guide i was playing with the guide but now i dont see it anymore

    • titimp16@hotmail.fr

      hello the BFA guide is gone with last update .

    • seacoast

      Hi I cannot find the BFA guide and the autopilot selections, thanks

    • Oliver Eriksson

      I am an Loyalty member swell and BFA is gone, had it before I updated. It still says in my dugi installer that I have it. But when I go in game I cannot find the BFA guide anymore

    • ben hiles

      same here, no BFA, and am a loyalty member

    • Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu

      Hi Dugi I have the same problem just updated to 8.627 and now I can’t see any of the BFA guides. I’m a loyalty member also.

      Please help.

    • Shane

      Same issue here. Disabled all add ons except DG. Reinstalled DG manually. No BFA on leveling screen. Chat notification says “War 110-120” quest was loaded but no arrow or quest items pop up, nor does it show in the guide. BFA still missing.

    • Tony

      Yesterday 8-15-2018 my BFA leveling guide was working. Guide updated to 8.627 today and now the BFA guides are all gone. They don’t even show up on the list. How can I get it working again?

    • Christopher Beaufait

      Hi guys,

      I am a loyalty member but do not see the BFA leveling guides. Please add BFA leveling to my subscription.

      Thank you,


    • Alasdair MacLeod

      Hi Guys,

      I am a loyalty member but I dont see any BFA leveling guides. Can you help me get that working?


    • Donald Johnston

      once again you guys did a great job nice and smooth actually like the launch last night 🙂

    • taylor hicks


      I noticed when I logged in today, the files in my addon folder updated 8/8/18 and my version listed in game is 8.621. This must have happened automatically. However, none of the interface works such as the menu or the arrow. Just an eternal spinning loading wheel on screen. What more do I need to do?

      • Yalani

        Hi, I (a Loyal Member) have the same problem. I can´t buy the update BFA leveling guide 110-120 and the installer displays that everything is normal, but the loading wheel won’t stop spinning. Is there anything I can do?

      • Dugi

        it should work fine, can you test with only Dugi enabled.

        try reinstalling (make sure wow is closed) and restart wow.

        • Yalani

          Thanks Dugi! It works^^

        • ben hiles

          tried this made no difference

        • JohnT

          Dugi I have tried and tried to no avail, I cannot get the BFA to come up.

    • Herman

      Thanks! I will stay a Loyal Member 😉

    • Sammich

      Thanks Dugi! Mine updated this am! You are, as always, the best!

    • Daniel Emmett

      Great thanks! Still love your guides!

      Just logged to the member area and the BFA update is not on the Order Product list, so I can’t purchase it. I’ll try tomorrow, but just wanted to mention it 😉

      • Daniel Emmett

        My bad : just loggged on the game and I have the guide.

        Great job!

    • Lexx


      Really happy you continue to support the old way of buying the guides 🙂

    • Inamö

      Great !!! Can’t wait to put my hands on this for BFA ! 🙂

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