Tommorow Blizzard is releasing a new Patch 4.0.1 to their live servers and you will need to update your DugisGuideViewer Addon to v4.31

You MUST update your addon to use our guides  otherwise you will receive an error.

TomTom addon should work without any updates

and Talented addon will no longer work until an update is available. We are currently still working on updating Talented to support the new talent system.  I’m sorry for the delay with the Talent builds as Blizzard kept making talent changes right up to the last minute.
I will release the Leveling builds on our blog as soon as I can. We will notify you as soon as the addon update is available.

Our Achievements & Professions guide is on schedule and the doors will be open at 12PM tommorow about 9 hours from the time this newsletter is sent.

Enjoy the latest patch!

Best Regards

    19 replies to "IMPORTANT!: Patch 4.0.1 Addon Update"

    • Mitchel Davis

      I have tried the Mac installer and it just doesn’t work as advertised. You should be able to drag and drop on a Mac. They have been doing it longer than Windows. I tried work arounds but the installer never worked. Latest versions of WoW, MacOS and installer being used.

    • Jampy00


      It appears that with this latest patch some quests seem to be “out of sync” I have noted this on two characters at different levels, though it is a easy fix simply by paying attention, is there anything we can do to help correct these slight changes or oversights?

      As a loyal member and supporter, I would be pleased to offer any assistance you deem needed.

      Please advise.

    • Stephen

      I followed all your instructions, your guide works but TomTom has quit working for me. Please advise . Thanks

      • DugisGuide

        Make sure ‘Load out of Date Addon’ on the top right corner is ticked to get TomTom to work.

        • Stephen

          that worked, thank you for the fast reply and fix!

    • RobinH

      Can someone help me? My guide worked great until the update. I downloaded the updated guide viewer, but can’t seem to get it to install, I even downloaded the addon installer again. Am I missing something? I guess I need some very simple dumb old woman update instructions.

      • DugisGuide

        Make sure you follow these steps, if you get stuck please tell me which part and describe in detail so I can help you.

        1. Dowload the installer
        2. Download all the addons DugisGuideViewerZ, TomTom
        3. Download the guides that you own.
        3. Open the installer
        4. Drag and drop DugisGuideViewerZ and TomTom zip file into the white box of the installer and the guides that you own
        5. Click Install.
        6. Load the game and check in your addons menu inside the character select screen and make sure they are ticked.

    • peter caleo

      Thank you Dugi,
      I think you’re right. I hope Carbonite comes out with a new guide as it works well with your one.
      I have all your guides. Keep up the great work

    • peter caleo

      I have removed all addons except Tom Tom and Dugi’s guide. This cleared all errors but I still do not get the list of current quests on the screen. Maybe these came from one of the other addons?
      Any Ideas.

      • DugisGuide

        I’m not sure which list of current quest that you are referring, are you able to right click on the Dugis Guide text and select a guide? if not then you will need to update to 4.31

        1. Make sure DugisGuideViewer v4.31 and TomTom ticked in the addon menu
        2. Make sure ‘Load out of date addon’ are ticked in the top right corner of the addon menu.
        3. Make sure that Talented (if installed are NOT ticked)
        4. Enter the game and Right click on the Guide text to select your guide

        • peter caleo

          I have done all 4 of the above.
          The listing i am referring to may be from another addon.
          I used to have a list of current quests at the right of the screen that i could click on and and arrow
          would point the way to go.
          The only arrow now points to the next available quest to pick up.

          • DugisGuide

            That sounds like Carbonite or Questhelper, both those addons currently not updated to patch 4.0.1

    • jampy00

      Dugi, I have updated to version 4.31, still get a load of errors. I use very little in the way of addons, as a matter of fact I use only what you recommend to ensure the best possible operation of the levelling guide. I think another update or “fix” is required. I have triple check and everything is installed correctly. Thanks!

      • DugisGuide

        There is a problem with Talented , untick all the Talented options in your addons menu and this should get rid of the errors.

        • jampy00

          Thanks Dugi,

          I am sure I have done that but I will recheck and report back.

          Thanks for the fast response!

        • jampy00

          Dugi, you were correct some how I overlooked that. Thanks for the best guide ever and best support !!

    • peter caleo

      I never enjoy patches as everything is totally different and spell rotations need to be re-learned etc

    • peter caleo

      The quests are not appearing as a list on the right of the UI

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