The Achievement & Profession Guide is due to release at 12pm noon October 12th 2010

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    29 replies to "Dugi’s Achievement & Profession Guide"

    • Gabe

      Hello! Anu chances to release the guide today? =D
      Tomorrow is a holiday down here in Brazil, so I would love to start using the guide ASAP. =D

      By the way, good job! Impressive work, worth the price!

      • Gabe

        Hummmm, I was thinking… Patch 4.0.1 is supposed to go live tomorrow as well (Oct/12/2010). Any chances this guide will have compatibility problems? I hope not. =)

        • DugisGuide

          we have prepared and tested the addon on the PTR I’m pretty confident it will work fine, unless there was last minute changes by Blizzard that we’re not aware of.

          • Gabe

            Awesome! It gonna work for sure! Thx for the reply! =D

            Tomorrow -> Extended Maintenance from 00am PDT to 12pm PDT! Expecting 4.0.1 to finally come out!!!


    • rick weakley

      whats the total cost

    • John

      I have not played WOW for about a year, I am ready to get back into it. My highest toon is a 70, what guide(s) do you recommend I start with? Thanks

      • Ben

        I’d say the leveling guide to get u to 80, then the Dallies Guide so u can get a good income & much needed reps with main faction for enchants, then possibly Pvp if ur interested in it.

    • Troy

      i have every guide you ever made, and i appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into them. they have helped me out play on a time restriction. but i was wondering how much this guide will cost. thanks 🙂

    • Murray Williams

      I have 2x L80 Toons and working on 4 more. All need new armor but my 2 L80 Toons are ready to upgrade from 1st level epic PvP & PvE armor. This next level will cost a lot of Frost Emblems . Should I upgrade one more time or wait till Cataclysm launches? If we have a Dec 7th launch, I will not be able to complete them both @ 2 frost/day.
      If I continue as I’m going I should be flush with Frost & Triumph Emblems. If they are still worth something when Cataclysm launches, I’ll be able to get great gear. If not I loose big. I hate to loose!!

      • DugisGuide

        All your Badges will be converted to Gold when Cataclysm is released,

        • Ben

          They wont be turned into gold, Only Justice badges will be turned into gold. Your Frost,Triumph,Conquest,Valor,Heroism Badges will be turn into the new currency Justice Points. Rumour has it 5g per justice badge but when i copied over to the PTR, for 15 badges u got 27g,

          • DugisGuide

            my mistake Triumph and Frost will be turn into Justice Points and all others seems to turn into gold, here is a better calculator from wowhead

            • Paradox22

              I understand that triumphs and frosts will be turned into justice points but do we have any idea what those points will buy?

              If the level 80 armor will be obsolete, then clearly we shouldn’t use frosts for that but what about for good trinkets?

            • DugisGuide

              Well according to the Calculator the value of Frost and Triumphs will convert to the same amount of Justice points. You can then save the points later for Cataclysm items rather than spending it now.

    • Colin



      If you purchase this achievements guide YOU WILL GET CATACLYSM GUIDE FREE ?
      If so what about the first 500(Cat Guides) which I am One, will they get this Achievement free, hope so as its a bit unfair on these players who are in this situation .

      • DugisGuide

        The Cataclysm update for buying the Achievement & Profession guide is for the Achievement & Profession guide only, not for every single guide that we offer. The first 500 (from our Dungeon Promotion) will get the Leveling and Dungeon and Dailies Guide update for free.

    • Jeff

      In December I purchased the 97$ package and 7 months previous spent 47$. Any clues on the price for this guide as I think it would come in handy!

      • DugisGuide

        It will be cheaper than any of our main guides but it won’t be a part of any combined package deal, we will announce it soon.

    • Lisa


      My hubby needs this, he only ever chooses skinning and mining cos they’re easy, and I’m not sure he even knows what achievements are. lol

    • Dotsma

      On the other hand…. Exploration is already integrated in-game and with Questhelper add-on. Is that why your video cut off the very left part of the Achievement list? Is the Loremaster Achieve included? A guide would be helpful for this one for sure! It is very difficult – I just completed it recently…

      The professions guides and gathering routes are VERY good ideas and will be handy long after the achievements are obtained!

      • DugisGuide

        Loremaster is not included, the reputation guides are guides for people that would like to complete a specific faction. If you want to get lore master the best way to do that is to complete every single quests in our leveling guide. We hope to include enough quests for loremaster with our Cataclysm updates.

    • Taser

      OK, I seriously love you; don’t tell my husband. Thankyou, thankyou … The LoreMaster and Exploration achievements are driving me crazy. I can’t wait.

    • Ben

      I love the idea of this, i wanted to clean up my reps before cataclysm so i would never have to go back. Thanks soo much Dugi

    • Jim Perry

      Do I have to purchase the leveling guide for the Alliance Faction before I purchase the Cat leveling Guide? And, is the Achievement & Professional Guide separate from all other leveling guides? Thank you.

      • DugisGuide

        The Achievement & Profession guide is a seperate purchase, it won’t be expensive. We are offering a 6 month grace period for all our guide purchase so, the cataclysm guide updates will be included to any guides that have been purchased after June 7th.

        • Zhawq

          I’m considering this … It’s obviously a great guide, good work indeed. But what are you going to charge?

          Also, are Horde Vendors and Trainers marked as well so a poor Troll or a gentle Tauren can use the guide(s) too?

    • Jake

      Wow I can’t believe you manage to release another awesome guide before cataclysm! This is exactly what I need right now 🙂

    • Stig81

      I’ve only got one word for this guide!

      AWESOME!! 🙂

      Thank you for your super guide(s)

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