Hi Everyone,  we have received a lot of questions regarding our upcoming Achievements & Professions guide and I’m excited to bring this new addition to our selection of  guides.  Below I have answered all of the frequently asked questions from our subscribers.

  1. How much will the guide cost!?
    We designed the guide as an expansion to our Dailies & Events guide and the guide cost which will be at a special price for our launch of $20 for a single faction or $30 for both faction.
  2. Is this a free update to existing members?
    No this is a new and separate product,  a lot of time and money was spent on this guide and we currently not able to offer it for free.
  3. Why do you call it an expansion?
    The Achievement guides also cover reputation guide for older Classic and Burning Crusade content, while the Dailies & Events guide only focused on WOTLK pre-quests and and Dailies, The reputation guides will also cover extra quest will provide reputation for that faction. Daily questing will be required for some faction to get up to Exalted status.
  4. How will the Cataclysm update be handled?
    Cataclysm updates for the Achievements & Professions guide are included as part of every purchase of the guide and will be updated as soon as we can.
  5. Will there be any combine package deal with other guides?
    Unfortunately we won’t be offering any combine package deal with any of our main guides, the Achievement & Profession guide will only be available to purchase separately.
  6. Will the Loremaster be achievements covered?
    Loremaster is not included, The best way to do that currently is to complete every single quests in our leveling & dungeon guide. We hope to include enough quests for loremaster with our Cataclysm updates.
  7. Do you have a list achievements that are covered?
    We try to cover as much as we can,  and the list of achievements covered are now listed on our sales page here
  8. Do you have plans to add more achievement guides in the future?
    Definitely! if we can turn it into an in game guide we will make it, and the update will be free to owners of the Achievement & Profession guide.
  9. How are the Vendors listed for the profession guide?
    The profession guide at the moment is only designed for level 80 characters to power level their profession, we have only listed trainers in major city such as Orgrimmar or Stormwind City.

If you have anymore questions or comment  please post it in our comment section below 🙂

– Dugi

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    • Dell

      If I purchase the “complete” package on the first page is this included? I’ve searched for some time and have read in the FAQ that it’s not (?) but have seen conflicting statements in the forums that it may? If not I’ll have to decide on one or the other 🙁

      • Dugi

        Hi Dell, The Achievement & Profession guide is not included as a part of any package deal.

      • Marcus

        I emailed with Dugi about exactly this before buying – and no, it is not included in the “complete package” deal. It is unfortunate though and it doesn’t seem quite logical anymore to call that package “the complete package” since it’s not complete. Dugi did mention in the emails however that he was planning on changing the name of that package after the release of this guide(I emailed him before the release of this).

        Hope that answers your question.

      • Marcus

        Holy cow, Dugi you’re fast! XD

    • Sheana

      I’ve tried the Explorer’s leveling guide and Thunder-bluff is not checking off the list when you go past it. Keeping players from getting this and progressively keeping them from getting the “Explorer” title.

    • jonathan

      No you Have not Andrew. Dugi has told me that. Depending on how well it does they will be extending the Price offer.

      Its still 20$ for 1 or 30 for both factions. if it does change msg dugi

    • Andrew

      Hello Dugi,

      I keep getting the error every time I try to buy your Achievements & Professions guide or when I try to download updates to the other guides that I have.
      I realise that I have most probably missed out on getting the new guide for the special price because I have waited so long for the error message to be fixed.

      The error message reads:- Site error: the file /home/ultimate/public_html/amember/plugins/protect/vbulletin3/vbulletin3.inc.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to be installed by the site administrator.

      Please Advise.

      Regards, Andrew

      • DugisGuide

        We have fixed the issue with our server please try again.

    • Jampy00


      Just picked up your latest guide and I am very impressed, your product is top notch. After leaving WoW for almost a year, 361 days to be exact, your guides have made this game fun again!


    • Kret

      Sounds cool – will the dailies guide portion of the Dailies & Events continue to be updated for Cataclysm?

      • DugisGuide

        All the in-game guides will be updated for Cataclysm don’t worry 🙂

    • jonathan

      Sry For the dbl post. but i did not see an edit button.

      Dugi by any chance do you know the average time it may take to get all the achievement in the guide?

      Meaning since most of your other guides are maid for the Avrage Joe. It is possible to compleat the guide more then once be4 cata. if you can only play for a few hours a day / week?

      • DugisGuide

        Completing every single achievement can take a very long time or a lot of gold,

        I would recommend doing the reputation quests if you’re into doing a lot of reputations stuff as a lot of quest in the 1-60 zones will be gone forever and you will be able to do the new quests that will give you reputations again.

    • jonathan

      I will be a day late to depending on what 3 days hes talking about for the Discounted price.
      I have emailed him asking what days it is.

      BUT FOR THE RECORD. dugi has been very Nice to me and others in the past. if you let him know what the deal is he will try and work something out with you. Dugi is very Into helping his customers And not Into Just wanting you money.
      If you dont like it and unhappy According to the video So is he. +1 For dugi!

    • Robert

      I have never had the pleasure of using any of your other guides until I tried your free trial. Since I have done that I have been interested in getting the horde package but now I also want to get the achievement and profession leveling guide. I have 1 80 toon currently but don’t have a profession built up on him, but now with this i will hopefully be able to max out the profession and get a lot of fun and awesome achievements completed. Great job and I look forward to trying your products. I wish you had a package deal 🙂

    • iroen

      Another must-have from Dugi’s miracles bag 🙂 – 1d : 12h : 05m : 30s to the launch time :)) Great job Dugi 🙂

    • Daintee

      Like many players I play WoW for a while then head off to other games then back to WoW. These returns are made so much easier with Dugi’s guides to help me get the cash back up, tidy my talents, level new chars up etc I have been buying them from the first one Dugi has brought out and been very happy with the value for money every time. I didn’t think I would need this one but having seen the video, how can I resist? Will be checking my emails for the release!

    • Goldragon

      Jeeze Randoom can you give it a rest. Those of us that wanted to know were smart enough to go and check out as part of the “debate” and make our own conclusions. You will notice we are still here and have made them and stayed. If you want to talk about OLD “truth” then go check it out don’t interfere with the rest of our enjoyment of the blog and discussion of the new release. This has nothing to do with the old debate other than its still Dugi. GIVE IT A FREEKING REST. Go bore those people that may still be debating this issue in the proper place rather SPAMMING this discussing for the rest of us that have better things to do that bug every one else.

    • Mike

      Dugi I’m looking forward to yet another great product. I’ll pick it up on release date.


    • Ivy

      I SO want this guide but won’t have the ability to purchase it at your special price due to my paycheck coming in the week after 🙁
      Is there any way that I can get it for that price when I get paid?

      • DugisGuide

        Just contact me directly dave at ultimatewowguide.com and I can arrange that for you.

    • random

      Why did you delete my comment? Hmm?

      • DugisGuide

        because that topic have already been debated to death since it began in May 2009, do your research and don’t spam the blog.

    • Nuz

      Will the profession guides show you where to harvest the materials needed to level the professions? I.e. where to find certain cloths or leathers.
      While not being as quick as buying the materials on the auction house, grinding the materials is a **** of a lot cheaper!

      • DugisGuide

        It will show you the correct items to craft to level your profession and the total materials needed but currently there’s no additional information to farm certain items, we do have plans to add this later for our cataclysm update.

    • Marcus

      This looks awesome!

      What’s the difference between this guide’s Profession guide and the “BONUS: 1-450 WoW Profession Guide” included in the Complete Package?

      • DugisGuide

        That one is online only while the new one is In-Game using our DugisGuideViewer addon.

        • Marcus

          Oh I see! Nifty 😀
          Very handy. I can see that this guide would be much better in that case due to the convinience of being able to view it In.Game!

          Thanks for the ultra-fast response to this newbie question 🙂

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