WoD Achievement , Professions and Extra Tracking Update is now available!

Update Features

  • WoD Profession level 1 – 700 guides

  • Treasures & Achievement World Map Tracking

  • Rare NPC Tracking

  • Draenor Quest Achievements, Explorations and Reputations Guides

If you’re already subscribed to Dugi Guides the updates will automatically be included as part of your subscription, simply update your guides to get it.

Old members will need to purchase the WoD Achievement & Profession Updates available in the members area now.

    22 replies to "WoD Updates"

    • BudlikyCZ

      Hello Dugi,
      I just subscribe to this guide, but it seems i dont have leveling in Warlords of draenor not even in pandaria and not even in Northrend, can i ask how is this possible? 🙂

      • Dugi

        Make sure you install the paid guides

        1. Load Dugi Guides installer available in the download page: https://www.ultimatewowguide.com/dgmembers/
        2. Click on the Settings button
        3. Enter your ultimatewowguide.com username and password
        4. Click the Ok button and your paid guides should be listed in the ‘Account’ window on the left hand side of the installer.
        5. Make sure WoW is closed and click the “Reinstall” button to reinstall Dugi Guides and your paid guides

    • Sharon

      Thank you.

    • stoner

      I have the WoD leveling and profession guides. I’m not seeing anything to guide me though getting new followers. Am I just not seeing it, is it in another product, or is it unavailable? It would be amazingly helpful.

      • Dugi

        we don’t have the follower guide yet

    • Penny

      I bought the WOD Achievement & prof guide, even tho im in loyalty program…but my guide does not include all the things I see above, im using 1.2.3 and im updated to 7.112…wonder if you can help me out

      thank you

      • Odin

        7.114 is the latest Penny, but I would try a reinstall, I have had to do that a couple of times since WoD. Blizz doesn’t really love Dugi, If I’m not mistaken there was or almost a Lawsuit in the works.
        So to expect Blizz to make it easy and smooth just isn’t going to happen, they gave in or lost to Dugi, forgot which…but in any case the only reason I replied is all of mine works.

    • Odin

      Stop Griping, nothing in Life that is worth having is Free! If some of You are so dissatisfied You should have used Your Money back Guarantee!!!
      I’m a Loyalty Customer, and for a few updates occasionally at small charge is reasonable, Could You write the Code for the program? It is time consuming and no fun at all!
      Yea I’ve experienced a few Glitches, so what, life is often Glitchy. Dugi fixes them pretty quick.
      If Your Guide is Messing up badly, Reinstall it, Gives You a Fresh Install and leave the settings alone! It’s the Reinstall option on the Updater!
      Guessing with any Program is a huge mistake, make setting changes 1 at a time and remember what You changed, change it back if You don’t like the results!
      A DUGI FAN!!!

    • fiberman

      I have used this WOD for just over a week, and when you reach level 93,4,5 your gold icon on the mini map goes silver, and you cannot get the gold back and its then chace the dots, back an forht. realy getting a bit stressed, any help wouod be apprceciated

    • Jiggles

      Not sure if anyone has said this yet. But the icons on the mini-map for the treasure and achievements… they don’t disappear when you collect the treasure or complete the achievement. I actually had to turn off that feature… pretty disappointing since i paid for it. As well, the “find nearest” feature only finds flight masters now.

      • Dugi

        it does dissapear the next time you open your map. We still need to collect the database for find nearest feature but it should now automatically learn the new NPCs that you interact with.

    • Joel Wilson

      Considering the amount we have to have paid to be a loyalty customer, it is very disappointing that this achievement and professions update is an extra cost. I am a loyalty customer and have purchased the previous achievement and profession guides but I can’t keep justifying all of these “extra costs” on top of the $177 I have already spent on these guides.

      • Dugi

        I think you forget that the loyalty program is free and not something we had to offer…

    • jessie

      so.. I just bought the 6.99 pac.. and I was under the idea that I would be getting the 1-100lvl pack included in this? is that not true?? do I have to download or pay for that part??

    • tif666

      hmm when i click the tracking it still doesnt show the rares, i reloaded ui but still nothing, what could be wrong ?

    • Sil3ntde4th

      The ability to remove the map icons after collecting / killing as well as an option to reshow them or 2 sets of icons one for collected/killed / not collected/killed. that would be awsome

    • tif666

      hi , how does the tracking works pls? cant find it , same for the treasure stuff

      • Dugi

        click on your minimap tracking and you should find the achievement selection

    • Maglind


      As per the first comment, before I start paying out more money, why is this guide not included in the loyalty program as I have the other Alliance Profession Guide?

      • Dugi

        We stated in the Loyalty program policy that the Acheivement & Profession guides are excluded.

    • Michael Cramer

      are these guides included in the loyality member program or must these guides be purchased to get the updates?

      • Singer

        Yes, this is extra charge as they are Professions, which are not included in our Loyality Program. I am sure I will be corrected if I have given you wrong information. I just paid my new charge which in NSD is 20.53.

        These guides are worth every penny for me! Recently I didn’t have use of my guides & immediately got help from Dugi. I’ve just realized that without them I was totally lost & that wasn’t fun!

        I am an older player & sure do not mind the occasional charge. It does mount up over the years but is so worth it! 🙂

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